Easy mehndi designs – Simple henna designs

Traditional or classic Mehndi designs are the finest way to collect the inspirations from others. These designs are popular in India, Pakistan and other Asian countries. Mehndi art is a must for college functions, religious festivals and wedding ceremonies. It is very easy to make a mehndi design by following certain classic norms of mehndi.

Traditional Indian designs are of representations of the sun on the palm, which generally includes flowers leafs or a circular motif. Mehndi or Henna is a paste that is bought in a cone shaped tube and is made into designs for men and women. These cones can be prepared at home by simply making a paste of grounded dry henna along with water.

Easy mehndi / henna designs

52Lace pattern mehndi

Best mehndi designs for your engagement

“Simple but beautiful” it is the definition of this fantastic lace pattern mehndi design that you can choose to wear for getting a perfect and complete ethnic look on the special occasion for a unique look.

51Floral pattern with curved lines

Have a look at this modern and simple mehndi design for your hands looking beautiful. This unusual pattern includes curved lines with a beautiful floral design. And, this is the combination that makes it one of the latest easy mehndi designs.

50Peacock pattern in the middle

Enhance your beautiful look while carrying simplicity. This beautiful and easy mehndi design with a centre design of peacock pattern is the one that no one can ignore to see.

49Cute Arabic pattern design

What will you say about this beautiful mehndi design with Arabic pattern and partially left space that is making it more attractive and pleasing to wear on any occasion with the enhanced charm of your look?

48Indian mehndi design

See this modern and beautiful Indian mehndi design for a backhand. That includes very little congestion and unique pattern. Now, be a traditional diva by adding this beautiful mehndi in your look to make it more appealing.

47Leaf shape mehndi

Floral mehndi is undoubtedly one of the most attractive designs. But, the finishing with the leaf shape pattern as given in image makes it unique and eye-catching.

46Arabic pattern

Don’t limit yourself with the styling and when it comes to applying mehndi then trying this fantastic Arabic pattern is the one that can let your ritual completes with the perfect blend of beauty.

45Unique pattern mehndi

Beautiful floral mehndi designs for legs

Look at this unique and beautiful design. That can give you a fresh look to celebrate any occasion. This sophisticated design in fingers makes it look more attractive.

44Simple design mehndi

Look at another simple design mehndi that is inspired by the Arabic mehndi trend. You can make it your favourite mehndi design if you want to carry less messy and simple but beautiful pattern for any occasion.

43Weave pattern design

Here is a gorgeous weave pattern Mehndi design on hands. These patterns are great to carry for marriage occasion. And, it’s also apt for engagement occasion with the feminine beauty.

42Backhand mehndi

Here is how you can have a traditional look with this one of the easy and beautiful mehandi design to apply on your backhand to enhance your charming appearance.

41Floral mehandi

Whatever the occasion may be, apt this beautiful mehndi design to engage the attention on your hands to make your parties or the festivals complete.

40Easy back hand mehndi

Here is another easy mehandi design to beautify your hands. If there is a short time to get ready with an adorable look for the function like Eid or karwa chauth then make this easy pattern mehndi design your choice for an elegant look.

39Partial hand mehndi

Try another easy mehndi design for a beautiful appearance. Make this partial mehndi design on your backhand to make them attractive while consuming less time.

38Different pattern on fingers


Here is the use of mehndi on the palm makes the design more beautiful and attractive. And, the different pattern drawn in the fingers makes it more than impressive and unique.

37Keep it simple and rock on!

“Beauty lies in simplicity.” This is a quotation we have been hearing since years and this mehendi design is the perfect example to it. It features simplest and easiest designs. A lot of space is left blank and the mehendi cone plays very easily with the curves.

36Finger Ring Hand Harness Chain Bracelet Jewellery Design

Think of replacing jewellery with beautiful mehendi designs. This pattern allows you to drop those heavy ornaments and switch to a simpler and lighter way of making your hands look good. If put neatly, it looks extremely beautiful.

35Play with Curves

We all want a mehendi style that looks beautiful but it also very simple to put. This  mehendi design is of the same kind. It plays smartly with the curves to create beautiful patterns. Traditional or modern, it goes with everything.

34Butterfly Tattoo

Don’t hurt yourself by piecing that tattoo on your hands. Rather we have an easier way for you to get that tattoo happiness. Go for tattoo style of mehendi and get your favorite tattoo done with mehendi. It looks the same and can make you happy that too without any pain.

33One finger beauty

You don’t need to always fill your complete hand with mehendi to make your hands look good. An arabic mehendi covering just one finger also looks equally beautiful. Just do a little bit of designing on the top of the fingers and you’re done.

32Linear pattern

Following a particular pattern makes a mehendi more stylish and classic. This is exactly what this linear pattern of mehendi shows. It looks beautiful when you put it neatly and nicely. Moreover, the best part of this mehendi style is that it is very easy to put.

31Imaginary Beauty of Flowers

Best mehndi designs for legs

Flowers are something that can add beauty to everything. So get your imaginary pattern of flower in your mind and get in carved on your hands. Your imagination and creativity altogether make your simple hands look extra beautiful.

30Wrist to Middle Finger Chain

This design starts from the wrist featuring some design like a wristband and then continues till the top of the middle finger. It looks like a piece of jewellery and you can design it like the way you want your jewellery to be.

29Modernity with Ethnicity

We have been designing floral pattern since ages and this mehendi is a modern twist to this traditional trend. In this style, modernity and ethnicity go hand in hand. Be it any occasion, it goes best with any of them.

28Blend of Flowers and Curves

Flowers and curved styles are something that look best, if done right. Use your creativity to create some really good designs and it will give a glam look to your beautiful hands.

27Flower Garden

No mehendi is complete without flowers we all know. In this design, flowers are bloomed in a certain way that it makes your hand look beautiful like a colourful garden. The neatness of the mehendi is what steals the show.

26Where Tradition meets Modernity

Traditional mehendi designs create something exceptionally beautiful when given a modern touch. This mehendi style can be very easily put and looks gorgeous when applied neatly. Forget spending several hours carving mehendi on a single hand and try this style to get beautiful mehendi in just few minutes.

25Ghevar Designs

Ghevar design is actually a mehendi pattern where the back side of the hand features nothing but a beautiful flower that covers whole of the area. Then only the fingers are carved with beautiful designs. This style is very simple but looks stunning. You can try this out for any traditional occasion and it will look the best. Moreover, it takes comparatively less time to be applied.

24Stylish with Classiness

Best arabic mehndi designs for legs

Pattern style has become a new trend in the mehendi world. Leaving contemporary design behind, try some new trends that are equally beautiful. You can apply these styles in no time and get a perfect result in just a few minutes.

23Diagonal Patterned Design

This mehndi pattern runs diagonally in the hands, letting the beauty of the mehndi be in touch by giving spacious designs. This plays the role of add-ons over the beauty of the intricate fillings in the design.

22Beauty in Simplicity

Simple mehendi designs are the most beautiful ones. Here, the easiest design is selected to put but it gives a very trendy look. Be it for a small occasion or for a marriage, you can consider this as now a days, simplicity is again making its way.

21Minimalist Mehendi Pattern

Minimalist mehendi pattern is your solution if you’re looking for a design to go with your everyday look. This is a very simple design that is neither too bold nor too big. If you want a little subtle look, here’s your answer.

20The most beautiful curve

Use your creativity to create beautiful patterns from the simple curves. As the above images reflect, simple curves can make your mehendi a little livelier and fun. It can be more beautiful if accompanied by floral pattern.

19Black Beauty Curves

When you have no time but want to give your hands a unique and modern mehendi look, this mehendi style is perfect. As you can see in the image, it is very easy and can be put in few minutes. But nobody will be tired of appreciating your simple, yet beautiful pattern.

18Traditional Mehendi Trail

Traditionally, trail like mehendi pattern was followed. And guess what? It’s something that never goes out of fashion. Also, previously women used to fill the tip of the fingers completely with mehendi. Now, adding a little twist to it, they fill the fingertips with beautiful designs.

17Traditionally Modern

Best dulhan mehndi designs for hands

Hand jewellery is one of the most important ornaments for a bride. But try replacing those ornaments with a simple and subtle mehendi look. That simplistic finger details that matches with the design is what that steals the show.

16Smooth Lawsonia

The smoothness and neatness of a design makes your mehendi look even more beautiful. The flower in the corner and its surrounding curved shaped look like a perfect mehendi patch on the back of your hand. The smooth lawsonia is something that you should definitely try.

15Mehendi Jewellery

Right precision can make this design look extremely beautiful. It is excellently designed like a jewel and looks like a piece of art. The whole pattern looks like an artsy and crafty piece. The beautiful design alignment makes it perfect for every occasion.

14Lotus Lotus all the way

The results become unimaginably beautiful when our beautiful national flower spreads it beauty on your hand as a mehendi. Put it nicely and neatly and watch how everybody gets attracted to your hand for that unique design creation. Maintaining neatness and putting it with right precision is all it takes.

13That Heavy Ornament

Forget carrying that heavy ornament. Instead get that design carved on your hands so that you can have the feeling without even actually carrying that. All those women who like jewellery will love this pattern too.

12The Lace Glove

A very modern and unique pattern that had entered the mehendi trend is the lacy design. It covers the wrist and back of the hands. This intricate design allows you to feel like you’re wearing a lace glove. Keep the length till arm or waist or even just fingers. A modern bride can find this the best for herself.

11Wristband Bracelet Mehendi

Wristband bracelet mehendi defines a classy and simple pattern. It is perfect for everyday look, no matter what you wear and where you go. Spend just a few minutes carving the design and get this beautiful stylish result.

10The rose chakra!

Best dulhan mehndi designs for legs

How can we forget the most beautiful flower to put on a mehendi? The way the central part of the rose is surrounded by the beautiful shaded petals catch the eye and make your hand look very beautiful. Shaped like a chakra, the rose spreads its beauty all over the mehendi and your hand.

9Hanging Beauty Design

When you want a unique mehendi without getting your hands filled, this is something for you. Hanging Beauty design is something really unique and very easy. You can put these designs to celebrate any kind of occasion and make your hands the centre of attraction.

8Newbie in the world of Mehendi

Welcome the newbie in the mehendi trend and see what it serves you. The simplest yet most beautiful design! It covers just the back of your hands and fingers. The matching simplistic detail on the fingers maintains a balanced structure of the design.

7Bracelet style Mehendi Design

A simple beautiful bracelet can emphasize on how pretty your hands look. Moreover, if you are drawing Mehendi on your hand all by yourself then nothing can be too easy as well as too sweet than a bracelet which is more like a heavy one. Draw finger rings, circular style ornament for the middle and strings of round patterns for the wrist.

6Lotus and Diamonds

The duo of lotus and diamonds all over your hand is definitely thoughtful and relatively easy to draw especially when you are doing it all by yourself. The design is nothing that requires too much of drawing even when you are using the other hand which is not familiar to use stencils/tools for drawing. All you have to draw is patterns of diamonds with dots and some lotus flowers on the palm.

5Churidar Mehendi Design

This Mehendi Design is as simple to draw as it looks in the picture. For drawing this type of a Mehendi design one can take inspiration from the patterns drawn in a Churidar. As this Mehendi design makes your hand look as if you are wearing some designer Churidar. No wonder this Mehendi design is very alluring and attractive.

4Chura/Bangle style Mehendi Design

Back hand Mehendi designs are so famous because they give a basic look and don’t go overboard. Compliment the back of your hand by drawing a chura or bangle that has long diamond pattern between thick borders on the wrist with a flower on the end and on the top. Choose the same pattern for the fingers, these are easy to draw and are not even time consuming.

3Peacocks and Lace Patterns

Classic mehandi designs for your beautiful hands

Drawing a peacock is so easy and moreover it gives an ethereal look as a Mehendi design. To make sure you don’t put in too much effort and time, get your hand draped in this design where in all you have to draw are peacocks on above the other, while the other space in the hand can be used to draw some pattern of Lace that are pretty and simple.

2Royalty and Love

This Mehendi design has got its name because of the Mughlai prominence since everybody in the Mughal emperor applied such designs and it resembled nothing but love and royalty. It is easy to draw this design and fill it with sketch type drawings.

1Top Simple classic mehndi designs


This is a simple easy to make, yet elegant design that is absolutely perfect foe college functions and casual gatherings. This is a simple floral pattern which one can easily draw with little practice with the cone.Exquisite motif pattern with the combination of two leaves and one dot is used to adorn the tips of fingers.



This is a simple mehndi design for beginners to try. It is a fantastic Arabic mehndi design with the classic floral pattern.The petal are filled with thin lines, while the central rounds of the flowers are fully filled with mehndi.The design has covered only the index and mid fingers. The design follows the specific characteristic of traditional Arabic style in which all flowers are made of some thickness and consistency.



This is another simple pattern using just leaves and motifs to cover the whole palm. The tiny leaves pattern on the fingers looks nice and is simple to make.



There is no intricate pattern on this cute design for the back of the hand. It is easy to make and is ideal for college girls and elderly women. There are just three flowers adorned with leaves and offshoots.



This is another simple mehndi design which any beginner can try. It is classic pattern with a large beautiful flower drawn on the palm. Five different patterns are used to fill the empty areas between the floral leavesan offshoot of flower extends upwards to cover the index finger, while the remaining fingers are bare.



Top floral mehandi designs for hands

Here is a traditional mehndi design with two sides of a hand not fully filled bur works really well with very dense mehndi design till fingertips.



This is an easy design suitable for youngsters made with many simple leave and flowers design.


This is a classic traditional simple mehndi design that is easy to make. A big flower in the palm is finely detailed by shading or with minute motifs.



This is the most traditional flower used in mehndi designs. Lotus and mango leaves are very beautifully used to complete the whole design.



This simple sunflower design with dots and frills is a classic design which can be transformed into different styles—by putting then on the palm or on the back of the hand as shown here.



This is a perfect design for a beginner who is bad at drawing flowers and leaves. IN this zigzag pattern a chain life effect is created by joining circles. The zig zag pattern on the fingers is simple and compliments with the complete design. Only a few betel –nut leaves are use on the base of the palm.



Here is another simple Islamic mehndi design filling the whole palm –from fingers to the wrist. It is made straight lines, Kris crosses, boxes,semi-circular motifs and some dots.



Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

This is the traditional peacock pattern made with bold outlines. It is made in the Pakistani style with open spaces and fingers left vacant.



This is a traditional paisley pattern of mehndi on the back of the hand. Paisley is a popular shape that frequently appears in trendy patterns, mehndi hand designs. It is a simple pattern for beginners. This design makes the hands look filled up and beautiful without any detail and intricate design.



This is a very simple design to make on the palm as well as on the back of the hand. The full hand is covered with simple diamonds that alternately filled with checks. The simple fan and scrolls on the fingers adds beauty to the mehndi design and the nails as well.

In India, the system of applying Mehndi to the arms, feet and palms of the hand has a rich historical significance. There is no traditional Indian festival or celebration is complete without mehndi. Diwali, Karva Chauth, Teej, Rakhi or the wedding festivities of Roka, Nikah, Sangeet, etc. are never complete if the hands of the bride and other female members are not adorned with mehndi.