Surrogate Mother Colombia: What You Should Know About Surrogacy Journey

Becoming a parent is an important accomplishment in the life of every couple no matter if it is you who gives birth to a child or not. Today, parenting implies so much more than being a biological ancestor; it is, first of all, a desire to give life to a new human and put in them the best that you have.  

Because giving birth is an option available not for all men and women, more and more couples choose surrogacy as an effective way to have a child. This might seem complicated as the laws concerning surrogate parenthood in different countries vary greatly. Some countries are more conservative and never allow gay couples to become intended parents; some are open to all types of families. Here you will get to know the details of surrogacy in Colombia and getting the services through

Ins and Outs of Surrogacy in Colombia: Rules, Costs, and Conditions  

While deciding on taking a surrogacy program, you would, probably, have hundreds of questions like ‘How expensive is it?’, ‘Do they accept single parents?’, ‘How does the agency find a perfect surrogacy mother?’, etc. Now, at the example of the World Centre of Baby, we’ll tell a bit more about the process. 

  1. Surrogacy in Colombia is legal. 

Law in Columbia allows different forms of procreation so surrogacy on the basis of a contract and processed through a Constitutional Court is totally fine. There will be no problems in obtaining a birth certificate and identifying the citizenship of a newborn. 

2. Surrogate mother Colombia will have no genetic ties with the baby.

It is vital to know that the female surrogates biologically will not even be moms to the babies and will not get maternal rights. The famous and favorite procedure that makes the genetic links between intended parents and new babies possible is the best solution invented by now. IVF, or In Vitro Fertilization, includes the transparency of every step made on the way – egg donation, embryo transfers, and up to the woman giving birth. 

3. Pregnancy programs are guaranteed. 

Birth is what every surrogacy program should end with and the World Centre of Baby gives a set of guaranteed programs that protect both sides involved in the process. Profound genetic screening in the clinic, insurance for every risk, the option to freeze the embryo up to one year, – all of this grants successful pregnancy outcomes.

4. Lower surrogacy cost Colombia.

On average, surrogacy will cost nearly $66,000 everywhere in the world (for a single program). Yet, in Colombia, the rate is a little lower. In general, the price you pay for the whole procedure from finding a surrogate mom to having medical screening will vary depending on the fees for biological material transportation, visits of intended parents, and legal aid. 

5. Chances for LGBT couples to use surrogacy programs. 

Colombia is quite tolerant of same sex couples. Such families are protected from any kind of biased attitudes, pay the same money as other families, and are using the same privileges as traditional couples do. 

The World Centre of Baby can help you make a dream of a family and become a proud mom or dad regardless of your sexual orientation or nationality.