Best mehndi / henna designs for feet / foot

Mehndi is considered to be auspicious for weddings and other occasions in most Eastern countries, especially India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Mehndi is an inseparable part of the rituals during weddings. It is applied on the hands of the hands and feet of the bride and other women folk in the family.It is believed to be a sign of prosperity that brings happiness and good luck.

India, Pakistan Afghanistan and other countries have different kinds of henna designs for the feet. Each of them has differences between them. Arabic mehndi for example has bold lines on the feet. The design is not very intricate and there are defines empty spaces in between. They are mostly floral designs

Different regions and countries have henna tattoos but there are quite a few differences between them. Arabic mehndi for the feet has bold lines, much more abstract and is a lot less dense and defined with spaces between the designs. They tend to feature larger floral designs. They are much less complex than henna tattoos from India or Pakistan.

[Best mehndi designs for feet in Hindi]


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Arabic designs of mehndi for the feet

A typical Afghan mehndi design with open spaces and clear pattern


A floral mehndi design on the feet extended from the toes to the mid leg. The shadings on the flowers and leaves make the pattern look more beautiful.


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This is a stylish Afghan design on the feet with an ankle pattern round the ankle, a lace on the sides and a center pattern over middle of the foot with clear empty spaces.


This is Here is another floral design with black mehndi on the foot. The design strikes with clear bold lines dots and strokes.

Indian mehndi designs are very delicate, intricate and quite often involve paisley, lines and dots, making them a much more intricate design. They include peacocks or elephants and smaller floral designs. There are no hard and fast rules to the designs on the feet. It is simply a matter of personal preference. These designs are aptly suitable for a bride’s feet.


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This is a typical Indian intricate pattern covering the feet from toes to mid legs.


 This is an outstanding design for the feet with peacock and floral motifs.


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A very detailed design with curves arches checks circles and semi circles. The feet are fully covered with the mehndi design giving a very decorative look.

This complete design on the feet gives the look of one wearing a decorated stocking.

Pakistani mehndi designs for feet are very rich, vibrant and look awesome. They are apt for bridal foot mehndi designs. These designs are elegant and stylish. They vary from single strip of flower to filled netted mehndi designs


15 Best arabic mehndi designs for legs

This is a rich vibrant bridal foot design with spirals on the fingers. The upper part of the foot is beautifully decorated with netting in a floral pattern.


This is a Pakistan mehndi design applies in a stylish manner that appeals women who are in the modern trend. Note the clarity and the bold lines of the flowers and leaves.


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This is a traditional Pakistani design with stones studded in the center of the pattern. The intricate design on the fingers and the unique pattern stretched on the legs adds beauty to the bride’s feet. The flower on the middle of the foot stands out with its intricacies by the spaces left vacant.


This graceful stylish trendy design on the side of the foot is simple and outstanding.


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This is a simple Pakistani mehndi design with a beautifully made anklet. The pattern on the sides of the feet is simple with lines, curves, dots and frills.

Some more outstanding mehndi designs for the feet


This is a beautiful intricate design for the feet with stones and gems studded. It is a perfect design for an auspicious day –the marriage of a girl when she wants to look the best.


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Note this outstanding unique pattern made on the sole of the feet. The pattern on both the feet is different and each has a beauty of their own.


Note the intricacies and detailing of this mehndi design on the feet in black mehndi. The blank space on the middle of the feet is adding grace and style to the design.


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This a trendy Pakistani design with just an ankle like design made in an easy simple way.


The ankles are beautified by this bold mehndi design in black mehndi.


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This is another outstanding design on the sides of the feet in a broad floral pattern with leaves. The design is made to stand out in black colour.


[Best mehndi designs for feet in Hindi]