Latest Simple Mehndi designs for legs 2019

We all need a special look on our wedding. Designer Mehndi brings a natural beauty to our hands and feet. Here we are going to share some latest mehndi designs for legs. These are the traditional as well as modern styles of mehndi you can choose from.

21Simple Floral Leg and Ankle Mehndi Design

Legs mehndi designs

It is a simple mehndi with one complete leg and one side ankle design. It shows the beauty with its simplicity and can be applied easily and rapidly. You can apply it yourself or can hire a mehndi specialist for your wedding mehndi.

20Floral Ankle and Vine Style Mehndi

19Floral Ankle and Vine Style Mehndi

Beautiful flower packs on straight lines on the ankles and thin leaf vines on upper area of feet. The fingers and toe also have little round leafy vines. It is a design for girls who want less coverage on their feet with leafy vine designing.

18Arabic Mehndi with Thick Dotting Design

Simple lines on fingers and flowers on upper feet with extra thick dots are just wow in looks. It will bring a bright and dark shade of mehndi due to thick application of mehndi. Half triangular lines near the fingers enhance its beauty with round and dotted patterns.

17Bold Mehndi Flowers with Thick Leaf Design

Floral mehndi designs for legs

Get a little coverage with extra thick filling of mehndi in beautiful flowers and leafs. The fingers have straight thick and thin lines followed with mehndi leafs. It has a girlish look and brings a dark color to your feet that highlight its beauty.

16Arabic Mehndi Design with Thin Floral Vine Pattern

It has thin leafing and flower designing with Arabic mehndi form. It is an easy design that you can easily apply yourself. Center flowers with vines going to ankle and to fingers complete its look. The fingers have simple thin shading patterns.

15One Side Floral Vine with Dotting and two leafy Vines on Ankle

This beautiful design starts from the toe and goes to your heel. The line shapes as per the shape of your foot and carries beautiful flowers with shading. The ankle area contains two thin lines covered with tiny leaves.

14Arabic Mehndi Design with Heavy Filling

Latest bridal mehndi designs for legs

This design has beautiful floral pattern flowing from toe to heel with heavy filling. It also has small flower and leaf pattern going upward from your heel to ankle. This design has full coverage on your foot side with its thick filling and floral wine on ankle.

13Heavy Arabian Tattoo Style Mehndi Design

An Arabic vine starts from its toe followed by flower with thick petals. It has true arabic feel with medium coverage but heavy filling. It is one of the mostly applied patterns on bridal feet with heavy deigning on fingers as well as upper area of your feet..

12One Side Arabic Vine Pattern with Thin Designing

Tinny dotting at base and lining pattern with a crown of flowers and leaf patterns give it an anklet design. It has thin filling and provide less coverage as it comes only on side of your feet.

11Tattoo Style Mehndi Design

Best flower mehndi designs for legs

No finger coverage and dotted chain designing with flower pattern on one side give it a unique look. It has beautiful net mehndi work starting from toe and ends with soft curves and chain of dots. It looks like a tattoo style but give perfect look of bridal mehndi.

10Grand Flower Mehndi Design

A grand central flower covered with petals, leafs, and thin strings make a full form tattoo of mehndi. Folded round leafs on toe and fingers complete its look with medium coverage. It is a design for modern brides who are looking for stylish mehndi for their wedding.

9Simple Mehndi Design for One Side

A thin string wine of tinny lines, leaves, and a center flower goes to upper side of your ankle. One side of this vine goes toward your last finger that complete the vine pattern. It is a girlish design for both brides or for all girls.

8Circle Style Mehndi with Square Filling

Latest bridal Arabic mehndi designs for legs

Traditional net design with square filling gives it a contemporary style. The circle design have unique look with dotted strings for providing full coverage. This design is quite rare with half circle designing that have leaf decoration on the edges. It is a stylish mehndi pattern with perfect coverage.

7Anklet Mehndi Design with Bottom Vine

This design has a beautiful anklet with a square that is connected with dotted chain. The square is decorated with rounded corners and dotting. The base has a vine of flowers flowing from toe to heel with a dotted base line at its end.

6Traditional Circle Style Mehndi Style

This is one of the easiest designs in our mehndi collection. It has a simple but designer circle in center. The fingers have beautiful temple designing inspired from Rajasthan traditions. Round circles on the center offers less overage but a stylish look to your feet.

5Curvy Vine with Thick Leaves and Round Kali Patterns

Latest arabic mehndi designs for legs

It is another simple design but with a gorgeous look. It has 2 curvy lines that are decorated with thick leaves from both sides. It starts from the heel and goes to the end of your toe with a simply stylish look.

4True Bridal Style

Net designing with full feet coverage and round floral designing on ankles give it a unique look. It reflects a true bridal style with a traditional as well as modern designing. It really has a beautiful design with floral ankle patterns that goes to upward.

3Arabian Vines of Design Patterns with Dotting on Fingers

Traditional dove shapes with side angles and tinny leaves give appropriate coverage to your feet. It is a simple design with formal dotting design on fingers and toe. Flawless shapes and traditional style make this design beautiful and easy to apply for your wedding.

2Stylish Ankle Tattoo of Mehndi

Henna designs for legs

A flower with round petals and dot filling with shading give this tattoo a unique look. It gives a chic appeal to your style with its side sliding designs. It is specially designed for your beautiful ankle for giving it a gorgeous look for a wedding occasion.

1Triangle Design Connected with Dotted Chain

The second finger has a design that is connected with the triangle through a dotting pattern. The triangle design reflects the Arabic mehndi style. The triangle is made up of straight line with beautiful designing and fine foot coverage for a bridal look.