How to wear and tie a scarf in stylish ways

Most people believe that scarves are only for the winter season, but this is a wrong notion. Scarves are a favorite accessory which can be worn in any season, whether it is cold winter, bright summer or snowy day. You can see best stylish ways on how to wear a scarf in different ways to head into summer.

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Stylish ways to wear a scarf

Waterfall braid hair styles

  1. Knotted style with a knit scarf can be tied round the neck in a twisted manner   which looks like a braid lying on the chest.
  2. A regular scarf can be created into an infinity scarf. This style can be tied by taking a large loop round the neck. Twist the loop round the two to three times round the neck. The knot at the back should be hidden by every loop.
  3. The scarf can be tucked under the belt while flowing down from the neck to give a unique look.
  4. The scarf can be tied in a manner to feel super cozy. This can be easily tied by folding the scarf into two and taking it round the neck and pull out the open part through the loop made by folding the scarf.
  5. Another way is to tie a simple knotted style by twisting the two ends of the scarf on opposite direction and tying them below the neck.
  6. The latest stylish form of using the scarf is to tie it like a belt with a delicate bow at the side. This looks good on western as well as ethnic outfits.
  7. A long scarf can be worn round the neck with a longer part on the side. Now wrap the longer part round the neck and pull it out from the loop formed round the neck. It is the best style that can be worn in the cold winters to keep the body warm.
  8. An impressive style for summers is to simply wrap a lightweight flowery scarf round a messy bun made of long hair.
  9. The European Loop   gives a classic look of the scarf. It is ideal for summers when a light weight scarf is taken round the neck in a folded form and the ends are taken out from the loops. This style looks smart at the hair style tied up or hair falling over the shoulders.
  10. The waterfall is a Boho looks best with girls carrying cross belted bags. In this style the scarf is wrapped twice round the neck. The left edge is tucked on the right side and the right edge is tucked on underneath to give a triangular part of the scarf spread on the chest.
  11. The scarf can be transformed into a Boho headband. Fold the square scarf into a strip forming triangles and wrap it round the head with a knot in the front or at the back of the head.
  12. A very simple and elegant style to tie a scarf is to wrap the scarf round the neck and tie a bow on one side with the longest part of the scarf.
  13. Make a scarf necklace by twisting the scarf over and over. For this style makes a basic loop round the neck and then keep twisting the other end round the loop till the end. Keep the short ends in the front and tie them together to give a pendent look.
  14. Tie the scarf into an easy turban style by folding it into a long strip and wrapping it round the head. It is best worn on the beach.
  15. The scarf in the bow style looks elegant on coats and cardigans. Wrap the scarf round the neck and tie a clean bow round the neck.
  16. A scarf can be simply taken round the neck in summer, giving the outfit a new look. This can be worn by leaving one end hanging in front or with both the ends hanging in front.
  17. The scarf can also be spread round the shoulders like a cape.
  18. Many girls wrap the scarf round the neck in two loops or three loops which are placed in layers.
  19. The scarf is wrapped round the hips by spreading it like a triangle on one side and tying a knot on the other side.
  20. Lastly tie a braided knot   to give a different look.  Make this style by folding the scarf in half and draping it round the neck. Pull the long end through the loop. Pull the loop and give a twist   locking the first and creating another loop. Pull the ends through the second loop and tighten it giving a braided look.

How to cover your face with the scarf in summer?

Colorful scarf with fully covered head


The colorful scarf is fully covered with hair. This is simple and easy to try. Just cover your hair and head with a scarf and twist the scarf around the head. Tie the scarf knots to one side. This is better in summer to protect from heat and also reduces tan on the skin. The scarf is used to protect your hair from pollution and sunlight, heat as they can damage your skin and hair. Try this stylish scarf folding to cover your face in the summer.

A blue colored scarf to cover the face in the summer


Mostly Muslim wears different scarf’s to cover their face. But, nowadays everyone is wearing a scarf to protect their face and hair from pollution and heat. Cover your head with a scarf and twist it around your neck. This is easy and simple scarf style to try in less time and looks cute. Twist the scarf to cover your skin and also helps to secure it on the head.

How to protect your face in summer with a scarf


The best way to protect your face in summer is by scarf rolled around the head. This is another stylish way to wear a scarf. Try this style to protect your face and sunglasses. Twist scarf around the face and sunglasses to protect your face. The style clothing with Florida style and daily street wear vacation tropical holiday clothes is here to add style to your.

Mixed color scarf with pins



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This is another way to wear scarves. The summer heat can be managed with this scarf’s and are ready to wear at anytime and anywhere. Completely roll the scarf around your head in the form of layers and the two knots are twisted and tied down on the head. The two knots are tied tightly not to move easily.

White scarf rolled to form a flower at the neck


The white scarf rolled around the head and twisted tightly round the neck. Leave the two end knots with a layered crushed roll to look like a flower. The knots are tied and left the rolled and crushed flower layers in front. This scarf style looks stylish and make you unique to turns attention and compliments to you.

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