Best arabic mehndi designs for hands with photos

Peacocks, roses, exotic trellises and exquisite Arabic jali work features prominently in these designs. Some of them are offset with brilliant colours like emerald green, blue and fuchsia to enhance their look. Jewelry like rings, thumb rings and bangles look very nice when paired with Arabic Mehndi design running through the hand. The designs of Arabic Mehndi follow curves, domes and arches which gently sweep across the skin.

[Best arabic mehndi designs for hands in Hindi]

Floral design patterns in arabic mehndi


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The floral shapes recur in a unique geometric pattern that covers a large part of the hand. Note the pattern on the back and front of the hands with flowers and leaves beautifully shades.


This is another floral pattern moving up towards the shoulders in a gentle artistic manner. It is a design opted for the bride’s hands.



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Feminine grace and elegance will get a tenfold boost if the  hands and palm  are decorated with this awesome and pure girlish flower mehndi. The beauty of the large floral patterns made along the length of the wrist and elbow gets enhanced by  the vacant space left all around them. The net work on the finger tips too look pretty too.

Contemporary tapestry designs of arabic mehndi

This  is  fine intricate  mehndi design that is  traditional middle –east tapestry artwork . It is  a great design for the bride .


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This is another middle-east  artwork combined with modern tapestry design. The designs on both the hands are different. The bracelet and bangle design in mehndi is bringing richness to the hands. The beauty of the hands will enhance with the jewelry worn by the bride.


This is another interpretation of traditional Arabic mehndi design combining fine middle-east artwork with modern tapestry design. These designs give an ornamental effect and enhance the jewelry and costume worn with it. 

Arabic mehndi designs with studded stones

There is a  trend to  use sequins, glitters and embellishments in Arabic mehndi designs. These make the design look gorgeous when put on full hands of the bride.  One of the main characteristic of the Arabic mehndi designs is the use of sequins and glitters.


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This is a beautiful design with mehndi in different colors and colorful stones studded , giving the hand a unique beauty.


This is another Arabic full hand in different colors of mehndi. Note the green, blue, red colored stones adding beauty to the hand. These designs are simple to make but the gems on them last only for an evening. The design is trailing down the hand in graceful curves and arches.


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This is a simple Arabic design with a single motif on the palm. The beauty of the motif is enhanced by the colors, form and the shining jewels on it.

Simple flowing arabic mehndi designs

Arabic designs are not very complex and  a simple pattern flows throughout the hand. Modern brides like to put these designs because they look gorgeous and beautiful and do require much time or patience.  These designs gel in with a range of festive outfits right from Anarkalis to Sharara to Lehenga to Saree. Modern girls also wear full hand Arabic Mehndi with contemporary outfits like Palazzo Kurti, designer saree gowns and long skirt-tops.


This is a simple net design covering the whole hand in continuation of the pattern from the fingers to the mid arm. Flowers and paisley motifs are used  on the edges and middle to add beauty.


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This is an  easy Arabic design with spiral motifs trailing up the arms  giving a gorgeous and elegant look.


This is a similar design like the previous , but made in a different pattern. The motifs have been shaded  with a different color  mehndi. This design requires very little time and patience. 

Arabic mehndi with scattered patterns

The Arabic design is synonymous with scattered patterns and looks more spaced out when compared to the African and Indian henna designs. 


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The beauty of this design lies in its simplicity .Note the vivid chain of large floral patterns made on the palm and also the tiny scattered floral patterns. The bel and jali work on the fingers too look utterly beautiful. 


This a typical floral Arabic simple pattern accompanied with dots in vacant spaces on the palm. Note the complete look of the flower on closed fingers.


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This is a sweet simple flower and  leaves design  on the palm of the hand accompanied by lines dots strokes and curves . The fingers thumb and back of the hand are left empty following the basic characteristic of leaving space in Arabic mehndi.

Some unusual arabic mehndi designs


This is an unusual Arabic mehndi pattern with a peacock motif in the middle. The small details on the palm and finger highlights the motif. There is bangle like design done on the wrist.


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Another unusual design made in intricate artwork is seen on the wrist and fingers connected by just few dots.


This is unique pattern starting in an intricate way from the palm and moving to the back of the hand with simple curves dots and lines on the wrist, on the back of the hand and on the fingers in a very elegant way.

Conclusion–The unique characteristics of Arabic mehndi design include:

  • Free flowing character –The Arabic style of applying henna is quite flowing in
  • Scattered patterns–Arabic design is synonymous with scattered patterns and looks more spaced out when compared to the African and Indian henna designs.
  • External additives and color—Stones, gems glitter and color add beauty to the Arabic mehndi
  • Suitable for all occasions is in demand in the modern times. It is applicable on all occasions.
  • Perfect with bridal wear—Modern brides love to opt for Arabic mehndi designs for their special occasion.

[Best arabic mehndi designs for hands in Hindi]