Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for full hands with pictures

Mehendi is a tradition and ritual of wedding. Gujarat is well known to the world for the extravagance and elaborate work of mehendi work. Because of their fine work they look perfect at the wedding day. The designs of Gujrati Mehendi are very much complicated and they are very difficult to make.

Gujrati people hire professionals for the mehendi ritual. Actually making mehendi is very time consuming and you need a high amount of concentration. Only professional mehendi makes will be able to provide you a perfect bridal mehendi.

Everyone wants to look perfect on her wedding day. Bride will definitely want the most striking mehendi patterns. The mehendi occasion is really very much precious for a bride and her family. They want that everyone at least says “Beautiful Mehendi!!!”.

Gujarati mehndi / henna designs

56Gujarati full hand mehndi


New mehndi designs for feet

A traditional Gujarati mehndi design is the one that will let you feel beautiful along with a classic and elegant look. Here is a Gujarati mehndi design that is quite easy making to adorn you.

55Traditional full hand mehndi designs

Get a perfect conventional look for the special occasion with this adorable latest mehndi design to look an ideal classical diva.

54Floral mehndi design

Get a fresh and beautiful look with this stunning and beautiful floral mehndi design to cover your full hand and give a complete look to appear more appealing and attractive.

53Professional full hand mehndi

WOW, it is the word that everyone will say after seeing your hands with professionally drawn mehndi. The creative detailing present in mehndi design is making it more stunning and appealing.

52Peacock design full hand mehndi

This beautiful mehndi design with peacock pattern is a great option. That you can carry for any occasion whether it is eid, karwa chauth, or teej. You can make every occasion special with the given latest full hand mehndi designs.

51Traditional with a twist

The swirling patterns are beautiful and leave a little space for your beau’s name. The mesh-like patterns over the fingertips add a touch of quirk. The back-side of the mehendi design is even more stunning with the mesh-like design being interspersed with bold filled-out patches and patterned negative space.

50Light and dark

New bangle henna mehndi designs

This combination of light and dark shaded floral mehendi looks like it is straight of a Persian carpet.

The design leaves empty spaces here and there which serve to enhance its beauty. The back-side is sectioned into different parts, and each part is intricately patterned with alternating weave and circular designs.

49The perfect Gujrati mehendi design

This mehendi design is the perfect specimen of Gujrati mehendi with its rich detailing. The weave design is interspersed with circular patterns and floral motifs. The empty spaces here and there replace the cluttered intensity with stunning intricacy. The darkened fingertips render it organically beautiful.

48Intricate geometry

The intricacy of this mehendi design is breath-taking. The circular designs almost patterned like peacock feathers bring to life the central peacock motif. Amidst the almost cluttered design a touch of bare skin is like a breath of fresh air. The curling arch gives way to sharp geometric lines tying it together.

47Triangles and symmetry

The artistic use of blank space is what distinguishes this mehendi design from numerous others. The floral bracelet design reaches to a sharp tapered end, framed by a wave-like pattern. The swirling shaded motifs on the fingers end in an inverted triangle with a dangling flower, adding a touch of symmetry.


The design is stunning in its minimalism. The wrist bangle design topped with a peacock motif is so intricate yet understated. The central circular pattern is reminiscent of a mandala. The floral motifs on the fingers are again intricate yet minimalistic with dots trailing downwards. The nuanced use of shades is beautiful.

45Mehendi or art?

The bold bangle design with swirls, meshes and sharp lines ends with a floral motif with a leaf trail. The darkened lines and shaded designs are eye-catching. The swirls over the wrist are encased in a triangular section framed with a curling arch which gives way to zigzag floral motifs on the fingers.

44Traditional motifs, modern design

Best full hands mehandi designs

The mehendi design utilises traditional motifs to create a modern design. The darkened areas are juxtaposed with lightly shaded ones.

The blank spaces are framed by dark and bold designs which makes them more prominent that the coloured areas which gives them a nuanced intensity. The patterns on the fingers follow a single motif with variations.

43Colour your feet

Beautifully manicured feet decked in gorgeous payal, and studded weeding footwear requires an equally stunning mehendi design. The minimalistic design goes well with the wedding ensemble. The floral motifs are interrupted by angular weave-like pattern. The spiralling floral motifs on the toes echo the patterns on the rest of the feet.

42Stunning symmetry

There is something alluring about symmetrical designs. The motifs on the fingers echo the motifs on the rest of the hand. The floral designs are filled-up with sharp straight lines and interspersed with bold outlines. The blank spaces foreground the stunning central floral motif.

41Weaves all the way

The dotted weave-like pattern gives the mehendi design a sense of continuity. The design on the hand looks like a geometric rangoli. Throughout the palm the swirling patterns are combined with geometric designs are dotted weaves. Blank areas peep out beautifully. The intricate design covers half of the arm.

40Peacock motifs

Peacock motifs cover half the leg. The floral designs are filled with sharp straight lines. The chequered semi-circles mirror each other. The peacock feather motifs inside the rhombus adds another layer of detailing. Intricately detailed areas are peppered with empty spaces to make it look less overwhelming.

39Join your palms to form a heart

The central motif is the heart which can be seen when both the palms are brought together, surrounded by a rangoli-like pattern. The filled-up fingertips have a triangular indent. A zigzag circular pattern trails up with fingers; a similar pattern trails down the wrist ending with a petal like chequered motif.

38Floral mandala

Mandalas are in vogue right now, and these designs pay homage to it. Intricate and thin lines are contrasted with bold and darkened ones. Floral motifs reiterate throughout the mehendi design. The mehendi goes all the way up to the elbow but doesn’t look cluttered due to its understated design.

37The intricacies of rangoli

Try top engagement mehndi designs for hands

The central motif is an intricate circular rangoli-like patchwork pattern. The wrist bangle is a series of parallel lines which are filled with detailed patterns.

The design on the arm mirrors the central motif, so do the patterns on the fingers. Empty palm foregrounds the central motif and enhances its beauty.

36Ornamental designs

This mehendi is designed to resemble a piece of jewellery with trailing chain-like patterns coupled with a detailed anklet style design. The toes are covered in zigzag circular patterns which go all the way through the side of the feet to the ankle. The otherwise simple design is topped with an ornate symmetrical peacock motif.

35Symmetrical beauty

Symmetrical mehendi designs are so stunning and perfect. In the centre there is a mandala type floral motif, which is reiterated in parts through the rest of the design. The bangle-like design is sectioned using bold straight lines with each section containing differing variations of circular floral patterns and spirals.

34Peacock feather patterns

The design on each hand is a mirror image of the other. The underlying motif is that of the peacock and peacock feathers, which are arranged in a seemingly chaotic manner. The filled-up fingertips set the traditional tone of the design. Uncoloured skin peeps through the maze of circles, flowers and spirals which tones down the clutter.

33Spiralling peacocks and shades

The outline of the design comprises of spiralling peacock motifs juxtaposed with a smattering of floral motifs. These motifs are however filled-in with contrasting intricate straight lines. The combination of deep outlines and delicately shaded motifs is mesmerizing. While the design appears to be symmetrical, closer inspection will reveal otherwise.

32Bride vs Groom

Amidst the detailed and different variations of the peacock motif hide the portraits of both the bride and the groomed dressed in regal attire. The designs are filled-in with mesh like patterns which adds texture to it. The uncoloured finger-tips contrast well with the rest of the mehendi design.

31Almost symmetrical

The mehendi design is interesting because while the rest of the design is symmetrical, the central motif is quite different. The bangle design has a thicker section with bold patterns, and a sleek section with minimalistic patterns. The mesh like chequered patterns contrast well with the spiralling floral motifs.

30The regal couple

Best arabic mehndi designs for hands

The delicate intricacy of this design makes it alluring. The central motif is a portrait of the coy bride and doting groom.

The rest of it is fairly simple containing circular and spiralling motifs with a hint of floral. Sleek intricate bangles flock the thicker bracelet on both sides.

29Floral embroidery with patchwork

The mehendi design looks more like a combination of embroidery and patchwork than like a simple mehendi design. The juxtaposition of deeply filled-in designs with intricate shading lends it texture. The floral motifs are interspersed with spirals and leaves. The fingers have been mostly left bare for an added impact.

28Wedding tapestry

This design looks like a tapestry depicting different scenes from a wedding ceremony—bride on palanquin and groom on an elephant. It is sectioned using slanted parallel lines, and each section containing varying motifs—spirals, weaves, peacock motifs, circular patterns. Even the motifs on the fingertips don’t match. It seems very chaotic yet very organic.

27Mirroring the other

The designs are a mirror image of each other. When the palms are joined together we see a semi-circular motif taking shape. The design on the arms predominantly contains floral motifs with a touch of leaf trails, and chequered mesh. The fingertips are not completely filled, a leaf-like gap is left.

26Vermala mehendi design

The design on the palm looks like a framed picture of the varmala. It has a folksy aura about it, with repetitive floral motifs and darkly filled-in spaces. It is overall symmetrical except the portrait of the bride and groom. The fingertips are left bare to tone down the detailed designs.

25The not-so-symmetrical mehendi design

The design lacks symmetry but the motifs used on both the hands are the same only their placement is different. The filled-in fingertips and the semi-circle bring the design together. Apart from the usual motifs the design also utilises darkly filled-in spaces where the voids comprise the motifs.

24Spiralling symmetry and floral motifs

Spirals with a darkened centre form the basic motif of the design. The bold outlines pair well with the dark centre and give the design an added dimension. Floral patterns form around the spirals and are occasionally interspersed with meshes and straight lines.

23Floral motifs recreate a garden

Beautiful arabic mehndi designs for hands

The beautiful floral motifs, with trailing leaves and spiralling designs recreate a garden on the hands.

The petals of the larger flowers are slightly shaded. There are also numerous miniscule flower clusters as well. While the design could have been cluttered, the blank spaces tone down its intense detailing.

22Peacock motifs with a twist

The design is peppered with peacock motifs apart from the exceptionally detailed central peacock design. The designs on the fingers are especially detailed with peacock feather motifs in different variations interspersed with meshes. The same meshes reappear on the arms. Leaf trails tie it together.

21The central chakra

Featuring detailed designs and intricate patterns, this Gujarati mehendi design incorporates floral patterns, chakras, and the elegant mukut (crown) pattern. It is a full hand design and apt for brides.

The empty spaces within the design are meant to highlight the bold detailing on the palms. The blend of complex and close patterns on the palms only serves to complement to bring out the beauty of the sophisticated design on the rest of the hand.

20Blending Arabic and Guajarati patterns

A traditional Guajarati mehendi design, this pattern appears beautiful and whimsical. The block colored tips of the fingers is a part of the traditional Arabic design. The peacock in the end of the palms is not only auspicious but adds a Persian touch to the entire pattern. The checks and flowers all throughout further beautify it.

19Beauty of traditional patterns

This is perfect for brides who want to go for a more elegant and simple mehendi design. Meant to decorate the back of the hands, this mehendi design incorporates lots of semi circular and floral patterns.

The simplicity of the design makes it perfect for brides’ maids and for festivals. The beauty of such designs is that it does not have to be identical for both hands, and here beauty is in variation.

18Use of intricate details

The state of Gujarat is known for its extravagant and elaborate mehendi designs, and has been adorned by brides all across the country. This mehendi design is a fine specimen of the beauty of Gujarati artwork and its stand out appeal.

Covering the back of the palms and ascending right up to the elbow this design is perfect for brides. The intricate details, of the checkered dots, flowers, chakras, small leaves, lines and curves; the beauty of the design will leave everyone stunned.

17The dome and the sunrise

This is a traditional design meant for brides, incorporating a variety of different shapes and patterns. The design on both hands ends with the dome structure with lines ending in dots depicting the beauty of sunrise.

In spite of being a Gujarati pattern there are elements of Mughal designs in it. The use of empty spaces in between the palms and the rest of the hand; the darkening of the lines further highlights the various patterns.

16The half and half design

Best mehndi designs for feet

This particular design is extremely auspicious because it depicts half a design on each hand and is completed when both hands meet.

The use of half designs on each hand actually depicts the union of marriage, the joy of the bride and groom celebrating their togetherness. Adorned with petals all throughout the central shape, this mehendi pattern is a perfect combination of intricacy and sophistication.

15Floral & peacock mehendi blueprint

The peacock and flowers are some what related with the wedding. The peacock and floral design is one of the most common designs for wedding purpose. This design is perfect for a bride. This beautiful design can make the bride look extraordinary.

14The clutter art

The clutter design is perfect for a bride. This design includes the detailed design and intricate patterns. The design is very much cozy and it appears most like a cluster. If you add different shades in this design it will enhance the beauty.

13Simple clutter mehendi sketch

The simple and clutter free designs are perfect for the mehendi occasion. A bride who doesn’t want very much cluster designs, this one is the best design for them. This design is very much elegant and simple too. If anyone tries this with traditional black Gujrati mehendi it will look amazing.

In case of traditional Gujrati Design, the fingers are filled with traditional spiral designs. If you do shading in this design it will look more gorgeous. But, maintain its simplicity at the time of shading.

12Smart gujrati mehendi art

All the normal gujrati mehendi designs include flowers, peacock designs. If a bride wants to go off track from this tradition, she may try a smart pattern. Try the designs which are made by several geometric shapes and designs. The lines across your fingers will look smarter than usual. It will be able to give you an elegant look.

11Motif patterns

This is also a very simple design. It does not appear as clutter. You can try it on the back side of the palm. The design may include a bangle too. It will look extraordinary on the top of the hands. This design includes many small designs and motifs in the figures.

10The ornamental design pattern

If the bride wants to look gorgeous and glamorous at the same time, then the ornamental design is the perfect one for her. She can try it on her foot and hands both. No doubt this design is extremely elaborative and excessively ornamental. This design includes floral design, enlarge elephants, horses etc. this design will look more gorgeous if anyone make it with black traditional gujrati mehendi.

9Bracelet mehendi

Classic & beautiful mehndi designs

This design is very much beautiful and traditional at the same time. This design is symmetric and consists of mainly leaves and flowers.

8Traditional gujrati mehendi

We can try many designs and many types of mehendi but nothing can replace the place of traditional pattern. The traditional gujrati mehendi pattern includes all the zig- zag mehendi design. The pattern is very simple but sophisticated.

7Arabic gujrati design combo

Brides can try the combination of Arabic and gujrati pattern. This mehendi delineation is very much uncommon. If you want to look unique, you must try this.

6Tribal gujrati mehendi

These traditional mehendi designs basically customary in tribal places and villages, but nowadays brides are trying this extraordinary unique mehendi art on her wedding day.

5Symmetric mehendi art

This art is one of the most common mehendi art among gujratis. They usually look for a. art where both the hands are symmetrically drawn.

4The structural mehendi

This mehendi art is very much smart and funky at the same time. This pattern consists of many shapes and different structures.

3Plain gujrati mehendi art

Plain mehendi pattern is very much simple and uncomplicated. Brides who want to look pain and simple, she can try this one definitely.

2Elaborate gujrati mehendi

Bride who wants to look extravagantly gorgeous, this pattern is for her. This design is drawn all over your hands till elbow and till knees. Large patterns are made in this pattern.

1Artistic gujrati mehendi

This pattern is totally distinctive. This design is the platform of performing thoughts. Designers get a chance to show their uniqueness here.