Best mehndi designs for legs – Leg mehndi designs

Leg mehndi design is a significant part of wedding tradition in India. Women of all ages are fond of applying mehndi for their legs on weddings as well as other cultural and religious functions like Eid, Diwali karva chauth, rakhi etc. Graceful mehndi designs on the legs can be of various types like Indian, Marwari, Rajasthani, Pakistani or Arabic. The authentic leg mehndi designs will enhance the grace and charm of the legs.

Trendy leg mehndi designs of flowers going up to the calves in curls looks excellent. It is a simple henna design which can be made in a short time. These designs can be made with cones filled with mehndi or with a strong stick.

50Interlinking Floral Strips Mehndi Design

Best arabic mehndi designs for legs

These interlinking chains that connect the florals of this design are breathtakingly gorgeous. The patterns above the ankles add beauty to the whole construction.

49Large Central Flower Henna Design

The pattern comes across a giant flower drawing in the central parts of the feet. This full-length design is as mesmerizing as its unusual patterns.

48Simple Floral full-length Leg Design

It is a fantastic yet straightforward design of floral beauty. It includes various small eye-catching patterns over the toes area. It serves the look of elegance.

47Large interlinking Flowers design

It follows a pattern where there are large florals present on the surfaces of the legs and feet. These beautiful flowers connect with few interlinings forming chains.

46Dense Feet Texture Mehndi Design

It serves the look of compact designs present on the feet. The upper parts of the legs show elegant beauty and share fantastic sight.

45The Dulha-Dulhan Mehndi Package or Going it the Jewelry way

Since the subject for Mehndi designs is Bridal here so the first picture poses out to be the best choice. The reason it has been referred to as package is because the design is an incarnation of everything that is a part of marriage, drawings of bride, groom, elephants and patterns that define royalty. On the right is yet another Bridal Mehndi Design which is all about jewelry patterns that definitely looks pretty for every bride.

44Peacock Heads and Patterns or Peacocks and Shehnai

Best dulhan mehndi designs for hands

The first Leg mehndi design is an exclusively beautiful Leg bridal Mehndi design which is too good to be true. No wonder one who has practice can only put it to perfection. Both the feet have same patterns exactly at the same spot. While the other mehndi design has shehnais, an integral instrument for wedding celebrations along with peacock heads which anyway always look elegant.

43Chequered Patterns and Floral Pattern as Mehndi Design

Why not create boundaries that have either floral or chequered patterns be ordinary? Feet mehndi designs have a good history of uniqueness, and the beauty of which lies in the hands of the doer. You can actually make boundaries of different shape and size, then fill those with chequered patterns or little flowers.

42Paisley Print Leg Mehndi Design

Paisley designs look ethereal when put into Henna and then drawn, this is the reasons why paisley prints are never too much as Leg mehndi designs. This Bridal Mehndi Design for legs has strong detailing with perfect paisley patterns along with the touch of flowers. You can also make a bracelet like design for the ankle, which looks like a traditional anklet on the bride.

41Mehndi Designs that look like some fancy footwear

Did you forget the times when brides used to wear traditional fancy jootis on their wedding day? Well what could be a better switch than some fancy Mehndi design that outcasts traditions like no other. Both the pictures on the above have a mixture of patterns, somewhere it is Gol Motif whereas one has semi-circular motif. This Leg mehndi design is very much connected to Arabic Mehndi Design.

40Matching Mehndi Design for hands and feet

This one is no new fashion and it looks very modern as well as sweet. The whole idea of this Feet mehndi design is to wear exactly same patterns/designs that both the hands of the bride has. You can either go with just floral patterns or paisley patterns or mixture of both. What else is an attraction here is the bracelet like design after frequent intervals of patterns.

39Ankle Length Mehndi Design with strong borders

The red alta is generally what brides or bride to be wear for their wedding ceremony, but guess what you can wear it with some strong leg mehndi designs above it? The ankle length mehndi designs might have any pattern or flower or tikka, but the side borders is what accentuates it beautifully. You can either go with making circles or leafy designs.

38Jaali Mehndi Design or Diagonal Flowers Mehndi Design

Best dulhan mehndi designs for legs

The Jaali work has been recently gaining so much of popularity when it comes to Bridal mehndi design for legs. It is an intricate design which can be filled with squares or typical dots. They are very pretty to look at and you can complement it with any patterns of your own. On the other hand, there is this minimalistic fashion which features the Diagonal Floral leg mehndi design which is just about flowers of all size.

37Gol Tikka Mehndi Design and Semi-Circular patterns for Legs

The Gol Tikka is one popular leg mehndi design and it looks very beautiful provided it has attractive layers to it. Drawing gol tikka one after other and then adding strings to it that reach the toes, creates a jewelry like impression. On the other hand is the semi-circular patterns as Bridal Mehndi design on Legs. It is attractive and complimenting it with flowers and peacock heads is a great choice.

36Circular Motif Leg Mehndi Design

This particular Leg mehndi design has got its origin from the Arabic Mehndi design and also has parts of Indian Traditions as well. The Circular Motif in the middle whether big or small is the attraction point. The Bracelet like pattern with traditional bells filled with flowers is surely a treat.

35Jaali Mehndi Design with delicate patterns

This delicate mehndi design not only is time taking but requires sheer patience and perfection. Someone who has a good hand at applying Mehndi can only give it life. It has Arabic designs of flowers and leaves, along with that it has jail print on the front. Don’t forget wearing a stunning sandal to flaunt this bridal leg mehndi design.

34It is all about Patterns put to Perfection

This mehndi design has been brought to an attracting point only because of the patterns that have been done beautifully. No wonder it has peacocks, paisley prints and flowers but without that one pattern all over the legs this mehndi design would be just empty.

333D Style Leg Mehndi Design and Floral Mehndi Design

One picture has a unique 3D style mehndi design whereas the other picture has floral mehndi design. The 3D one surely requires hard work and experienced hands for application whereas the floral mehndi design is more like “do it yourself” type. Both have a different look, but both are eloquently beautiful.

32Colorful Mehndi Design

Classic mehandi designs for your beautiful hands

Colourful mehndi Designs have become very popular lately and it is the new generation that has been liking it. Going with flowers is the best choice to make when you have colorful theme in mind.

31Lines for Legs or Peacock Story Mehndi Design

Going all lines as pattern for your Bridal mehndi Design for your legs is not such a bad idea. Instead it will be all different and good. Or, you can also stick to one theme like Peacocks and continue that for your legs all over.

30Mirror Work Mehndi Design

Creating patterns after patterns with one border differentiating the two is going to be a major hit only if you decide to stick some mirror on your mehndi. If not mirror, then small stones will look sweet too. This mehndi design has an amalgamation of different patterns put together wonderfully well.

29The South Indian touch to your Bridal Mehndi Design

The image on the right has a particular design which has a typical South Indian origin. This mehndi design makes a perfect choice for every bride this wedding season as it is not just elegant but also keeps up with the minimalistic fashion as well. Whereas the other has a sexy border with peacock work in the middle.

28Full Leg Bridal Mehndi Design

Nothing compares to the beauty of full leg mehndi for the bride, also it is the toughest. Covering the entire legs with mehndi designs of all varieties keeping in mind that all of which looks great together is one heck of an idea. All you need is patience to keep and the right outfit to flaunt the Mehndi Design.

27Pakistani Mehndi Design and Gol Motif Mehndi Design

A big Gol Motif and lotus flowers by the end of the leg mehndi design is all you need to steal the show. If you are a bride this season, then choosing artistic dark black Pakistani Mehndi designs is the least you can do for your legs. They are attractive and stylish.

26Traditional Indian style Mehndi Design

Top floral mehandi designs for hands

Some traditions in your mehndi design is what adds more to the ceremonies and functions of your wedding, it adds culture. With this Indian style mehndi design for legs for your Bridal look is exactly what you need to accentuate your bridal attire stunningly. This leg mehndi Design is a caricature of chequered patterns and jali prints.

25Peacock Leg Mehndi Design and Leg Jewelry Style Mehndi Design

We can never get over Peacocks and its charm, this is the reason why going with peacock designs for your Bridal Mehndi is a great choice. The attraction and beauty lie in how artistically the peacocks have been drawn and decorated. Or, there is always a choice to make Jewelry like designs for your legs with flowers and leaves.

24Semi-Circular Flowers and Paisley with Patterns

This one is similar to Paisley and floral leg mehndi design; the area of difference and charm however is the chequered patterns that have been used to fill the paisley figure as well as flowers.

23Anklet Style Mehndi Design

The love for broad anklets can never get old among women, especially not when they are the bride to be. So, this wedding season use henna to make broad anklet like design which has beauty, royalty and touch of modernity. You can also choose to make anklets one above another leaving some space in between.

22Haphazard Paisley and Peacock Mehndi Design

Often do we see how similar a paisley design and a peacock head looks like. So, why not use it to play games on the bride-to-be’s legs as an innovative mehndi design. By Games we mean, drawing them one after another leaving no space empty, much like a candid hide and seek. You can also choose patterns for decorating the toes or the place where the Mehndi ends.

21Mirror Image Mehndi Design

Drawing a mehndi design or any pattern in a way that when the legs are placed together, it looks like a mirror replica is a unique option to stick to. Other than that, you can create enormous Jali image on both legs with some circular flowers.

20Gol Motif and Paisley Mehndi Design

Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

A big Gol Tikka in the middle of the leg and an ankle like design right where the toes start, is a pretty choice to make (just like in the picture above). And, for the area above the ankles, simply choose to draw big paisley designs and decorate the surrounding area with any pattern of your choice.

19The Leafy look to Mehndi Design

Leaves can anytime become a great tool to decorate your bridal mehndi design for legs, provided you know how. The one in the picture even though has many other patterns, but it is the leafy pattern and decorations that is seeking all the attention.

18Bracelets and Motifs as Mehndi Design

This one is very much similar to what has already been described above, but there is one-point worth noticing is that all the toes have same patterns over them. The Mehndi design is sleek and stylish.

17Bridal Mehndi Design as set

Just like two-piece clothing set, jewelry set even Bridal Mehndi Designs come with sets. Instead of going different for hands and legs, there is a set you can follow for your legs that somewhere or the other has representations of mehndi designs of the hands. It looks very sexy and cute as well.

16Peacock and String like Pattern as Mehndi Design

Just like we said Peacocks Mehndi Design can never get old or boring or too much. You can choose to decorate it with different patterns every time. This Mehndi Design has string like patterns with squares filed in, making it look like diamonds.

15Latest Indian style mehndi design

The combination of round and square shapes and various other decorations may take time to be applied on your feet. The designs cover all your toes, ankle and the portion above it. The brown colored mehndi works best for this print. On your bridal day, you can use this mehndi style for your feet.

14Attractive Moroccan mehndi design

Best mehndi designs for legs

It has created a lovely look to your feet. The small squares, filled with four dots, and different other embellishments have made everything amazing. Although it looks intricate, we think that you can design it easily with your mehndi pen.

13Leaves and floral designs for feet

On the front portion of your feet, you can find small triangles, created with mehndi of various brown shades. There are also flowers of various designs, and long leaves, which have added a touch of beauty and aesthetics. On two feet, you can create similar designs.

12Eye-catching peacock design

A number of peacock faces are drawn on the legs, and it adds uniformity to the design. Squares and dots are the common features of this design. You have to take time to create each of the prints accurately. You may also try to give a twist to this design.

11Glittering and colorful leg mehndi

The application of color has made this mehndi design look different. This is a symmetrical type of prints on both your legs. Fill the little heart signs with the pink colors, and these are best for any marriage ceremony. Draw all these designs rightly to make the look more attractive.

10Innovative leg mehndi

This mehndi is on your toes and on the border of your feet. The net-like design on your ankle has given a touch of sophistication. At the center of your feet, you can create a circle with decoration. This design can make anyone think that you have worn anklets.

9Trendy leg mehndi design

The general style consists of floral and abstract patterns placed in an artful manner Mehndi is considered to be auspicious in India, Pakistan, and Arabic countries. Its use is made on weddings and other cultural and religious functions and events.

8Magnificent full leg mehndi design

Best flower mehndi designs for legs

This  is a long pattern made of well shaded flowers and  leaves running up the entire leg the deep black of the mehndi stands out against the lighter shade  and makes the petals look realistic. The shading  adds depth to the image

7Tribal leg mehndi design

This is simple but looks beautiful.  The abstract patterns of different shapes put at proper places gives the design a tribal look.The dots and spirals in the design  look like gems hanging from jewels.

6Round leg mehndi design

It looks sophisticated, elegant  and beautiful. It has a round design in the center and other shapes to complete the full design.

5Gujarati leg mehndi design

This is an elaborate design that is intricately detailed. It gives an ornamental look and is mostly opted for weddings. The design looks like an anklet decorating the feet.

4Glittery leg mehndi design

This is a modern trend pattern that is colored or shaded with glitter. The glitter makes the design look vibrant and more attractive.The design is easy to make

3Bridal leg mehndi design

This is very elaborate, more detailed and ornamental. There are many intricately detailed bands that add grace and beauty on the bride’s feet.

2Cute leg mehndi design

Easy circle mehndi designs

This is a simple and cute design which is a thin curving  line running  like a border on the edge of the feet. This pattern is mostly liked by teenage girls.

1Beautiful leg mehndi design

It is an artistic looking design with flowers and diamond shaped patterns. It is easy but very intricate and requires patience. The overall image is very clear. It does not look gaudy or cluttered.

Beautiful Leg Mehndi Design

This beautiful pattern is one of the Mehndi designs for leg which is quite elegant and willadorn a bride’s feet. The weave design on the feet which covers the whole area on the feet does not look cluttered. It is a mixture of traditional and modern patterns put together.

A Peacock design

A Peacock design with mehndi looks very gorgeous on the bride’s feet. The spaces left in between figures make the design very clear.

Henna on sides of the legs

Henna on sides of the legs looks beautiful and gives a different look to the feet. It is an artistic design with flowers and petals giving a very modern and elegant look to the feet.

The latest trend in mehndi on the feet

The latest trend in mehndi on the feet is to decorate the mehndi design with added colours and sparkles. It enhances the beauty of the design without losing the importance of authentic mehndi tradition.

Another mehndi design of the leg with glitters

Gujarati mehndi designs for full hands

Another mehndi design of the leg with glitters and gems in between the pattern is amazing. The design on the fingers is intricate but the clean slant design on the top of the foot makes the design sophisticated.

1mehndi design for legs

This mehndi design for legs looks very elegant and will make any woman feel like a queen. The intricate designs and small details are remarkable. It has an anklet


As seen in the designs above mehndi designs for feet is an extremely beautiful and provides adornment to the female body. The soles of the feet are a good place for henna as the skin is thick and the color of mehndi comes out nice and deep. Designs for feet in India are totally different from the ones applied on the hands. There are no hard and fast rules to the designs. Some women like to put mehndi on the legs from toes to the shin, giving the look of a stocking, others may apply it like anklets, and others opt for a design that graces the beauty of the footwear.