Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

Mehndi designs are created to make your hands and feet beautiful. Whether it is a marriage occasion or sangeet of women the designs placed on their hands are really very fascinating. You get variety of patterns and designs of such henna designs. Let us explore some of such designs that provide a distinct look on your hand.

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The ornament that you are wearing on your hands and feels will definitely be enhanced once you have portrayed Gujarati Mehndi design in it. These Gujarati mehndi designs are very attractive and can form a wonderful part of your dressing style.

Gujarat is a state within Indian nation whose culture and food are famous throughout the world. Even people staying in various parts of the world with their base in Gujarat follow Gujarati culture and tradition.  Marriage ceremonies within Gujarati people are very interesting to discover. Gujarati people also celebrate their engagement ceremony which is specifically known as Gol Dhana.

The meaning of this word is Jaggery and Coriander seeds. During this ceremony, people within the occasion will distribute a mixture of Jaggery mixed with Coriander seeds. Another important event which is highly considered among Gujarati people is Mehndi during both engagement and Wedding.

Girls like to apply mehndi with simple designs in normal days also, leaving aside wedding s and other festive functions.

There are different types of mehndi designs are available like Pakistani mehndi designs, Arabic mehndi designs, Rajasthan mehndi designs and Gujarati mehndi designs Gujarati mehndi designs are getting very popular in the whole world especially in Asian countries because of their intrinsic and detailed traditional designs. They are very beautiful and gorgeous and are mostly opted for brides.

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Gujarat, the land of fafras and dhokla is also famous for its elaborate and extravagant mehndi designs which look perfect for any occasion. They are intricate elaborate and extravagant patterns in rich colors and textures.

Gujarati mehndi designs include different styles and wide range of designs.These mehndi design are made of peacock pattern, chequered pattern, floral mehndi designs and a very special design of bangles. The most beautiful Guajaratimehndi designs are rangoli designs which are very intricate and difficult to make. Most Gujarati mehndi designs feature marvelous peacocks, leaves, flowers and other recognizable patterns. Another special feature of Gujarati design is that most of the design for the hands contains the pattern of bangles and bracelet like pattern on the wrists. Many bridal mehndi designs even include images of the bride and the groomthey look so beautiful that they can be used for all occasions


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15 Gujarati mehndi designs


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An exquisite pattern made of elaborate peacocks filled with intricate details It is a common feature of Gujarati designs to use peacocks supplemented with flowers , leaves, and other shapes. The thin detailing of lines and curves that fill the major outlines make the entire design elaborate and extravagant.


This beautiful mehndi design is quite unique extending from tips of fingers to mid arms. The floral and peacock designs and the wrist bangle design make it even more beautiful.


Easy circle mehndi designs

This mehndi design is perfect for a Gujarat bride. It features intricate patterns and detailed designs which are closely done and appear a bit cluttered. The design has all the features including shades, weave patterns, peacock feather patterns and also floral patterns.


A simple clutter free mehndi design suitable for a bride who prefers simple and elegant patterns. The black mehndi is used to draw floral pattern and circular designs. The fingers are completely covered with unique spiral design


Gujarati mehndi designs for full hands

There are simple motifs in this mehndi design and it does not look cluttered There is a bangle like pattern on the wrist. The tips of the fingers are closed with traditional style mehndi filling.


This Gujarati design on the back of the hand has simple motifs and doesn’t appear cluttered. The design includes a bangle like design on the wrist. Note the simple motifs placed in different styles on different parts of the hand with intrinsic details.


New mehndi designs for feet

This beautiful design on the top of the hands is quite interesting. . Fingers are decorated with small detailed motifs and patterns. The main design is in the middle moving towards the wrist.


This is a typical Rangoli design suitable for the bride. It is a detailed rich design with peacock design and floral motfs. The detailed peacock feathers are interetingly put on the fingers


New bangle henna mehndi designs

This is a symmetric design made of flower and leaves patterns. The palm is covered neatly with colourless ocassional flowers and leaves. The intricate design is covering the hand from the tip of the fingers to the mid hand with a detailed mehndi pattern.


This is a gorgeous design with bangle and bracelet style mehndi. The peacock design on the hand is perfect for a bride. The leaf patterns on the fingers adds beauty to the design. The design constitutes flower patterns with shading in an interesting manner.


Best full hands mehandi designs

This is a traditional simple mehndi design looking beautiful with red mehndi. There is no symmetry in the design and there are very little details. The tips of the fingers are closed with mehndi in a traditional manner.


Normal mehndi designs in Gujarat include floral patterns. A design with several geometric shapes and lines running across the hand giving the appearance of bangles and other ornaments looks smart. It has a less gaudy and more elegant look. Large circles are filled with thinner lines and dots. The total appearance is abstract and cool.


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This Gujarati mehndi designs are very innovative and artistic. A large number of spirals, varying in size, look very artistic when bunched up together. The few placed dots and lines make the design more perfect.


A gorgeous intricate Gujarati mehndi design suitable for a bride. It comprises of symbols of gods animals, birds, figures placed in an artistic manner. The intricate detailed design starts from the tips of the fingers and extends up to the mid arm.


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Here is another floral pattern spread over the palm in a very neat pattern. The intricate design on the fingers is made of fine lines and small motifs.

Attractive gujarati mehndi designs

Gujarati mehndi design

Attractive Gujarati Mehndi designs

In Gujarati culture marriage is regarded as highly auspicious occasion where both the couples meet together and get a transformation of unique pair with love, care, responsibility towards one another. Thus, the bright should always look good in front of her would be husband. Even the family members and friends invited in the particular occasion will obviously look at her. This particular Mehndi design will be so attractive that people can never move away their eyes from the bride.

Gujarati mehandi designGujarati Mehandi design

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The bride in pink wedding dress has a wonderful design of Gujarati mehndi over her hand. It looks really stunning when the bride wear the engagement rings and other ornaments gifted by the family members, friends, relatives on the hand which is already having designed with mehndi and henna. Every single girl of her age or more would always wish to imitate the mehndi design that is portrayed in her hand.

Gujarati mehendi designGujarati Mehendi design

Apart from marriage, Gujaratis also celebrates variety of occasions throughout the year. One among the most auspicious and famous occasion is known as Dandiya.  This particular mehndi design in both the hands of the ladies will look really stunning when she will dress up in Dandiya style dress and hold two sticks and dance in a rhythm. The mehndi design is so attractive that people dancing in a round standing beside you will stare glued at the particular mehndi design presented over your hand.

Gujarati mehandi designGujarati Mehandi design1

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This is one of the most simple among all the Gujarati mehndi designs. Today, people do not want same type of design always. If you are not attending a very big occasion and not wearing very dress or jewelry, this mehendi will be appropriate for you.  A very romantic and energetic occasion celebrated throughout Gujarat state is known as Dandiya Raas. Since its root is based from the time of Lord Krishna who was quite famous to play with his gopis in the shore of river Yamuna, people staying at various parts of the world with different culture and heritage takes it as one of the most romantic occasion.

Gujarati mehendi designGujarati Mehendi design2

This is another powerful Gujarati mehndi design looks good in every lady’s hand irrespective of the age and color. It has a unique and different shape as compared to other mehndi designs. During the occasion of Dandiya raas also you can easily try out this beautiful Mehndi design. This occasion is very well celebrated in the state of Gujarat with colors all around. Both men and women rather couples participate in the occasion by wearing colorful Gujarati clothing. They dance with their couple with two sticks touching each other’s sticks while playing dandiya within the dance.

Gujarati mehendi design

Gujarati Mehendi design3

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The unique and very attractive mehndi designs looks fascinating over the lady with only design at the back side of your hand. This Gujarati Mehndi design is for the teenagers and the ladies who wish to have a sober mehndi design over their hand. The design not only goes with the traditional attire but also makes a wonderful deal with all types of western and modern dresses.

Gujarati mehendi designGujarati Mehendi design4

Look at this extra ordinary variety of mehndi design which have heart signs in the middle portion of 4 fingers and also have designs of rice plant branches. This is a unique design that goes with all type of attire and dress designs. See how attractive it looks when a sleek finger ring is put on the thumb finger. Even you can try this style.


Best mehndi designs for your engagement

The tradition of Mehndi for a bride in holds a special significance in their lives. Mehndi function takes place a day before the wedding. All female members of the family members get their hands and feet decorated with mehndi. Mehndi artists are invited to the home of would be brides where they sit and painstakingly carve exquisite creations of art on the hands of the bride and other members of the family. It is said by grandmothers that the deeper the imprint of Mehndi l on the hands of the bride the stronger will be the love of her future husband for her. The color of mehndi is enhanced by putting lemon, sugar and water, coconut oil, etc. on the hands.

There are many more Gujarati mehndi designs for hands which make every girl look beautiful and elegant. Women of all ages can apply the stylish Gujarati mehndi designs on all occasions, especially wedding functions, religious ceremonies, Christmas Eid, Diwali

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Gujarati mehndi/ henna designs for hands

Back hand exclusive gujarati mehndi design

Back hand exclusive gujarati mehndi design

As you can see in the picture, the mehndi design as portrayed is draw at the back portion of the hand. Not all ladies have a long hand with tall fingers. This particular mehndi design wills definitely suite individuals having short and sweet hand. You can get it done while attending a marriage function of your friend.

Both hands creative gujarati mehndi design

Both hands creative gujarati mehndi design

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If you are willing to portray very beautiful set of designs in both of your hands, this particular Gujarati mehndi design will be an exclusive variety for you. Look at the design; it is not so easy to be portrayed by a general person. A professional with expertise in portraying the designs can only make this mind blowing design. This will be an appropriate design for bride of marriage.

Traditional grade gujarati mehndi design

Traditional grade gujarati mehndi design

The mehndi design as portrayed has an inner meaning. It depicts the tradition of Gujarat with very fine work and ethnicity. Ladies willing to get super fine design of their mehndi design must come forward and get the best deal. You can minutely have a look to this hand work and portray it according to your likes.

Elephant designed gujarati mehndi design

Elephant designed gujarati mehndi design

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The upper portion of the individual’s hand is having picture of elephant with Gujarati style design over its back. The entire hand is covered with very creative and beautiful hand mehndi design. This will be perfect for any marriage occasion that you are going to attend.