Try top 15 engagement mehndi / henna designs for hands

Be it a traditional, ravishing design with multiple motifs and patterns or something more fashionable, youthful and trendy, you will have it all in this list of the best mehndi designs for your engagement.

[Top engagement mehndi designs for hands in Hindi]

Extraordinary in the ordinary


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15 Best arabic mehndi designs for hands

This design will go light on your palm. If you don’t want to do much with henna, this one is good for you. The motifs and patterns used here are not intricate at all. It leaves many empty spaces on the hands.

Especially created for this occasion


It does not fill up your entire palm. There are many styles of patterns across the hands but the ring finger has been cleverly left free so that you’re your engagement ring can be perfectly highlighted. Giving it a miss would be a huge miss.

A design of love


15 beautiful arabic mehndi designs for hands

This is evidently a quite unique design. If you are tired of old designs, try something innovative like this. It combines the famous peacock feather design on the palm! Observe the fingers. Each finger has a unique design which gives an amazing effect.

With a personalized touch


This one is always high on demand during engagement ceremonies. It has a hit combination of peacock design covering the half of the palm and swirl patterns adorning the other half. What makes this design an all time favourite is the formation of the alphabets depicting the name of the groom.

Unique all the way


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This is another gorgeous piece of ceremonial art! This design, as you can see is pretty elaborate. The interesting part is that the vacant spaces left in between the design itself are forming semi-circular and floral patterns! It has some minute detailing as well.

The magic of mirror effect


The USP of this design is the mirror reflection form. It is a traditional rajasthani style of henna designing. It’s heavy, complex and fully covering the hands. The heart shape created by the symmetric effect, excellent floral motifs and extremely thin lines make it a tough design to paint on the hands.

Desi to the core

15 classic & beautiful mehndi designs

The large mango leaf motifs on both hands glow like jewel on the crown! The entire design carries the true essence of Indian wedding. For an auspicious occasion like engagement, you deserve to look special. With a design like this, you are all set to go!

An evergreen classic


A classical Rajasthan design with a stroke of modernity! The boldly inked intricate curves, the symmetrical leaf motif and a mixture of various patterns spread across your hands create an impact you would love to have on your hand.

Symbol of royalty


Best mehndi designs for your engagement

It is a grand day specially designed for a grand day like this! It is like a hand ornament with large floral motifs covering the top of your palm. The detail works are absolutely gorgeous! The designs on the fingers are also one a kind. Despite of many intricate works, the design doesn’t look too loud.

Simplicity is trendy


If you are not willing to do much experiment and want to keep it as much minimal as possible, you easily choose this one. The area covered is not too vast. The wrist part is slightly touched. The distinct feature of this design is lying in the way the floral motifs with some fantastic shapes and detailing have been spread on one side.

A flamboyant design


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Go for this one if you are up for something extraordinarily exquisite! This henna design has a good, complex art work. The fine detailing is awesome. The minutely formed motifs are sure to catch attention. It is an ideal design to pair up with heavy make-up. You can also experiment by paring this heavy mehndi design with light make up for the contrast.

Another one from the archives


The nice use of classic floral and leaf patterns for decoration is worth a try. Although it is not much detailed, the design has an amazing clarity. This one is apt for those who prefer to have an attractive design without making fussy.

Arabic artistry


15 best mehndi designs for legs

If you wish to try out something new, go for an exotic Arabic style mehndi.The boldly painted floral design combined with vine patterns looks fascinating. The flower designs on fingers are classy to say the least. The best feature of this design is that it looks sophisticated without being overdone.

[Top engagement mehndi designs for hands in Hindi]