Best Bridal / Dulhan Mehndi / Henna Designs for Legs

Mehndi designs are quite common in hands. But, have you tried it over your feet? It will really look stunning once you portray it over your feet. You can apply it with mehndi cone or tube available in the cosmetic store. Whether it is the occasion of wedding or engagement, mehndi will look very attractive over your skin tone.

Peacock and Lotus Leg Henna Design

Peacock and Lotus Leg Henna Design

Classic mehandi designs for your beautiful hands

The foot part of this design has two beautiful peacocks on the two feet. The lotus flowers on the top of the ankles embrace the beauty of it.

Loose Patterns Mehndi Design

Loose Patterns Mehndi Design

It has simple single lining patterns that cover the feet and small upper parts of ankles. The light floral designs give a remarkable look.

Large Central Flower Design

Large Central Flower Design

The big central floral part of this henna design gives a solid look to your mehndi. It also accompanies the traditional mehndi look.

Pakistani Full-Length Mendi

Pakistani Full-Length Mendi

The pattern adds a creative look to your mehndi and covers the full length up to the knees. The texture in the flowers makes it more mesmerizing.

Arabic Pattern of Mehndi on Feet

Arabic Pattern of Mehndi on Feet

The decorative lines of this design are worth looking. The toe patterns are beautifully put down by henna and give it an all traditional look.

The deep dark bridal mehndi

The deep dark effect of this design is appealing to the eyes. The large peacock motif is the key attraction of this mehndi that is perfectly designed for the bridal legs. The use of deep and bold mehndi with combination of small detail brings out the best of the design. The main motifs i.e. Peacock and a flower caricature is a beautiful and auspicious way to decorate a bride’s legs. Covered up with intricate geometric Arabic details and this looks fabulous!

The bridal marriage motif

Top floral mehandi designs for hands

One of the best designs to put on a bride’s mehndi is the carriage that is common to Indian Weddings. The carriage design on both the legs has a lot of Arabic detailing with special attention to darkened spaces and small windows created. The foot is covered with the bridal shawl design that makes the mehndi an excruciatingly beautiful one. Inspired by the wedding ceremony the details are fine and precise.

Large motifs with geometric details

A large circular mehndi design on the foot and an even larger peacock motif with intricate details on the legs – the two forms of mehndi patterns that definitely look mesmerizing here! The use of geometric fillings with precision brings out the best of the structures created. There is not much filling on the legs but the fingers are given a complete filled up look to match with the same.

The peacock design for brides

The peacock sitting in grace on the top of the design is an attention grabber! The use of peacock feathers and the artistic inculcation of the curves of a peacock body is used strategically to brings out the best of this design. The use of circular designs, flowers and geometric patterns work in transforming the design into a piece of art!

The Arabic bridal legs

Arabic mehndi has its charm with the special look to the flowers and the orange-red shading that comes with it. This design is a fabulous flowery picture with intricate details on flowers, leaves and mango motifs which are beautified with the help of Arabic touch. Use of lines, shades and deepening effect on some areas work magic on this design!

The traditional patch work

Patch style is trending in all facets of fashion and works equally well with the mehndi designs too. The circular patch flower is large enough to cover the foot. The large patch anklet is done heavily to cover up the anklet area with grace. The toes are given a heavy intricate detail which is in stark contrast with the rest of the design. Spaces left empty bring out the best of this design. This one is a hit for traditional weddings and simple brides!

Full leg mehndi design

Full leg mehandi design

Your feet will totally be covered with the extraordinary mehndi design with the design number 1. These designs are usually made for new brides who wish to be gorgeous from all angles. Since the guest would watch her from head to feet, even her feet should look very beautiful.

Simple mehndi design


Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

This designer mehndi has a very fine strokes and circles. It might not be very easy for individuals to draw exactly the same mehndi design, but you can go to a mehndi specialist and ask her to draw exactly the same design. You can even try it yourself to get gorgeous look.

Arabic mehandi design for legs


You can see both dark brown and orange colors used in this particular type of mehndi design. The designer has used two colors to make it look extraordinary. You can also try this with the Mehndi cones and tubes available in the market. You can get one original color mehndi and another black. Both makes a wonderful combination.

Traditional mehndi design on legs

leg mehendi design

By having a look at this mehndi design you can make out that this has a different grade. All your fingers will be covered with curved strokes that have a dot at the top. Even a chair like design can be seen just under the toe fingers which make the feet design separate from that of its toe. 

Side feet glitter mehandi design

Side feet glitter mehandi design

Design number 5 is well appreciated by all those who want a clean but beautiful look of their feet. This design has an elegant touch with a very sophisticated presentation. As portrayed in the picture, only the sides of your feet surrounding the heel and toe are portrayed with the design.

Light mehndi design on feet

leg mendi

If you are not willing to adopt the complicated designs, this simple design on your feet on the day of your wedding will be really stunning. Since it is very simple and does not have any complication, many people can easily draw this over their feet without calling professional designer. 

Floral mehandi design on legs

 food mehndi design

Best mehndi designs for legs

Mehndi is the traditional type of grooming technique that has been a culture to many Indian and Pakistanis. But today, even the modernized society is enjoying its benefit. Thus, in order to provide a modern touch to traditional sequence, mehndi is backed with color to give a bright and trendy outlook.

Bridal leg mehndi design

leg mehendi

This is the orange color mehndi design that looks stunning on feet. It is suggested to apply orange color of mehndi on the feet of those people who have fair complexion. This color will be darker once the time passes on. If you have taken out the mehndi today morning, the color will be darker in the evening.

Chain mehandi design


Latest pakistani mehandi designs for hands and legs

This is one of the extraordinary designs of mehndi that suits your feet well when you are getting ready for the wedding occasion. Towards the feet, the design is dense whereas in the middle it becomes steeper leaving the two side of the feet blank. It provides a wonderful image to all those who have broader feet.

Peacocks on legs mehndi design

foot mehndi

You can see some of the flower petals along with some curves and strokes which makes the entire design stunning. You can apply it in only one leg and dress up with some trendy and funky dress. Just wear your Capri above the last stroke of the mehndi design placed in the leg. Wear a bright color short shirt and pull a sunglass to look stunning.

Simple leaves on leg mehandi design

foot mendi

Best flower mehndi designs for legs

This mehndi design looks really very simple with a glamorous touch. It is also very easy to draw any time. Just few dots in a sequence in your thumb nail makes the entire design highlighted. Just two leaves like structure makes the feet very attractive. You can make this design and go to any casual occasion.

Round mehndi design for legs


The mehndi design has a circle in the middle which has mount like appearance surrounding the circle. Two designs are made at the tops as well as the bottom of your feet. The design also forms with a different layout in each of the toe fingers. The entire design is rally attractive.

Round chakra mehandi design

foot mendi

Easy circle mehndi designs

If you are looking for a design which is different from other designs in the catalogue, design number 13 will be one of your choices. This is neither too complicated nor two simple. You can put on this design for your engagement party. You will look very attractive among the crowd.

Necklace mehndi design

foot mehendi

Now, this is another gorgeous design which takes the shape of anklet. The chain surrounds around your ankle with a very attractive pendant in the middle. The three drops falling in the middle with the string attached also look very attractive altogether.

Simple pattern mehandi design

leg mehandi design

Gujarati mehndi designs for full hands

This feet mehndi design is inspired from the time of mughals. This has a royal touch with extraordinary designing. See how beautiful it looks on her leg. You must also try it today to get an extraordinary feeling. You will feel like a queen of royal family after drawing this design and wearing anarkali style garments.


You can now get the mehndi designs of your choice by having a look at various web pages that have articles regarding the mehndi design. The search engine will help you explore variety of designs which looks unique and suite with your taste.