How to look after your skin in summer?

Every season has its positive as well as negative part. Unlike winter, you can spend more time outdoors during the summer season. It is quite interesting to learn that, both sun and temperature comes at a price which needs to be paid off by individuals. Maximum exposure to the sunlight can cause the skin damage. This can also lead to variety of problems such as dark spots, tanning, wrinkles and even skin cancer. People enjoy variety of sports during the summer season. But, while performing such sport, people need to take few precautionary measures.

The temperature created by summer sun has some negative impacts of individual skin. It is extremely hot and can also damage your skin in number of years. Not only it can affect your beauty but even can impact your skin health. Thus, it is vital to look after skin when summer approaches. You need to go for the daily care routine in order to stay healthy with regards to skin. Even if it is summer, we cannot restrict out outdoor activities, neither can we stay away from our regular duties. Thus, it is important to have protection from sun.

Never compromise the time for sleep

Face packs to protect skin from tan

In the summer season, you remain busy to have fun all the time. That is why you do not focus on your sleep. However, it will cause an increase of stress hormone. It may also reduce the collagen production in your skin. While your skin does not form collagen, you may find loss of elasticity. It will affect your overall look and beauty.

Do not overlook the lip skin

In most cases, we apply sunscreen lotion only on the facial skin. However, your lips should also have this cream. As the sun rays can make your skin dry, you have to keep the lips soft with the application of balm. There are balms with good SPF value. You may also reapply it for better result.

Have bath in cool, fresh shower

Many of us have hot shower bath after getting back to home from everyday trip. Since we sweat, the cool shower can be effective at clearing our skin. It also decreases the problems, like acne.


It is another trick for maintaining your skin. You can take Vitamin E and C orally, and this is helpful to control the problems, like sunburn. For instance, you can prepare salad by adding tomatoes, berries, citrus fruits and other vegetables.

Wear hat that has wider brim

The simple baseball caps will not give you protection from hot sun rays. The large brim is best to have the utmost protection.

Do not prickle insect bites

You may feel itchy due to the bug bites. You can look for anti-itch solution at least two times everyday to reduce itching.

Treat the delicate skin

Summer tan removal scrubs for hands

The skin near eyes is very delicate, and thus, you have to choose a high-quality eye cream. You may also treat it with different types of natural ingredients.

Impact of summer sun on individual

As soon as you make a stand to break out the cosmetic label, you must also understand about how the impact falls on the skin of people residing in the particular region. Sun rays can be really harmful for the human skin as the variety of rays makes it irresistible.  Ultraviolet rays can be divided into several categories. The Ultraviolet A is a particular wavelength of sunlight that is concerned with the penetration of dermis. The upper layer of the skin gets penetrated by the Ultraviolet B rays. This is the particular ray for people faces the trouble of sunburn. Ultraviolet C is having a filtration process of Ozone and thus has less damaging effect.

How to take care of your skin during summer?

There are variety of ways through which you can take proper care of your skin during summer. Some of the ways are:

Do not face the sun

Morning 10 am to 3pm is the peak hour when run rays stays maximum. Even the sun causes variety of skin problems during this period. It is better not to stay out with nothing as a shelter during this hour. This is the time when your skin will be exposed to variety of radiations. If you want to do exercise or any other activities get it done either in the morning before 10am or else in the evening after 3pm.

Apply the sunscreen

When you have no other alternatives rather than facing the sun rays during the summer season, you can get a protection against it. For this, it will be mandatory for you to apply the sunscreen on your face and hands skin which is likely to be exposed in hot summer climate. It will be the best way to protect your skin from the sun damage for a long time. More is the SPF, effective will be the sunscreen.

Use toner

How to care your hands and feet

In this hot summer it is important to keep your pores closed and skin cool using the toner. You can use which ever brand you like or toners that suits your skin or nay homemade toners or even you can use rose water.

Keep hydrated

One can keep them self hydrated by making  the habit of drinking water  mindlessly by make it a part your early morning routine, also eating water based foods, enjoying the benefits of drinking tender coconut.

Cleanse your face twice a day

Especially in this summer season it is very important to wash your face twice in a day even the people who stay at home. And the people who spend most of their time outdoors can wash thrice in  a day . Use face wash that suits your skin type and leaves you feel freash.

Protective clothing

Clothing is another important factor which individuals need to consider during the summer season. It is quite comfortable for people to wear clothes made up of cotton fabric and is quite light as it can absorb the sweat really well. But, covering almost every part of the body will be important otherwise the sun rays will damage the portion.

You can also wear a hat, if you are not comfortable holding an umbrella. This will be quite fashionable for you during the summer season and will go really well with your dress.

Ways of looking after skin in summer

Avoid sunbath

Best summer skin care tips

Some ladies are obsessed about getting sun bath. But this can be really dangerous. During summer, you must stay away from such obsession and stay away from such attempts. This is very likely to damage your skin and the harmful rays from sunlight can even cause you cancer.

Wash skin after swimming

Swimming is a wonderful sport activity that is enjoyed by people during summer. But, this can also harm your skin. The fact is when you are swimming; you are going through the chlorinated water. This can make your skin tone dry and can be prone to allergies. Thus, you must wash your body with normal tap water after swimming is over.

Healthy food

During summer, people might not be willing to consume spicy and hot food. This is the effect of weather. It is better to have healthy food such as boiled vegetables, yogurt and the cooked food with very less spice. This will keep your skin healthy and elastic during summer.

Turmeric and yogurt face pack

You can also go for the nature face packs in order to keep your skin beautiful and glowing all the time. One of them is known as turmeric and yogurt face pack. For this you have to take a tablespoon of yogurt and add a pinch of turmeric in it. You can also add honey in this face pack. Apply this face pack right over your skin and keep for few minutes. Remove it with simple cold water. This is an antiseptic and anti bacterial face packs rich in antioxidants.

Wash your face several times

During summer, you can get carbon deposits in your skin layer along with harmful radiations. It is better to wash your face with a mild face wash. This will keep your stay clean and free from carbon rich skin tone.