Leather Lingerie by Marie Mur: Give Yourself Confidence and Love

What are clothes? First of all, of course, it is the protection of our body from the cold and sun and sometimes other external factors. But in the modern world, where we are not forced to walk through deserts and forests all the time, clothing performs another, no less important, though more abstract, function – it creates our look.

In turn, the look includes not only the way we show ourselves to the world but also our sense of self. Put on pajamas, and you instantly feel cozy; wear a strict suit, and it becomes easier to concentrate on work; try on leather lingerie from MarieMur.com, and you will experience an explosion of confidence, freedom, strength, inner and outer beauty.

What Is Leather Harness Lingerie by Marie Mur

Marie Mur is a company whose goal is to make every woman feel how beautiful she is. For this purpose, the company produces a wide range of underwear, which differs not only in texture and style but also in mood.

Women’s leather lingerie catalog is a celebration of confidence, self-love and self-care. For sewing each item, Marie Mur uses high-quality Italian natural leather which not only looks wonderful even after several years of use but also sits well on the body and feels comfortable.

The range includes bra harnesses (these are items that are worn over the chest), legs garters (which stunningly emphasize the hips), as well as full sets with cuffs and everything that are worn over the whole body. They are made in different colors: not only classic black or seductive red, but also bright turquoise, delicate taupe or dazzling and beautiful white.

How to Wear Leather Lingerie by Marie Mur

Marie Mur is a story about freedom. The creators of the brand believe that women should not be restricted in anything, and therefore they can choose what and how to do.

It also concerns clothes. The catalog is so diverse that everyone can find what her soul demands.

For example, the most daring sets the kinky party lovers will love. One strap will obviously not be enough for an unforgettable look so that you can choose in a boutique the best bustier or complete set.

In general, fashion is gradually moving away from the idea that leather and strappy is necessarily about grunge. Ladies are happy to wear such elements, and the leather accessory can be called one of the main trends today.

The impression that your look will produce depends on the combinations. Leather and lace is something intimate, just for you two. And the harness, which is worn on the dress, in 2021 is perceived more as a casual style.

How to Buy and How Much Does Marie Mur Underwear Cost

You can find out the prices for the sets on the Marie Mur website. Of course, this is quality, handmade and elite lingerie so that you will spend more than one dollar on it. But you can be sure that the thing you bought will please you.

Go to the site and choose your kit. And if you have your own ideas of what your perfect lingerie should look like, you can order a custom set.