Floral mehndi designs for bride legs

Feet are mostly decorated with different jewelry but now you may find mehandi designs for your feet too. These floral designs are good for any age and side of feet. These will give you an idea about the current designs for that part of your body that is left bare to step out.

There are people who love to decorate all the parts of the body. Some drape clothes that are fashionable and some wear jewelry. There are mehandi designs that look stunning on your feet. These will be good for you to copy for using at any occasion.

31The foot creepers

Best arabic mehndi designs for legs

The first mehendi design is perfect for women who love to keep it compact. Both of the designs are inspired from floral and leafy structures.

A special mention for the toe work. Parallel designs make the mehendi look absolutely stunning. A must-do for your best friend’s wedding.

30Keep it simple

You will find these mehendi designs covering just the foot. If you don’t want intricacies in your mehendi designs, you can go for big floral patterns with intricate work on the toes. Do not miss the pretty shades that have been made here.

29The wedding necessity

These mehendis can be perfect for would be brides. As you can see the designs have been started from the toes. Little intricacies which have been extended further to the foot, up to the legs. You will observe diamond structures and a leaf structure that marks a perfect conclusion to the design.

28The repeat magic

The beauty of these designs lies in the fact that you get an extended mehendi without much work. As you can see, the designs have been repeated alternately. You can either choose the first one which is simple or the second one which is a bit more spread.

27The art

Both the mehendi designs are nothing less than masterpieces in themselves. The first has flower structures with leaves making your feet look like a bouquet of flowers. The second looks royal and has some classy work. Special mention for the leg work.

26The side trail

Imaginative and smart, these designs cover the side of your feet. The first design resembles an ornament along your feet, beautifully finished with trail designs. The second is just out of a sketch book with shades and compact designs. Both look perfect for any occasion.

25The red affair

Best dulhan mehndi designs for hands

As we all know, red has always been the pure color of love. Sparkle yourself with red mehendi on your feet.

Simple designs which can be work without any occasion or reasons. Flowers and petals reveal your happiness. Wear them, have fun, that’s all.

24Petal love

There are no women who don’t like flower designs. This season, go for floral patterns. You can start with your feet. You can also get it done on the sides. It is a good substitute for an anklet as well. The mehendi has perfect shades and the right finishing touch.

23Intricate love

The simple days are done. Go intricate. Try new designs with flowers and petals. You can also fill the designs up with even smaller designs. For better looks, make sure you also pay heed to the toe work as they complement the whole design.

22The tattoo designs

Gone are those days when tattoos were cool. The new trend is mehendi. It doesn’t hurt, it looks better and cool. You can make designs that start from one side of the feet and extend to your ankles up to your legs. Thin patterns that talk volumes about you can be made.

21The knitted design

The first mehendi design will remind you of knitted work. Designed especially for broad feet, these mehendis don’t need a lot of time to be made but look absolutely stunning. Pair it up with anklets and you are ready to rock the wedding.

20The light and shadow

The designs are unique in their own ways for the fact that the shades are dark in some places and light in certain areas. This gives a good overall look to the mehendi designs. These designs look good in dusky skin tones as well.

19The danglers

Best dulhan mehndi designs for legs

As you can see, the mehendi is as the name goes. It looks like a dangling ornament from the toes. The designs on the toes are pretty unusual and classy.

The second design is more of a traditional way of applying mehendi with some new inputs. You can always improvise with these designs to get the best of it.

18The folk tale

The beauty of the mehendi lies in the fact that they remind you of old Bengal folk tales. The leaf work along with the flower work remind you of princesses of the east.

17The color effect

Do you like colors? Do you like experimenting with bright shades? Well, then the first design has been made for you. Pink color has been used to fill the mehendi designs. The second design shows how you can cover the middle part if the feet without making the design look clumsy.

16The Symmetric touch

These mehendis look perfectly Symmetric to each other. You can see the lovely finishing with flower work on both side. The fine line drawn on the bottom perfectly show the professional hand work. The second design has been done keeping in mind creepers and leaves.

15The royal touch

These designs will remind you of queens of the past ages. Intricate work on the feet and toes which go up to legs is perfectly traditional and lovely for any mehendi or wedding occasion. Pair it up with good jewelry to complete the look.

14The teenage talk

Mehendis are not just for brides and married women. Teenagers love applying mehendi for different occasions. These designs are perfect for them. Simple and niche, they go very well with lehengas and Indo Western dresses. Pair it up with toe rings and make a thousand hearts fall for you.

13Princess diaries

Classic mehandi designs for your beautiful hands

Have you ever thought of getting a mehendi design on your feet that will make you think twice before keeping your feet on the ground? These designs are made for you. The chain of flowers with a petal in the end looks perfect for Sangeet parties.

12The majestic design

You can see how both the first and second designs have been planned. You won’t find any repetitions in the patterns. Starting from the toes to the feet and to the legs, the designs have been framed perfectly. The horizontal pattern in between is the highlight of the design.

11Flowers and checkers

The first design is a rather traditional design with leaves of the toes and flower structures continued from there. The second design talks of checkers and floral patterns. Perfectly placed, the checkers enhance the complete design.

10The amateur beauty

If you look at both these designs, you will figure out how easy it is to make it. However, it’s difficult to gain this finishing. The mehendi designs are extremely simple but look good and sufficient for the feet. Even with a lehenga, these designs can be seen completely and that’s the catch of these designs.

9Traditional love

Both the mehendi designs are predictable and act as life savers. When you are out of imagination and time, you can always take resort to these designs. Leaves and floral work with intricate work in the middle make you look beautiful and ready to hit any wedding party.

8Floral highlights

Both the designs are extremely well made with a lot of patterns. However, the flower in the design highlights the whole mehendi. This works as a good idea when you are tired and want to end the design faster. Make a pretty and blooming flower and get an even better design compared to the original one.

7The filling mehendi

Top floral mehandi designs for hands

Confused regarding filling up your mehendi patterns? These designs give you an idea regarding how to make your mehendi look extended and beautiful.

You can make these small patterns in the middle of every design and your problem is solved. A toe ring would compliment the look.

6The diagonal mehendi

As you can notice, these mehendi designs run diagonally across your feet. With flowers, knitted work, leafy structures and lovely shades, these designs are grateful for small occasions and parties. They have been made in a way that make it show even through your slippers.

5The professional touch

The first design looks outstanding for the fact that you get to extend it to your legs. The intricate art work and repeated patterns gives it a regal look. The second mehendi has been sketched very carefully keeping in mind all the sides and patterns.

4The multi-colored mehendi

Another one for color lovers and experimenters. The second pattern is out of a coloring book with all the bright shades. The basic structure has been made with mehendi and filled up with sparkles. The first one is a simple work of known structures that look beautiful on anyone and everyone.

3The fairytale

Both the designs look magical. The shades, the design, the execution look absolutely perfect. Combine it with a pretty pair of anklets and there you go. Make sure you lift your lehenga a bit over your heels to make them go Gaga over these designs.

2The nail art

Mehendis like these which can be out even on the nails make it look even better. These patterns go well with broader feet as you get a broader area to palace your design. Long leaves and floral structures look fantastic. A special mention for the toe work. Horizontal lines look more than perfect on these feet.

1The party wear

Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

These mehendi designs are easy to make. You can design how intricate you want the work to be depending on your time, mood and expertise. Don’t miss the small intricacies like dots and small petals all over the feet.

Jewelry style Mehendi Design

You can always choose to decorate your feet with some beautiful looking pieces of jewelry but Mehendi that has a design of jewelry will make your feet look beautiful. Drape your feet with jewelry like a “Gol Tika” anklet which has strings on the ankle and the round ornament in the middle. While the toes can be draped in design that resembles toe rings.

Give your feet the touch of flowers

A floral style Mehendi is all about one type of a flower which marks it presence everywhere, instead you can choose to get your feet drape in flowers of various patterns. Somewhere oval, some round and some heart shaped with beautiful circular and line pattern filling in them like a sketch. For the toes choose the leaves design completing the touch of flowers everywhere.

Flowers and Leaves as Border

Ever thought of why not just emphasize on designing the sides of our feet instead of the front? This Mehendi design is not just unique but equally stylish as well. All you have to do is drape the sides of your feet from the first-round toe to the heel with borders that are made of thick lines or leaves. On top of it draw some nice-looking flowers side by side and complete the look.

Rich artistic Mehendi design

This Mehendi design has got a term “rich” to it because the patterns involved in this design are enormous, beautiful and famous. It is about circular patterns marking a hypnotizing effect, flowers with circular dots in them, little bit of paisley print by the ankle and of course some leaves within an oval border and circles covering the border in it.

All of these make it an enriched choice for a Mehendi design and with no doubt it looks simple but gorgeous for a bride to be.

The Floral Motif and Peacock

This one makes for another beautiful Mehendi design for a bride to be. Drape your feet in a big floral motif which has strings attached to a toe.

Cover the ankles with borders that have semi-circles and the semi-circles have been further decorated with little circles. At the top of the border a half-done flower and a peacock over it with its beautiful feathers by the side are surely going to give the feet a phenomenal look.

Beautiful floral mehndi designs for legs / feet



Best mehndi designs for legs

A beautiful and intricate floral design decorating the feet of the bride gives grace and beauty. The fingers are covered with an artistically detailed intricate single flower with a gem studded in the middle. This looks really wonderful for people of all ages.


A floral zigzag lace pattern starting from the toe and running up towards the mid leg is a unique sophisticated modern design.


This intricate Arabic floral design which is same on the hands and legs is giving a sense of coherence. The same design is repeated throughout the legs and hands, with just some differencesin its size. The intricacy of the design is same on the little toes as well as on the fingers of the hand.best-bridal-mehndi-design-for-full-hands-and-feetsThis is a simple floral design with stripes and detailing around the flowers. It looks like a bracelet with a very dressy and grand look. It is a perfect match with matching jewelry.



This is a floral mehndi pattern with a net like design in the middle to break the monotony of details around the flower. The pattern goes from the toes, around the ankle and moves right up to the leg. The details make the design complicated and elaborate, but still give it a simple elegant look.


This ornamental elaborate design made with beautiful flowers and curves and patterns is generally liked for brides. The design starts from the toes and goes up on the feet and around the calves. It requires a lot of time and patience of the artist and the person making it.


Best flower mehndi designs for legs

This typical feminine and pretty pattern of flowers and leaves with blue tinge gives it a royal look. The outlines of the flowers are made prominent and the inner part IA shaded with lines.Spirals ending in dots addan artistic touch to the design.


A fancy feminine floral pattern is seen running along the side of the feet around the ankle. The black color of the mehndi makes it prominent against the light color of the skin.



A plain design with flowers and a simple mehndi pattern gives the feet an elegant look. The outline and the detailing in the middle are all done with lines of the same thickness. The simple pattern on the toes completes the design in a simple manner.


The normal colour of mehndi is reddish brown. But this is an excellent design with red coloured mehndi. It looks unique and magnificent. The design has its individuality and stands apart from others with a red coloured border or background.


This elegant mehndi design on the foot makes a woman feel like a queen. The intrinsic design speaks a lot about the artist. The anklet type pattern on the anklet gives grace and beauty to the feet. It covers the whole foot in a very artistic combination of floral, chain and lace pattern.



A beautiful mehndi design made with flowers and paisley is decorating the feet and side of the mid legs in an interesting manner. This design is a great choice for brides as well as for anyone during weddings.


Easy circle mehndi designs

This is a partly simple design with few very fine and intricate patterns.It is an Arabic inspired theme design which is appreciated by most women.



This a uniform floral design which looks good on any ocassion irrespective of age .It is a simple floral mehndi design with shadings done with mehndi . The motifs on the toes are quite unique and make it a great choice for trendy women.



This is a traditional flower motif design which is selected for the bride as well as for others on the wedding ceremony.The design is shaped in a very interesting way ,starting from the toes and going up till half part of the lower legs.