Mehndi designs for foot – Foot mehndi designs

Foot mehndi designs are different when you compare with hands. Hands are often full of different designs with mehndi but feet are now areas where new designs are being applied. There are sophisticated and simple designs being thought of for the feet. Some such simple and beautiful designs make your feet look attractive and elegant.

Your hands and feet are areas where you often wear jewellery but often you would like to wear something new and exciting. Mehndi for your hands are often seen in wedding rituals but feet are also areas where you can wear these designs to make them look softer and decorative.

Conventional Indian style mehandi

New bangle henna mehndi designs

A modern take on the more traditional mehndi design is this one, which has been modified with contemporary elements in it. A true piece of elegance and beauty, this mehndi pattern for feet is ideal for almost all traditional and Indo-Western occasions. The central motif is the chakra adorned with petals in the middle. The Chakra is called the ‘Mandala’ or the universe in Buddhist and Hindu symbolism and is believed to depict the entire universe. Connected to this central figure by dots are lines and petals covering the toes of the feet.

Leaf-like chain mehndi

A trend which originated in the land of Arabs and has migrated and made its way through to distant lands is that of applying black henna. This mehndi design for feet has been made with black henna, and is a simpler and contemporary take on traditional designs. Beautified with a central lotus flower and further decorated by line of pearls and trails of petals, this looks gorgeous.

Circuar designs with beads

A true specimen of beauty is this gorgeous mehndi design for feet. Beginning with a line of hanging pearls attached to lines adorned with petals on the top, this design descends all the way to the toes. The central motif is also another take on the Chakra or Mandala with an adorable heart design in the middle. The petals used in Mehndi designs are not only for its appeal but also because it symbolizes vitality and longevity in a relationship.

One side mehandi on the feet

A new take on the traditional mehndi design for feet is this beautiful arched pattern created on the side of the feet. The base line is covered with dots, and is paralleled with another line, from above which passes a trail of domes. Mehndi designs applied on the feet are meant to symbolize your strong connection with the Earth.

Symmetrical mehandi at the center

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Combining the two most auspicious mehndi design elements, this particular design is a beautiful blend of the Chakra and the Lotus. These are perhaps the most favorite design of every Mehndi artist for there is always the scope of adding variety of different elements to it. In the center of the design is the Mandala representing the universe. Surrounded by it is the Lotus symbolizing purity, femininity and grace. The addition of little pearls and leaves around the central motif has made it appear contemporary.

Gorgeous, innovative leg mehandi

This design is beautiful not only for the artwork and patterns created by the artist, but because it is meant to give an illusion of the Indian Chappal. Although there are no central motifs in the design, it has been beautified with elements from traditional Sun designs. The yellow color used in the straight-line designs adds a striking element to this simple mehndi pattern for feet.

Elegance for feet

Elegance for feet:

Your feet will look gorgeous with these designs. The black mehandi has got shading with lighter brown and this combination gives it a complete elegance. The design travels up above the ankle and is done with small intricate designs.

Gorgeous designs

1Gorgeous designs

The feet look completely different with this design. You will love to show off your feet with the intricate motifs and the small detailing done with mehandi. The area above the ankle has got a peacock design that adds royalty to the design.

Intricate designs in dual shade

intricate desgins in dual shade

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The shading of the floral patterns in lighter brownish hue makes this a unique one for your feet. The floral patterns are simple to look at but they need a lot of care for etching on your feet and the leg area above.

Modern pattern and bright color

Modern pattern and bright color

The designs are simple and artistic. The red color adds to the glory as does the black colored border. The whole design is bright and will look very good when your skin gives the right backdrop.

Foot with peacock pattern

Foot with peacock pattern

The Indian paisley design makes the central theme of the pattern and the fingers with arches and leaves work as jewelry for the fingers. The intricate designs for each paisley and the small leaves add a subtle touch to the feet.

Side designs on feet

Side designs on feet

The feet are sensitive areas and the side view for these feet is completely different. The floral pattern from the side of the foot makes a style statement for the wearer. The designs are simple and still add elegance.

Reddish mehandi for feet

Reddish mehandi for feet

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Reddish mehandi adds a gorgeous touch to your feet. The heart shape at the middle and the rings around each finger is taken from the Arabic designs. The feet look softer and are better without the sandals.

Design elaborate for feet

Design elaborate for feet

Softer feet with these floral patterns and closer designs add elegance to the feet. The design travels up to the knee and is done with very thin lines. The patterns are well thought out and cover most part of the feet. The curls around the fingers and the ankle are elaborately done.

Nail polish and mehandi combination

Nail polish and mehandi combination

Beautiful arabic mehndi designs for hands

The nails are decorated with crystals and nail polish and the complete feet are covered with intricate and traditional design. These are good for any festivals and celebrations like wedding or Eid. The designs are done with small and perfect arches and kalkas.

Floral design with glitters and colors

Floral design with gliters and colors

Legs can look gorgeous with this mehandi which is interspersed with glittering colors. The mehandi is done with brown colored mehandi and the softness of the legs and feet are enhanced with the silver, brown and blue colored glitters. The shaded areas with lighter hued mehandi and the spirals are artistic. The blue glitter adds regal shade.

Feet and the snakes

Feet and the snakes

Best mehndi designs for feet

This design resembles the snakes and adds a supernatural aura to the feet. The dragon or snake that is the motif makes it feminine and glamorous. The nails are done with a softer color. The designs are done with patience and artistic curves.

Crystals and glitters for feet

Crystals and gliters for feet

The nails painted with red or pink hued color. The crystals inside the mehandi design and the floral designs all make the feet look gorgeous and elegant. The feet are ready to step into any wedding celebrations or other auspicious occasion.

Feet looking soft and feminine


Classic & beautiful mehndi designs

Softer feet are seen when the designs are more in curves and arches. This one is done in arches and has got a kalka in the middle. The kalka is again designed with intricate patterns and crystals. The fingers are done with taste and style.

Artistic feet with black mehandi

Artistic feet with black mehandi

When the feet are designed in such intricate designs, you may find it easy to stare at them. The nails are done with simple color and the designs are shaded with some soft green and red color. The small circles and chains make the feet look gorgeous.

Red designs in mehandi


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This design is done with more red color than others. The red is highlighted and it makes the feet brighter. The design is magnificent and adds unique quality to the feet.