Bridal mehndi designs for hands – Dulhan henna designs

The wedding season is almost upon us, and there must be numerous future brides out there who are busy making the final preparations for the big day. Here are some gorgeous henna designs for the fun-filled mehendi ceremony that every dulhann looks forward to. The uniquely intricate designs are an important part of our culture and heritage and they are completely inseparable from Indian weddings.

Before we dive into different design ideas, here are a few fun facts about mehndi. The word originates from the Sanskrit ‘mendhika’ that means a symbolic representation of the inner and outer sun. This is the local name given to the practice of decorating palms with henna that actually began in Arabia. Over the course of history, this tradition came to India and has now become an important part of our own culture.

The henna plant which is a tall shrub found in North Africa, West Asia and South Asia, produces a beautiful reddish dye from its leaves. After drying, milling and sifting the henna leaves, a dry powder is obtained which is then mixed with lemon juice and strong tea to get a smooth paste. Essential oils are sometimes added to the paste to get a darker and long-lasting color. The paste is then put in a cone and applied on the palms of the bride in detailed and delicate designs.

Designs of several elements are portrayed through the mehndi designs. The designs can be of birds such as peacock, duck along with flowers and leaves. Some people likes the abstract mehndi design. Those are little different than the usual mehndi designs but looks really stunning. You can get the designs over your hand palms, back portion of hand, legs, arms etc.

Bridal mehndi designs means those variety which looks appropriate within the hands of brides. This article will speak about some of the exclusive design that will surprise not only the bride and groom but also the invitees who attends the wedding ceremony.

Here are ten ideas and inspirations for the perfect mehndi design. Whether you want traditional or offbeat designs, here are some for every kind of bride.

34Front hand mehandi

15 Classic mehandi designs for your beautiful hands

This beautiful mehandi design covers your palm, and you can apply the henna up to your elbow. For those, who love too much gorgeous mehandi, this is the right option. You can find a blend of small chequered designs with other patterns to create an innovative look.

33Mehandi designs of floral petals

The designer does not draw full flowers for your mehandi. He has created half blossoms, and then covered the surrounding parts with other designs. Cover the fingertips fully with the brown colored henna. Most of the brides will look beautiful with this design.

32Bracelet mehandi

You can create bracelet design while applying mehandi. This is one of the versions of those designs. It covers your palm and a part of your wrist. While you do not like to put on several bangles on your hand, this design is the best choice for you.

31Pakistani mehandi

It takes little more time to be done. However, you can find dots like the Indian ones. The wrist portion has a different design from that of the other parts. In lots of Hindu marriage ceremonies, you can find this design. Cover the major part of your hand with this design.

30Conventional mehandi design

Place your mehandi-filled hands side by side, and this will reflect an attractive. You may think that the design on one hand is complementary to each other. To create a comprehensive look with this design, you have to call a professional mehandi designer. You may apply it on the front or back portion of your hands.

29Arabic mehandi design

Top 15 floral mehandi designs for hands

This one is the Arabic design, which has created a distinctive feature by leaving gaps between the lines of patterns. It has developed a stunning look on your hand. Although it is much simpler than other designs, it is very popular among lots of brides and bridesmaid.


The paisley print is a timeless classic that will suit all brides. A complex mixture of small and large paisley motifs filled with intricate detailing can never fail to amaze. This is the most traditional Indian mehendi design that can be revamped and rediscovered with swirls and circular motifs.


This is another traditional motif that is often used in henna designs. Highly detailed peacock designs and peacock feathers can adorn the hands of young brides for the ultimate feminine look. You can even mix things up by adding a little blue and green dye to highlight peacock feathers for a radically new look.


The bangle or cuff designs focus mainly on the wrist area. Delicate designs cover the wrist and arms in dense patterns to give the illusion that you’re wearing a thick bangle or cuff jewelry. The palm, back of the hand and fingers carry only minimalist designs to create a highly modern look.


How can anyone go wrong with flowers? Delicate flowers, petals, leaves and vines create a fresh but elegant style that will match any bridal outfit. Compliment the weather with floral henna designs for your spring wedding.

24Traditional Motifs

15 Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

Large motifs look very attractive and will instantly draw attention to your hands. A great idea for motif design would be the raja-rani motif that is perfect for such an auspicious occasion. The elephant motif has also remained a favorite among brides.

23Geometry and Architecture

Look like royalty with designs from Mughal architecture adorning your hands. The symmetry in these highly detailed and geometric designs look almost hypnotic. Add chequered patterns, lotus motifs, domes and arches for a magnificent look.


Mandalas are so in right now and you can spot them almost everywhere from clothes to accessories. For all the hippie brides out there, this incredibly dense and symmetrical design would be perfect. Stick to the tradition but still look high fashion with the split mandala that has half the pattern on each hand.


If you’re looking for a completely offbeat and exotic design, you must consider the Moroccan style. Instead of the typical curved, spiral and twisted styles, the Moroccan pattern is more angular with lines and dots. Geometric patterns like squares, rectangles and triangles are used for an edgy, modern look. You can even use Aztec designs for a high fashion look.


Dainty and delicate lace patterns look extremely chic and seductive. This ultra-feminine western style will make your hands look gorgeous. Breakaway from typical traditional styles with a lacy glove design.

19Glittery and Colorful


Best mehndi designs for legs

Older traditions are slowly being mixed with newer styles for great fusion fashion. Glitters and sparkles can make older designs look more bold and loud. Play with colors and reinvent different motifs and patterns in your own way.

18Arabic mehndi designs for brides


People staying in Arabic countries can draw great designs over their hands when the bride is ready to marry. This is among their custom. Let us find out the design where the dark color mehndi is portrayed over the palm of the hand and extends till the place which is just an inch below the elbow. The work is really beautiful where you have very sharp and crafted mehndi design. This will be an excellence in your marriage. This has an exclusive jail and motif work.

17Traditional dulhan mehndi design


Dulhan is another word for Indian bride. India is a country with variety of religion. Their custom and rituals make us rich in culture. Some of the traditional dulhan mehndi designs also creates a great impression over an individual. Both the individual with such design and the viewer will be obsessed with the design. This is also one among the designs portrayed over the full arm of the bride. This has variety of pattern work with chains, flowers and few half circles. The empty space over the hand palm also makes great design.

16Rajasthani bridal mehndi design


If you have visited the state of Rajasthan, you will be aware of the art and culture imbibed among the people. The women and men staying in Rajasthan mostly have profession of putting exclusive mehndi design over the hands. They walk over houses of duos to be married to place the design. This mehndi design is also one among the collections placed by the people staying in Rajasthan. If you see the design properly, you can see images of a person riding horse. Another hand has image of a bride sitting with pally. Both are really commendable.

15Royal rajasthan wedding mehndi design


Latest pakistani mehandi designs for hands and legs

When you are speaking about Rajasthan, Royal touch will always be present. The mehndi designs as portrayed here will come with the exclusive design along with royal touch. The viewer of the mehndi should not go just with a glimpse of it. Rather, it is very important to have a look to it properly. Each design has a different image and image thereafter. The mehndi design has the images of bride and groom over the palm of hands with Rajasthani attire. Also the extended arm has the full picture of bride and groom holding garlands.

14Simple mehndi design for bride

Not all brides would wish to go ahead with a very dense work of mehndi designs. There are brides who wishes to be simple. The design of mehndi portrayed in this picture is one among such collections. You will be really surprised to get this design which looks simple but have remains to fit the bridal collection. It basically has some abstract element along with curves and turns. This design has some free area which will create a contrast with the dark portion of mehndi design.

13Pakistani bridal mehndi designs


Mehndi is one of the traditional occasion of muslims. They have good hand on creating different attractive designs of mehndi patterns. This one portrayed in this picture is one to be considered. As you can look at the hands of the lady, there are patches of mehndi over the back portion of palm. Some patterns are over the fingers in ascending order. You can also have a look at the exclusive pattern around the thumb finger of the lady. Very small and sharp work are placed all over the patches.

12Pakistani mehndi design with stone gaps

This is a simple pattern of Pakistani mehndi design where curvy pattern is made over the finger back portion. Also an exclusive pattern is placed at the hand back of the individual. There is a specialty about this mehndi design. As you can see two dots over the fingers, these are made as an indication to place the stone. You can exclusively place white or colorful stones over this exclusive mehndi design.

11Modern abstract pattern of bridal mehndi

If you can look at the image of mehndi design over here, you may not feel it to be a so called traditional design. But this is in trend today. You can say this is among one of the abstract collections you can consider. Some of the women wishes to make themselves look different in the crowd. If you are one among them, this is the design which you should try today. This can also be appropriate for the friends or sisters of bride willing to stay tuned with the entire occasion. You can try this today and surprise all your friends and relatives.

10Marwari wedding mehndi design

Best flower mehndi designs for legs

If you have attended the marriage ceremony of Marwari family, you will feel how presentation is important in their life. This mehndi design is also one of the presentations that they show off to the mass. The denser the mehndi design, beautiful the bride with look. The Marwari mehndi design as portrayed here is one of the examples. The pattern of leaves is dense with the bold lines over this pattern. There are flower patterns in the middle of the hand palm. Along with it you can also get some of the dark work placed with the Marwari mehndi design.

9Modern marwari dulhan mehndi design


These days there are some modifications over the existing patterns of the mehndi design. Some people do not wish to go for totally the traditional style. They want some modernization of the work. The mehndi design as portrayed over here is for all those who have a modern outlook. These has an influence of Marwari mehndi design but at the same time a modernization is done to the pattern. There are flowers as well as leaves. But those are not really so dark or dense. You can easily consider this for your wedding.

8Dulhan mehndi design over the wrist and hands

Some of us have become really bored of getting the mehndi design all over our palm. Thus we require some changes. If you are one among us, try this design. This is the Dulhan mehndi design made for wrist and fingers placed at the back. Another advantage of adopting these type of design is the face that, after applying this mehndi when the paste is not dried you can use your hand to do some work. Also the design portrayed over here looks really wonderful.

7Dulhan mehndi design till elbow

Some bride’s wishes to get a rich feel of mehndi during the occasion. This particular mehndi design that stretches till the elbow looks really exclusive. This is another example of the richness and the dense work all over. This is an ideal collection for all those wedding dulhan who requires a dense work all over their hands. This design might not be possible to be adopted by us. You have to call up a professional.

6Dense look in bridal mehndi

Easy circle mehndi designs

Wedding is the occasion when you are going to wear heavy bridal outfit and heavy jewelry. Then why not the mehndi design. You must go for the appropriate mehndi design that goes with your wedding attire. This is the particular mehndi design that will exclusively give you a dense work. This has dense work yet the design is little different. You can get a unique look with this design.

5Rosy look mehndi design

You must have come across variety of mehndi design. But did you see the images of rose over the hands? The answer will be no from most of you. But here we present a particular variety of design where you can get the images of rose. This mehndi design is having a dense work on only one particular finger and the rest fingers have only rose impression. A big rose is placed in the middle. Also beyond the wrist portion you can see the images of 3 roses.

4Full hand bridal mehndi

Gujarati mehndi designs for full hands

You have definitely seen the full hand mehndi. But all are not same. The images and patterns gets different from one another. This is such a design which has some dense portion and some blank space. There are cross marks, chains as well as flowers. All of them makes a perfect combination for brides.

3Sculpted design with dense pattern

Some of us would also like to have some sculpted finish all over our hand. Even if we have proceeded to marry, some inhibition will be very important. This can be treated as a design that gives rise to a royal image. You ideally get a perfect look of a bride with this sculpted design of the mehndi design over your hand.

2Bridal mehndi design over middle finger and back

New mehndi designs for feet

Just have a look at the pattern of the mehndi design. You will be spell bound with the particular variety of design. This is very different from other variety of mehndi design. Here the design is made at the back of the hand with the impression laid on the middle finger and the back portion of the palm. Also the design is very beautiful. Your friends and relatives will be spell bound to have a look at this design at your hand.

1Flowery look back hand bridal mehndi


These days the demand of back hand mehndi design has increased. If you want to have a dense look over the back portion of your hand, this is the exclusive variety you can get. Whether you are married or unmarried this design will exclusively suite you in all occasion. You must check this out for your next impression. Whether you wear this with traditional lehenga or saree, this is the one that will suite with all attire.