Best mehndi / Henna designs for legs

Mehndi is a significant part of all customs and traditions of India. Women of all ages are fond of applying mehndi on weddings as well as other cultural and religious functions like Eid, Diwali karva chauth , rakhi etc. Graceful mehndi designs on the legs can be of various types like Indian, Marwari, Rajasthani, Pakistani or Arabic.  The authentic mehndi designs will enhance the grace and charm of the legs.

[Best mehndi designs for legs in Hindi]

Best leg mehndi designs

Trendy leg mehndi design of flowers going up to the calves in curls looks excellent. It is a simple design which can be made in a short time. These designs can be made with cones filled with mehndi or with a strong stick.

Latest Indian style mehndi design

Best arabic mehndi designs for legs

The combination of round and square shapes and various other decorations may take time to be applied on your feet. The designs cover all your toes, ankle and the portion above it. The brown colored mehndi works best for this print. On your bridal day, you can use this mehndi style for your feet.

Attractive Moroccan mehndi design

It has created a lovely look to your feet. The small squares, filled with four dots, and different other embellishments have made everything amazing. Although it looks intricate, we think that you can design it easily with your mehndi pen.

Leaves and floral designs for feet

On the front portion of your feet, you can find small triangles, created with mehndi of various brown shades. There are also flowers of various designs, and long leaves, which have added a touch of beauty and aesthetics. On two feet, you can create similar designs.


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Eye-catching peacock design

A number of peacock faces are drawn on the legs, and it adds uniformity to the design. Squares and dots are the common features of this design. You have to take time to create each of the prints accurately. You may also try to give a twist to this design.

Glittering and colorful leg mehndi

Best dulhan mehndi designs for hands

The application of color has made this mehndi design look different. This is a symmetrical type of prints on both your legs. Fill the little heart signs with the pink colors, and these are best for any marriage ceremony. Draw all these designs rightly to make the look more attractive.

Innovative leg mehndi

This mehndi is on your toes and on the border of your feet. The net-like design on your ankle has given a touch of sophistication. At the center of your feet, you can create a circle with decoration. This design can make anyone think that you have worn anklets.

Trendy leg mehndi design

Trendy leg mehndi design

The general style consists of floral and abstract patterns placed in an artful manner Mehndi is considered to be auspicious in India, Pakistan, and Arabic countries. Its use is made on weddings and other cultural and religious functions and events.

Magnificent full leg mehndi design

Trendy Leg Mehndi Design of flowers

This  is a long pattern made of well shaded flowers and  leaves running up the entire leg the deep black of the mehndi stands out against the lighter shade  and makes the petals look realistic. The shading  adds depth to the image

Tribal leg mehndi design

Magnificent Full Leg Mehndi Design

Best dulhan mehndi designs for legs

This is simple but looks beautiful.  The abstract patterns of different shapes put at proper places gives the design a tribal look.The dots and spirals in the design  look like gems hanging from jewels.

Round leg mehndi design

Tribal Leg Mehndi 1Design

It looks sophisticated, elegant  and beautiful. It has a round design in the center and other shapes to complete the full design.

Gujarati leg mehndi design


This is an elaborate design that is intricately detailed. It gives an ornamental look and is mostly opted for weddings. The design looks like an anklet decorating the feet.

Glittery leg mehndi design

Arabic Mehndi Design7.

This is a modern trend pattern that is colored or shaded with glitter. The glitter makes the design look vibrant and more attractive.The design is easy to make

Bridal leg mehndi design

Glittery Leg Mehndi Design

Classic mehandi designs for your beautiful hands

This is very elaborate, more detailed and ornamental. There are many intricately detailed bands that add grace and beauty on the bride’s feet.

Cute leg mehndi design

Bridal Leg Mehndi Design

This is a simple and cute design which is a thin curving  line running  like a border on the edge of the feet. This pattern is mostly liked by teenage girls.

Beautiful leg mehndi design

Cute Leg Mehndi Design

Top floral mehandi designs for hands

It is an artistic looking design with flowers and diamond shaped patterns. It is easy but very intricate and requires patience. The overall image is very clear. It does not look gaudy or cluttered.

Beautiful Leg Mehndi Design

This beautiful pattern is one of the Mehndi designs for leg which is quite elegant and willadorn a bride’s feet. The weave design on the feet which covers the whole area on the feet does not look cluttered. It is a mixture of traditional and modern patterns put together.

A Peacock design

Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

A Peacock design with mehndi looks very gorgeous on the bride’s feet. The spaces left in between figures make the design very clear.

Henna on sides of the legs

Henna on sides of the legs looks beautiful and gives a different look to the feet. It is an artistic design with flowers and petals giving a very modern and elegant look to the feet.

The latest trend in mehndi on the feet

Best mehndi designs for legs

The latest trend in mehndi on the feet is to decorate the mehndi design with added colours and sparkles. It enhances the beauty of the design without losing the importance of authentic mehndi tradition.

Another mehndi design of the leg with glitters

Another mehndi design of the leg with glitters and gems in between the pattern is amazing. The design on the fingers is intricate but the clean slant design on the top of the foot makes the design sophisticated.

1mehndi design for legs

Best mehndi designs for legs

This mehndi design for legs looks very elegant and will make any woman feel like a queen. The intricate designs and small details are remarkable. It has an anklet


As seen in the designs above mehndi designs for feetis an extremely beautiful and provides adornment to the female body. The soles of the feet are a good place for henna as the skin is thick and the color of mehndi comes out nice and deep. Designs for feet in India are totally different from the ones applied on the hands. There are no hard and fast rules to the designs. Some women like to put mehndi on the legs from toes to the shin, giving the look of a stocking, others may apply it like anklets, and others opt for a design that graces the beauty of the footwear.

[Best mehndi designs for legs in Hindi]