Latest Wedding Arabic mehndi designs for legs

Women’s Fashion is incomplete without mehndi on hands and feet on auspicious occasions like wedding and eid festivals.

Mehndi is the most important part of women fashion of Arabic, Indian, Pakistanis and Muslim women. Wedding Arabic Mehndi originated in Arabian countries and has gradually gained popularity in Asia, especially in India and Pakistan.

Bridal Arabic mehndi has more bold and prominent because it is created using dark brown and black mehndi instead of red mehndi. The designs in it have distinctive floral art work with a free-flowing structure.

The floral designs are repeated in a geometric pattern. Bridal Arabic Mehndi Patterns are most elegant, attractive and unique in style in dark colors with small and big patterns.

30Beautiful floral design

Best dulhan mehndi designs for hands

The floral design on the feet till the ankle looks stunning and the flowers look so distinctive because of the shaded flowers. It looks surreal and chic. The fingers have lines and drooping leaves design.

29Striped floral hybrid

It is a floral mehndi design with criss cross lines on the leg and flowers on the feet. The fingers have a small design which is perfect if you have small cute toe fingers.

28Intricate floral design

This one is a very simple but intricate flower design on the feet. If you are not keen on designs above the feet then this design is for you. There are no designs on the fingers but it still looks complete and beautiful.

27Glitter magic

If you are looking for something very different than this one is the best. It has glittery parts along with the normal mehndi design. The colorful design looks absolutely offbeat and incomparable!

26Royal strikes

Sometimes going over the top gives another satisfaction altogether. And this above design looks absolutely over the top with big flower design in a line with design around the calves. It looks stunning and beautiful.

25Floral effusion

This is a beautiful mehndi design for the leg. It is typical Arabian design mehndi with intricate work on the mango design. It is not overly crowded design and the design on the fingers with design on the lines makes it perfect.

24Peacock Charm

Best dulhan mehndi designs for legs

This is a mesmerizing peacock and flower design. The first set of design adorns the leg and the second part starts from the side of the feet and continues till the thumb. The leafy design on the other fingers completes this leg mehndi design.

23Floral flow

This is a very intricate and detailed design. The flowers and the mango design have much more intricate work on the inside. The design on the fingers is so intricate that it looks exquisite.

22The combination of Arabic and Indian mehndi

Arabic neat and geometric design is clearly visible in this design which makes this mehndi quite a sight. The combination of Indian mango design, flower motifs and large leaf with the intricate detailing of Arabic mehndi designs makes this one an amazingly beautiful design.

What starts with a band like pattern on the leg soon transforms into a trail and reaches to the thumb toe on the foot. The fingers are given complete Arabic finish!

21Intricate Arabic details with simple design

Big flowers and mango design are worked on with exclusive Arabic details to form a trail. The shading of flower petals with orange-red finish brings out an exception. The design is kept simple yet intricate. The trail ends much before the fingers and the fingers are then given a net like design to cover them up with grace completely.

20Uniform Arabic design

While Arabic mehndi style works on ising a lot of deepening and shading effects, this one is quite an exception. The trail made on the leg has a uniform feel throughout with simple mehndi motifs being filled with Arabic details.

The use of outer bud leaves and fine lines gives this design an amazing finish. Inspired by nature, this mehndi design is perfect when you don’t want to go heavy on the legs.

19Unique trail of Arabic Mehndi

The curves of this Arabic trail are the charm of this design. The peacock detail on the top starts growing till the toe in unique pattern that covers the entire foot and yet leaves spaces for the design to stand out! The lovely finish on each of the motif with simple details of lines, flowers and layering gives this design its gravity. A beautiful design to flaunt your legs with!

18The cross Arabic mehndi!

Classic mehandi designs for your beautiful hands

Subtle, unique and simplistic – This Arabic mehndi design plays with the foot like a canvas. The trail starts with the corner of the food and ends on the toe.

The Stretch is covered with simple yet intricate flower details, mango motifs and curves which fill up the design. There is a good use of shades of Arabic mehndi to give this design a good appeal. Fingers are simple and flowery!

17The Arabic Mehndi Jewelry

Like a flower anklet surrounding the leg this design is no short than jewelry on the foot. The flower caricatures marks as the centerpiece of attraction with its lovely dark petals and beautiful shading. Then it is turned into a band like jewelry with intricate details i.e. lines, dots and fillers. The bands cover up the leg in a unique pattern that makes it even appears like a sandal.

16Full leg arabic mehndi design

This beautiful intricate bridal leg mehndi design is a combination of many small and simple Arabic and Indian mehndi designs. The alternate use of the mango and the paisley mehndi pattern is repeated throughout. The design on the toes is simple and the whole design looks neat.

15Floral arabic mehandi design for feet

This is a simple beautiful mehndi design on the leg which can become more prominent when wearing the sandals or chappals. The same design is used in a zigzag pattern, giving a sense of continuity. This design can also go well with western dresses or dressy capris.

14Simple leg arabic mehndi design

This is an intricate design of strips of pattern on the middle of the foot. One can note the beautiful peacock with its full plumage.

13Peacock arabic mehendi design

Top floral mehandi designs for hands

This is an awesome design with the peacock with its folds feathers. This is a very intricate and great design is combination of Indian pattern and small Arabic patterns.

It does not look overdone as there is enough empty space left on the foot.

12Peacock leg arabic mehndi design

11Peacock leg arabic mehndi design

This is an intrinsic mehndi design for the leg which is a combination of many Arabic mehndi designs made close together. The peacock is highlighted on the feet by giving empty zigzag spaces.

10Latest arabic mehndi design

This leg mehndi design looks amazing and different because of the shape of the border r made by flowers and paisleys. The same design has been patterned throughout the feet up to the toes.The red nail polish perfectly complements the lady’s feet and the design.

9Glitter arabic mehandi design for legs

This mehndi pattern is done blue giving a funky look. The design is actually a peacock and the blue color adds beauty and grace to it.

8Heavy and complete arabic mehendi design for legs

Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

This traditional Arabic mehndi design on the leg is perfect for a bride. The beauty of this design lies in its intricate pattern and extensive details throughout. The main design on the legs and the stripes on the fingers and feet give the pattern a unique look.

7Peacocks with floral arabic mehndi design on legs

This is a double peacock design is of high taste. The curves are perfectly drawn, look simple but require a very steady hand to draw the curves in harmony to the angles.

6Simple arabic mehndi design

This Arabic leg mehndi design is made of paisley and flowers all over. Each toe is done up in a paisley design. The whole design is so properly placed, so that all the smaller patterns are clearly visible.The design goes up from both the sides of the feet and is curved along the foot.

5Anklets leg arabic mehandi design

Best mehndi designs for legs

This is a simple design but it stands out because it follows the natural curves of the foot and its outlines are also curved in shape.

The design around the ankle looks like a payel and the design in between looks like a pendant hanging from the payel. The crisscross design on the toes gives it a look of continuity.

4Cross arabic mehndi design

This mehndi design uses different shades of orange, red,maroons with a black outline. The whole design is defined clearly and is perfect for the bride’s feet.

3Trendy leg arabic mehendi design

Best flower mehndi designs for legs

An Arabic bridal mehndi design for the bride’s feet.  It makes use of jail work combined with floral mehndi design. The spiral work is artistically connected with the floral pattern.

2Dark leaves on legs arabic mehandi design

A unique Arabic mehndi design which is made by using a circular and semi -circular lines. It looks spectacular with its beautiful leaf design and black color. It goes well with all western outfits also.

1Chain drops on leg fingers mehendi design

Easy circle mehndi designs

A unique mehndi pattern for the feet in which the mehndi design moves like a spiral and ends in a crown shape design on the feet. It is a simple and glamourous mehndi design for the feet that looks elegant for weddings.