How to control hot tempered behavior? Disadvantages of hot temper

Are you someone who easily gets annoyed when someone hurts you in the traffic? Or do you feel your blood pressure rise up instantly when your child refuses to agree with you? We are not telling that angle isn’t good, rather we agree with the fact that anger is a healthy emotion. However, even if anger is healthy, it is very important to deal with anger in a positive manner. When anger goes out of control it can affect your relationship and health at the same time.

If you are ready to control your anger, keep reading this article as we are sharing some of the amazing anger management tips.

Thinking before you speak

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It is very common for anyone to say anything in the heat of the moment, however, most people end up regretting after the event. It is, therefore, a very good idea to take few moments to collect your third before saying anything when you are angry. Also, it is very important to let the other person involved in the situation to speak as well.

Express your anger only when you are calm

Once you start thinking clearly, you will surely express your anger in a much better way. Make sure that you clear your misunderstanding, tell about your concerns and needs clearly to the person without hurting anyone.

Regular exercise

This remedy is often overlooked however is having great impact. Practicing regular physical activity or exercise will help in reducing stress and in turn, will reduce anger. If any time you feel angry, it is a good idea to go for a quick run or spend some time doing exercises which you enjoy.

Find out a solution

Often people instead of finding out a solution focuses on the causes of their anger. If your child’s messy makes you angry, it is a good idea to stay away from the room. If your partner is late for dinner everyday, schedule the meal later in the evening. Alternatively, both of you can agree to have dinner or lunch together few times a week rather than everyday. It is very important to understand that anger will never fix any situation, it will only make the situation worse.

Never hold any grudge

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It is very important to forgive others after a fight, however,  most of our forget about forgiveness. If you let your anger and negative feelings empower the positive feeling soon you will realize that you are swallowed by your own bitterness. Whereas, on the other side, if you learn to forgive the one you were angry once, you will surely learn how to handle the situations better and this will also strengthen your relationship at the same time.

Humor is best to release tension

After having a fight or after you feel angry, it very important to lighten up the situation to defuse the tension. Using humor to lighten the situation is one of the best ideas and is also realistic at the same time. However, it is also very important to avoid sarcasm as it might hurt others feeling.

Regularly practice relaxation

When you feel your temper is increasing, make sure that you practice relaxation to decrease your temper. Practice exercises like deep breathing, imagining a relaxing situation in your mind and repeating phrases like “Take it easy.” might help a lot. Also, if you are someone who is not very much into exercising or practicing relaxation, you can always listen to calm music or write about your feelings in a journal.

So these were some of the best tips for managing anger. When these tips are followed properly, we are pretty sure that you will be able to handle any situation with ease. We already know the fact that hot temper is not good at all and therefore is having several disadvantages. Below we have listed some of the disadvantages.

Disadvantages of hot temper

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Anger is a felt when one loses the ability to control the underlined emotion. However, anger is not abnormal rather it is a very basic and common reaction. Though at times people fail to control their anger (which is very common with short-tempered or hot-tempered people), it can be controlled by following the above-mentioned tips.

One of the most common disadvantages of hot-tempered behavior is that always be under pressure or stress. A person who is a very stressed out and hot-tempered at the same time will end of affecting his personal, social and professional, life all at the same time. One might also lose the balance between their professional and personal life as well.

Apart from affecting one’s social,  personal and professional life, it can also affect your health. There are many diseases which arise because of hot-tempered behaviour, for instance, muscular pain sleep disturbance headaches emotional problems like anxiety depression and many more.

Therefore, it is very necessary to take care of anger and manage it in a better way.