Best mehndi / Henna designs for your engagement

Getting engaged is a huge milestone in every girl’s life. It is the first step towards a new life, with the life partner of her dreams. This is the time they exchange rings make a promise to love, care and respect each other throughout their life.

The girl wants her each everything to be perfect—hair dress, make-up, shoes, hairstyle, jewelry and above all the mehndi design on her hand must be eye catching and attractive. Each girl wants to look like a princess on her engagement day.

In this modern world engagement brides normally go for light toned makeup and glittering mehndi designs. There is m any kinds of tattoos and designs available in the markets and parlors.

Girls want their engagement henna designs to be light, small, cool and pretty. Different colored glitters, beads and sequences are used in latest mehndi designs.

A unique thing about patterns for engagement is just set on the back of the hand to highlight the ring. There are flowers, motifs and blocks used to make the mehndi design stunning.

Adding shimmering flavors in the engagement mehndi designs help in making the designs more glossy looking.

Beautiful Mehndi Designs for Engagement have peacock and floral designing along with some form of chain patterns. They have thick boundaries with light and dark shading.

The dotted patterns along with plain strokes are very common in these designs.Engagement designs are kept delicate to make the hands and feet ornaments to become visible and the mehndi remains prominent.

All about Patterns

Best mehndi designs for legs

Everybody knows that Mehendi designs are all about Patterns and sketches which are drawn in an artistic manner to give your hands or feet a beautiful look.

This Mehendi design is all different patterns which can be draped on your hand without making your hand look too much crowded. Start it with a beautiful flower of your choices, while covering each space with patterns like lines, circles, checks, leaves etc.

Circular Motif and Traditional Mehendi Design

A circular big motif looks great at the back side of your palm because with designs that are exactly same for all ten fingers since that is what is going to look good with your engagement ring.

For the arms, drape it all with traditional designs of peacock head, circle and dots all over not leaving any space in between.

Flowers and Circles

It is needless to mention that a beautiful Mehendi by the back of the hands is what complements a beautiful engagement ring in an engagement ceremony.

This is the reason why the Flowers and Circles make for a great team to decorate your hands carefully making big round flowers and small circular flowers all over, as well as lotus flowers and their leaves.

Circles all over

If you want to make sure your hands look minimal best at an engagement party or in your own engagement then this Mehendi design will be appropriate. Both big round circles and semi circles make this design look beautiful.

Decorate the circles with leafy patterns or circles and dots. Make sure the drawing on the finger is as same as in the other finger.

Petals and Flowers

Best arabic mehndi designs for legs

It is another Mehendi design which has an artistic resemblance as well as looks pretty by the back of your hands.

When we mention Simple flowers and their beautiful petals make for a great Mehendi design for an engagement. Drape one finger with wavy stems and leaves of a flower by the knuckle whereas other fingers look better with just a few leaves.

The ever-beautiful Peacock Mehendi Design

As we all know Peacock has a special appearance in Mehendi designs especially when you are draping it for a special occasion like an Engagement.

The ever-beautiful peacocks look phenomenal when drawn well on the hands, be sure to choose different patterns for all the five fingers.

Best mehndi designs for engagement


beautiful-peacock-mehndi-design-for-handThis is one of those unique designs that are dense yet suitable for the engagement ceremony. The peacock design made on the palm is really beautiful. The design looks unique with different pattern on different fingers.

This is the one of the Arabic mehndi design which is very simple and easy to apply. This floraldesign is very attractive on an engagement ceremony.

New Picture (2)

Best dulhan mehndi designs for hands

Mehndi has always been known as one of the most important factor for the life of the woman, especially on her engagement day.

The above design is an Arabic floralmehndi design which looks beautiful and easy to put. This type of design can be an ideal choice for engagement where you wish to flaunt your hands. The same design can be put on both sides of the hand.

New Picture (3)

This Arabic floral design on the back of the hand is very attractive and grabs everyone’s attention. It is sure to capture the eyes of the people during the ring ceremony.

New Picture (4)

The above Arabicmehndi design is the one of the very beautiful design which suits a girl whofavors simple designs.

This is a thick mehndi design and takes some time and patience to put. Most mehndi designs start from the index finger, but this unusual design starts from the little finger

New Picture (5)

Mehndi designs got popular in west since 1990′s.Girls used to beautify their body with different designs. It is applied on hands, palms, legs. This designI for legs is very beautiful covering half of the leg and all the fingers.

New Picture (6)

Best dulhan mehndi designs for legs

The above mehndi design put on back of the hand or palmis most suitable for engagement.

It is a simple, traditional and beautiful design. It requires minimum skills and looks beautiful.

New Picture (7)

This is a typical Arabic mehndi design done for both the hands of the girl getting engaged.In Saudi Arabia there is a tradition that one of the female relatives of the girl who is happily married should paint the girl’s hands with Mehndi.

It is a belief that if the relative is happily married, she will bring good luck to the girl

New Picture (8)

This is a simple floral mehndi pattern which is simple but thickly applied. The same design can be put on the back of the hand on an engagement function. It is a traditional yet modern design which makes the hands look attractive.


Classic mehandi designs for your beautiful hands

This is widely used design used throughout Southern and Western Asia and Africa for engagement.

The design styled on the backside of the hand highlights the beauty of the ring ceremony.

New Picture (9)

This is a simple design suitable for engagement when the girl has no time. It beautifies the hand without taking much time.

New Picture (10)

Top floral mehandi designs for hands

A girl is a bride on herengagement day also. Engagement is a time when a girl prepares and commits herself to associate with life partner.

This simple mehndi design goes well with embroidered formal dresses and soft makeup, light jewelry.

New Picture (11)

This is a beautiful floral design spread out on the whole palm. It is a simple, clearly outlined pattern. The details on the fingers give the design a very elegant look.

New Picture (12)

Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

This is a typical design on the back of the hand is most suitable for the engagement ceremony. The net and floral pattern on the index finger and other side makes it look very beautiful.

New Picture (13)

This is a beautiful traditionalMarwari design suitable for engagement. The motif is really simple and the hand is partially filled while the dotted pattern on the finger that lookslike a beautiful ornament.

This is a perfect design for a girl with a ‘simple living and high thinking’ attitude. The mehindi designs looks really great with the attractive nail paint adopted by the lady in the picture.


The engagement mehndi design is best when they are simple, short but beautiful. These can include glitter colours and sequins matching the dress worn on the engagement day.0

The mehndi designers and beauticians play a vital roletomake mehndi designs for engagement morethrilling, fabulous and dashing.

These designs remain the main part of the make- up of the engagement which is helpful to increase attraction in the girl. These designs add color to the girl and help to make her the sign of beauty.