Classic henna / mehandi designs for your beautiful hands

There are different motifs for mehandi and they can be simple or complex. The person who is making the designs works with earnest artistic value to bring out the patterns. There are some simple designs that one may try for they are easy to master. You can start with these to make your hands and feet look classical.

26Floral Jaal pattern

Top floral mehandi designs for hands

With beautifully done rose and floral pattern with leafy design, the jaal pattern adds beauty to this design. This design is suitable for any big/small occasion which gives you the perfect traditional look as you would desire for a wedding.

25Fusion Mehndi Design

This design has a fusion of Indian, Pakistani and Arabic culture. The fusion of all the three cultures is beautifully depicted in this pattern in a balanced and unconventional way.

24Finger flash design

This finger flash mehndi design for backside of hand is done with a minimal focus on the mid-hand area. The fingers are kept in focus with various designs depicted at each finger.

23Purely Ethnic

In its filled up pattern with semi-floral and jaal design, this design is the first choice of every Indian woman. It depicts the traditional values related to henna in India.

22Modern mehndi pattern

Mehndi with a modern twist is a thing of this generation. In its non-linear pattern and patches, this mehndi design can be altered as per the client’s wish to make you look classy and stylish.

21Unique back side hand mehandi

There’s something special about traditional mehendi designs; the styles never fade with time. all the different elements used in this mehendi pattern are traditional. The three central motifs of the flowers, and the fish and drawn to symbolize a hathbandh or a traditional Indian bracelet.

In spite of being a traditional design, the gap between the hathbandh and the patterns on the fingers adds the traditional touch to it.

20Linear design for hands

Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

This traditional mehendi design is a perfect amalgamation of two central patterns used traditionally aka the fish and water design along with the flower motifs. The fingers are beautifully adorned with simple flower pattern.

The intricacy is reflected in the single design created on the palms extending upwards. Flowers are considered auspicious and hence a part of all wedding and religious ceremonies. The fish motif is closely related to the Hindu God, Lord Vishnu and is considered even more auspicious.

19Beads and floral mehandi

This is a traditional Arabic Mehendi pattern and has been further beautified by the addition of contemporary elements to it. Starting along with fingers and descending downwards is a line of flower motifs attached to a semi-circular flower with line of pearls. The design looks exquisite and has been further made to appear beautiful with rhinestones.

18Decorative mehandi with lotus at the center

A traditional Indian design, perfect for brides who prefer minimalistic looks is this mehendi pattern. The design appears all the more special because of the addition of the pan like motif or betel leaf.

The betel leaf is considered to be auspicious by Indian and especially in South East India and is used in all religious ceremonies. It is a simple mehendi design and covers the entire back of the hands.

17Mehandi with sun motif

The central motif of this beautiful mehendi design is the sun which is considered to be the source of all life and energy on this planet. The sun motif incorporated in mehendi designs is considered to be very strong, and symbolizes knowledge, eternal love, immortality, and resurgence.

The central design has been separated from the patterns at the end of the hand and fingers. These patterns are more abstract with petals and leaves.

16Corner to corner mehendi

A simple hand mehendi design which does not necessarily require an occasion to put on is this petal and leaf design. It starts from the primary finger with a wave of dots and descends with leaves and petal motifs.

Designs such as these are meant to symbolize that you are offering something back to the world as it incorporates natural elements including that of water.

15Mehndi ka simple design with simplistic view


This design for your hands is done in black mehandi and has got a feminine design that can be copied by many. The design covers the palm in diagonal pattern and the floral design is easy to take up.

14Care and creativity

care and creativity

Best mehndi designs for legs

This is another simple design that is suitable for young hands. You can use this art in any occasion. The index finger is full of designs at the back and it almost looks like any jewelry that beautifies the hand. The rest of the fingers are done in simpler motifs that can bring out creative set of mind.

13Arabic mehandi in black


Arabic mehandi is mostly done in black color and this design flows down the wrist smoothly. The classical finish gets highlighted with the heavy inner motifs but the simplicity is captured with the easy curves of kalka and petals.

12Design with chains


Chains and flower petals are main designs used in this elegant motif. The designs are done with black and reddish brown mehandi and the combination is used to make the design creative.

11Flower and arch

flower and arch

Arches are the large semi circles in buildings. The designer has got the arch and flower into the palm of the lady wearing mehandi. These are done during Eid or even in wedding celebrations. Easy to copy but the elegance is not diminished by the simple motif.

10Floral petals and curls

floral petals and curls1

The hand looks so sophisticated with this intricate floral design. The small curls and chains at the end of each finger add a youthful touch. The bunch of flowers complete with the stamen gives a fresh look to the hands.

9Decorated with art


Best flower mehndi designs for legs

Hands that wear jewelries look gorgeous. This simple and thoughtful design is artistic to look like jewelry for the hand. The chains are easy and they together with the other easy designs form bracelets for the wrist. The fingers also are decorated in simple and elegant designs.

8Kalka motif with petals

kalka motif with petals

Fair hands look better as a backdrop of black mehandi and this design of flower petals merged with simple kalka gives off artistic outlook. The hands look sophisticated and simple. The designs do not cover the whole hand and this adds to the elegance.

7Jewelry with color


Easy circle mehndi designs

The bracelet made with black mehandi looks gorgeous and gives the hand a classic look. The kalkas or paisley design is done with intrinsic inner fillings. The arches on the wrist looks like bridal jewellery.

6Flower and leaf

flower and leaf

Floral designs and beautiful leaves complete this design for mehandi. The hand looks elegant yet has a simple touch. The kalka design is filled with small arches which can be done by any artist.

5Full complex arches and curves


Gujarati mehndi designs for full hands

Hands together make a complete design and this is done with classic style. The arches are of different sizes and together they form another design. The design will take time to complete and a lot of patience.

4Modern design


This is completely modern design and will look good with any dresses. The flowing curves and long leaves are main motif. The dots that are thick gives the design its added flavor.

3Combination of designs and nail art

Combination of designs and nail art

New mehndi designs for feet

Combination of mehandi design and matching nail art makes it a style statement for today’s women. The simplistic design will not take much time and the perfect nail polish adds to the elegance.

2Circle with floral aura

circle with floral aura

This circular design is complete with floral pattern. The petals of the flower are made with beautiful mixture of designs. This gives a softer look to the hand and is easy to complete with time.

1Reddish mehandi design


New bangle henna mehndi designs

This one is done with reddish rajasthani mehandi. The design is not complicated as it is done in a single motif but it takes time to complete as it is done in small arches. Best for wedding ceremony as it adds traditional touch to your attire.