Methods to stay hydrated in summer

Summer is the season when you sweat too much and get dehydrated. But, there are also varieties of ways through which you can stay hydrated during the summer. As soon as the temperature rises, it becomes important to drink much so that you remain hydrated. But, you must also avoid caffeine or alcoholic drinks. Try out drinking water like fluid and fruit juices during the summer season. If you can keep your body temperature normal by drinking enough fluid, your heart will remain stable as it would easily pump in blood through the blood vessels and makes it enter its muscle. Thus the muscle can easily start working efficiently. Serious condition faced by people during summer is dehydration. This is the particular period when heat strokes become very common.

Summer is a particular season when people sweats a lot and become dehydrated. Even the scorching sun rays in the summer are unbearable at times. There are varieties of ways through which you can stay healthy during summer season. Summer brings lot of happiness especially to the kids when they get the splashes of water in a water park. They get scopes to play in the summer camp and playgrounds. Even the adults’ gets themselves busy in various outdoor activities during summer.  But, after carrying on with variety of physical activities, they get tired. Even some people become excessively dehydrated. There are some useful tips that will help you gain your hydration level in this hot summer season.

During summer, you constantly experience fatigue and hence feel sweaty also. In this way, you experience loss of energy. When you are travelling, you feel even more dehydrated, because the scorching rays of the sun grab away the moisture from your body.  You hence begin to feel exhausted. But you can stay hydrated in summer, if you follow these useful tips.

Tips to stay hydrated in summer

Look for frozen foods

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Ice cream can be chosen as the best treat for this hot summer season. It not only hydrates you but also makes you feel refreshed. However, in some ice creams, the calorie and fat content is high. That is why you have to make sure that your ice cream does not contain much fat. Frozen curd or yogurt is also a good choice. From these desserts, you can have nutrition for your body.

Start measuring your weight

In the pre-workout and post-workout session, you have to find out your body weight. While you have found loss of weight, you must refill it by drinking water. In case of more than three percent of weight, there is a risk of dehydration.

Choose the reusable water container

You know that the plastic bottles are always harmful to our health and surrounding environment. You can look for refillable bottles, which are BPA free products. These bottles help you in tracking the everyday intake of water. Thus, while you go to any place, you must carry this bottle with you.

Drink water before getting thirsty

When you feel the thirst, you have got dehydrated. To prevent this dehydration issue, it is better to drink water consistently. Thus, you won’t become thirsty anytime.

Sip plain water just after having alcoholic drinks

To keep away from hydration, it is better to avoid alcohol. However, still, while you drink alcohol, you have to sip more water.

It also reduces the potential of hangover. Moreover, you may munch on other foods while having alcohol as it delays absorption process.

Carry water bladder with you

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It is the best tool to the anglers, hikers, cycle riders and all others, who are doing outdoor activities. The bladder holds 70 to 100 ounces of water, and a straw remains on the shoulder. You may easily have it to your mouth for drinking water easily.

Consume watery fruits

You must consume fruits such as watermelon, mash melons, papaya that contain water. You feel refreshed and also remain hydrated in summer for a long time.

Consume soda

Take a glass of sparkling water and add a teaspoon of soda or you can drink soda that is available in ice-cream parlors or hotels. You can quench thirst for a longer time but do not try this option too often. If you consume more soda, the bones in your body become weaker.

Go for workouts

You must drink water in the morning and go for workouts. In this way you can feel fresh and also quench your thirst. If you opt for workouts, you inhale fresh oxygen and feel energetic also.

Drink water before traveling

Do not forget to drink water before travelling.

Keep wet napkins

You must keep some wet and scented napkins with you that are available in medical stores, beauty parlors or retail outlets. You can use them whenever you feel sweaty and devitalized.

Water before meals

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You can also drink enough water before having your meals. In this way, you do not overeat and do not feel thirsty too often. If you drink water before meals, your food will also get digested easily. You must also drink water after meals, but give an hour gap in between.

Carry water bottle

Always keep a water bottle with you. When the bottle is empty, you can fill water again and use it whenever you need it. When you are travelling to different places, you must keep a water bottle with you that is filled with water. You need water constantly even when you go for camping and expedition.

Drink water

You must regularly drink water to retain the moisture of your body and remain vitalized. You must drink water even if you are not thirsty because you experience dehydration when you travel. You are travelling to such places where enough water is not available, then you can add some tasty flavors in the water such as vanilla, orange, mango etc. to quickly quench thirst. If you add flavors to the water, you feel the urge to drink more water and hence you automatically remain hydrated for a longer time. Ideally, you must drink 25 ounce to 35 ounce of water in an hour based on your capacity and urge to drink water. Hence, you must maintain a track of the ounce of water consumed per hour. You can buy a hydration pack if you are an athlete.

Use alternatives

You must consume sports drinks or Cytomax once in a day to stay hydrated for a longer period. When you sweat, the sodium and potassium level of the body is burned and you feel even more dehydrated. But if you consume drinks, pills or foods that contain enough sodium or potassium content, then you can stay hydrated constantly.

Wake up early

You must wake up during the early morning hours, preferably at 6.00 a.m and go out for a walk or perform jogging. The temperature is not high during the early morning hours and hence you can inhale fresh oxygen that is present in the atmosphere. In this way, you feel refreshed and you can drain away the sweat at once. You can drink plenty of water and stay hydrated for a longer period. You can remain vitalized for a longer time.

Some more methods to stay hydrated in summer

Fluid monitoring

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Some people have an idea that they have drunk enough water everyday during summer. But, when it comes to realization, quality of water intake is not been adequate.  Thus, the best way with be to monitor your fluid intake. This can be done easily if you watch the color of your urine. If your urine is yellowish in color, it means that water content in your body is not enough. Again, if it is lighter in appearance, it signifies appropriate quantity of water intake in your body.

Lemon juice/ lemon water

If you want to stay relaxed and hydrated in summer, lemon juice will be another important remedy. There is variety of lemon juices available in the market with different package and brand name. You can choose any one from the list and start drinking. You can also carry this lemon drink with you when you are about to travel a long distance.

It would be much more preferable if you can make lemon water at home. For this you require a single lemon, a pinch of salt and half spoon of salt. If you want to add much more sweetener, add 1 teaspoon of sugar instead of half. Squeeze juice from a single lemon in a glass, add sugar, salt and water and mix them all well. You will really stay relaxed in scorching heat after drinking this glass of lemon water.

Cold coffee

Since you will be in a process of making your body cool during the summer season, any fluid which is cold will be very relaxing. You can make a cold coffee at home and drink it easily in the afternoon when the sun is just at the top of your head. You can add some milk and ice cubes in the cold coffee shake in order to stay hydrated for a long time. It is also possible to stay hydrated when you have going out with your friends during the summer season if you drop in to a coffee shop and get few sip of cold coffee.

Whole fruits

Summer is a season when you must consume some whole fruits such as guava, mangoes, papaya etc. These are very nutritious which will also keep you healthy and sound during the summer season. You can either slice these fruits and have it one after another or take a single fruit and consume it by biting it vigorously.  Even the watery fruits are very good for your health when you are facing the heat of the summer.  You can also cut fruits in small cubes and consume it after your meals as a fruit salad. This will be really effective when you are going to make yourself hydrated in this scorching summer season.

Salty foods

Since you are sweating too much in this summer season, loss of sodium will be effectively observed. Thus, you must consume such food in your diet chart which has good amount of salt. You can also drink saltwater with a pinch of sugar in it when you are staying very dehydrated. Get enough of salt when you are preparing your meal whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. You will become very weak and unenergetic when you have carried on with exercise for a long time. You will easily stay hydrated with salty food. Get enough of juices extracted from the fruits. This will keep you stay hydrated and healthy during the summer season.


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Sometimes the sports drinks can prove to be effective solution to stay away from dehydration. When you sweat, along with water, you also extract enough sweat from your body. But, electrolytes needs to be taken care in this matter as loss of important electrolytes is also observed in this process.

More than 8 glasses

Water is the edge old remedy to stay hydrated in summer season. You must have heard people suggesting to drink 8 glasses of water in a day to keep yourself away from dehydration.  But, these days even 8 glasses of water will not be enough. Rather, it will be important to drink water more than 8 glasses. Always keep a large bottle of water with you whether you stay at home or more outside in a summer day. Even if you are in AC, drinking water will be much more necessary as the air condition extracts water particles out from your body making your skin dry.

Avoid sugar

Little bit of sugar is good when your energy level is totally down but excess sugar must be avoided during summer as this will affect the balance of your body fluid. Even, you can repeatedly get a tendency of increasing your body weight through consumption of sugar.

Avoid energy drinks

People become highly exhausted during summer and thus they have a tendency to consume energy drink. But, this attempt will be really harmful.  As maximum energy drinks contain good amount of sugar which will be responsible for negative impact with regards to the process of fluid production within your body. This can also give rise to increase in heart beat and blood pressure. It will be ideal to read the ingredients mentioned in the label of energy drink along with the brand name before choosing one.

Breathable clothes

If you want to stay hydrated in summer, it is not just food and drink that will keep you well. Rather, the selection of clothes also plays an important role in keeping you cool and hydrated during the summer season. Always go for light weight and think cloths during summer season as that will help you pass some air and keep your stay cool. Normally cotton fabric will be much more appreciable as it is known as one of the sweat wicking fabrics which will help you stay comfortable during the season.

Umbrella or hats

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If you are travelling by bus or car, getting sun rays over your head will be difficult. But, while walking it will be really important to get a protection. This can be done through a hat or an umbrella. Try out anything which is keeping you in comfort. But, keeping your head safe from sun rays will be an important consideration. This can be done only if you can get some protection for your head.

No exercise in heat

Exercising is a good habit but it will be one of the worst ideas to exercise in heat. Choose a cool place where you can stay and carry on with your exercise schedule. Do not choose places such as terrace and open air where there is a chance of receiving heat of sun. Also exercise during the morning hours or evening as during the afternoon excessive heat will be produced by sun that can give rise to dehydration to the person engaged in the schedule of exercise all together. Thus, be careful when you exercise during summer.