Why other women try to steal your guy?

Have you noticed other women trying to get close to your guy though they already know that he is engaged? Are you anxious about the advances of some other women towards your man and you are feeling threatened by her actions? These are quite common in relationships but you might actually wonder why some women try to steal your guy? Actually there is some ingrained human psychology that works behind a woman trying to steal a man from someone else’s life. In this article we will take a look at how exactly the psychology of women works in this matter and why other women try to steal your guy.

Once you are able to understand the psychology of these women behind their actions, it will not only be easier for you to deal with these situations but it all will also start making sense to you and instead of making you worried about your relationship will make you only more confident about your choice.

According to the psychiatrists, the tendency of other women trying to get close with a guy who is already engaged can be due to any of the two feminine traits, Hypergamy and Preselection. The tendency of women in this case can be mostly explained by either of these two traits; however, there can also be some other reasons like, loneliness, jealousy or unhappiness in other relationships working behind this kind of behavior.

Let us take a closer look at Why other women try to steal your guy

A case of mate choice copying

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Mate-choice-copying is a phenomenon that is often observed not only amongst human but also amongst other animals. If the woman, who has been close to you some time back or even now, is trying to steal your guy, be sure that it is nothing other than a case of mate choice copying. If a woman finds another woman attractive and as someone to whom she always looks up to, it is usual for her to believe that all the choices made by the other women is best. Once she has the idea that all choice made by you are perfect, it is natural for her to find your man to be most attractive than anyone else. She might simply want to copy your life by stealing your guy. According to the psychiatrists, in most of these cases, where one amongst two close women try to steal the man of the other woman, it is because of mate choice copying.

A preselected guy comes with more assurance

Often women find the man who has been already screened and selected by another woman more attractive particularly because the man already has been pre-screened. A pre-selected guy by a woman ensures that he has the traits which can make a woman happy and just this idea that the man is perfect to make a woman happy can make other women more attracted to the man. So, if you have noticed other girls trying to get close to your man, it can be a case of pre-selection, triggered only because your guy has already been screened and found to be ideal to be a mate. In fact, it makes the women feel more assured about the guy who is already in a relationship.

The guy has an attractive female partner

If you find that other women are continuously and rigorously trying to steal your guy, be confident that the women finds you most attractive. According to studies, when it comes to stealing a guy from one woman, the women finds the female partner of the guy most attractive. Having an attractive female partner simply makes your guy more valued to other women. Research has also shown that males who date partners with not such attractive looks are often considered less attractive by the other women. So, if you are bored with seeing other girls trying to steal your man, be happy that actually those women find you most attractive.

Your man might be perceived as potentially available

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This is a point that you need to be careful about. Research says that women very rarely fall for guys who can never have a stable relationship with them. So, if other women are falling for guy regularly or if you are tired of trying to keep your guy away from other women, there is maximum chance that something is making the other women feel that your guy is potentially available or can be made available. A strained relationship or an ongoing spat with your partner might actually make other women feel that your guy is available or will be available. In case women finds that you two are not gelling well it might also give them the idea that your guy is available, which will easily make them more interested about having a relation with your man. If your guy present himself to be potentially available or if he flirts with other women it directly points that he is looking, which can generally make other woman more enthusiastic about having a relationship with your guy.


Hypergamy is a trait of women which always make them looking for better deal. If these women find that your man is better than hers’ she might start trying to steal your guy. These women are actually not attracted to your man rather to his features. If your man is more established in life than the man in her life or if she thinks that your guy is better than her guy in many aspects, she might start trying to steal your guy. Hypergamy is a feminine trait which is often very pronounced amongst some women. However, women with this type of characteristic usually do not stick with any one man, even not the one whom she might have stolen from another girl because they are always in the lookout for better and in this world there is no limitation of “better” in this aspect.

If you have a very happy relationship

If you are in a very happy and fulfilled relationship with your partner, it can certainly make your man very much attractive to other women. A happy and fulfilling relationship indicates that the man is able to provide for every support his female partner needs. The idea that your man is capable of providing for every need of his female partner and to sustain a stable relationship makes him much wanted to other women. The thought that all their relationship goals can be fulfilled if they could have a man like your guy in their life makes them cross the limit and fall for your man, even without considering if he is showing the traits of being available or not. What we mean here is that, in this case, your guy might not be exhibiting any traits that can make him look like potentially available, but women will still fall for him, only because he is able to sustain a happy and fulfilled relationship with his female partner.

Researchers have also pointed out that women often find the men in relationship very appealing particularly if the couple is happy and stable. A happy and stable relationship gives a man the confidence which can make him very attractive to any women.

All for the sake of the chase

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Well, this is another critical feminine trait that might be considered as a reason behind some women trying to win a man already in a relationship. There are women who simply love to chase and show people that they can have whatever they want in life. If this type of women feels that having your partner with them is a challenge that is critical to achieve, they might simply rush behind your man and do everything and anything until they achieve their goal. These women usually do not stick with the men they win from others; rather they lose all the attractions as soon as they have achieved the man and moves on to their next target. These women just love the chase and conquest that she has to go through to win a man who is already in a relationship.


Loneliness might be another reason working for a woman trying to steal your guy. If a woman is lonely and she has no fulfilling relationships or a male partner who actually cares for her and on the other hand, if she finds that your partner is helpful or caring towards her, she might fall for your guy. A lonely woman can go to a great extent to have someone whom she believes to have feelings for her, even if the man is already in a stable relationship. So, if a women who has no male partners or is potentially lonely in her life, it might be only her loneliness propelling her to try everything to steal your man.