How to wear and tie a scarf in stylish ways

There is something so romantic about scarves. They can be such a simple addition to any garment and can help to elevate any look in an instant due to their ethereal appeal and simplistic beauty. They can look absolutely amazing with almost any outfit. However, it can also be incredibly hard to style if you are not careful about the way you are incorporating it into your outfit and can end up looking clumsy and messy. If you are trying to figure out how to style a scarf in a wearable manner, these are some of the coolest ways to do so!

French knotted scarf

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This is one of the most classic ways to dress up any scarf and looks amazing. You will need to fold your scarf to halve it and place it over your neck. Take one of the loose end pieces and tie a knot by passing it through the loop of the scarf you made while halving it. Take the remaining loose end of the scarf and double knot through this loop.

The knotted necklace

This style is so beautiful while being pretty simple and fast; quite beginner friendly and can double as a necklace or can be used with layered necklaces. Loop the scarf over the neck; taking one of the ends of the scarf and make a loose knot. Take the other end of the scarf; push this end through this lopsided knot, passing it through the knotted loop.

The elegant necklace

This is one of the best scarf designs that you can go for and looks professionally draped, however, is actually quite easy to do. This design pairs perfectly with any solid colored scarf, preferably a nude/white colored one. Start by folding the scarf to halve it lengthwise. Grab both the ends diagonally opposite to each other and tie them together in a knot. Put the loop thus formed at the back of your neck and twist the remaining part and loop it over your neck one more time.

Double sided scarf twist

For this style, you will need two scarves. For a cool and interesting effect, try playing with solids and patterns to create a textural complexity to this look. You can mix and match so many scarves in this combination and create a unique look each time. Line the scarves up so that their backs touch, loop them around the neck once, and then turn over this fabric such that both the sides are visible.

Double looped scarf

Loop the scarf twice around the neck. Take one of the ends over the loop and push it down through the loops and tie the ends together and let them hang. Push the loop slightly sideways to complete the look.

Faux neck wrap

Loop the scarf twice; tie both the ends together in a simple, moderately tight half-knot. Take the two ends and hide them underneath the scarf to have a cozy neck wrap ideal for the winters.

Comfy neck wrap

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Take the scarf and wear it around your neck looping it once in the middle. Make a fairly loose half-knot taking the longer ends and pull them up to reach the neck area. Take the looped part and push it down to cover this half-knotted part.

The knotted shawl

This is one step up from simply wrapping the scarf and is slightly more complex than the normal wrapping around your body style. Put the wrap around the shoulders like you would wrap a shawl making knot at the back with the two ends of the scarf. Pull these ends till they are tight and are high up on the back. Cover the knot by pulling the scarf down.

All-time classic loop

This is the simple, effortless way to style a scarf that will never go out of style. Fold the scarf in half, if you have a long scarf and put it over your neck, pulling one end to a slightly lower level. Put this end around the loop created by halving and let the loose ends hang down.

Braided scarf wrap

For this, you will need a long scarf. Taking this scarf, place it around your neck so that the ends are at the front. You will need to tie a fairly half knot loosely with the two ends. Now take the end on the right, make it cross around left end pull under the main loop of the scarf and then pass it over. Leave this piece to hang while you repeat the process on the left side. Alternate the process until both the ends are not long enough to form another loop for the braid. Now pull the loops of the braid to make them slightly looser and then make a knot with these short end pieces to finish off the look.