Best skin care tips for this summer

In summer, your skin is exposed to hot sun rays. These rays consist of infra red and ultra violet rays which have very harmful effects on skin. In summers, people wear such clothes which expose most of the skin to sunlight. Summer is the time when you need to care for your skin and protect it from darkening and tanning. Skin care is mandatory during summer as exposure to sunlight causes dull, blemished and oily skin. Exposure to ultra violet rays during summer season not only causes tanned skin but also enhances the chances of some other skin issues like wrinkles and dark patches. In this guide, you will get the best skin care tips to protect yourself from skin tanning and sunburn.

[Summer skin care tips in Hindi]

Protect your lips

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Your lips get dehydrated in summer more frequently as sun rays dry up the delicate lip tissues. You can protect your lips by keeping your lips hydrated and luscious. You should apply a good lip balm regularly when you go out and drink plenty of water to protect your lips.

Slough away dry skin

You should use a scrub on dry skin specially elbows and knees before you shower as this is the best way to exfoliate during this season. Apply a rich oil or body cream after having shower. It helps heal your dry and damaged skin fast. Exfoliate at the right times. A gentle exfoliation help keep your skin free of clogged pores. Exfoliation reveals more sensitive and new skin.

Use sunscreen

Buy a new sunscreen on this summer and throw out the old one. Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before leaving the home. Reapply sunscreen after every one or two hours that helps protects your skin from sunburn.

Use cleanser

You should use a cleanser with glycolic or salicylic acid as it helps you get clean and radiant skin.

Stay moisturized

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A right moisturizing routine can bring lots of benefits. Your skin protects you from pollution, dust and bacteria and acts like a barrier.  You need to keep your skin moisturized so that it can work properly. A damage prone and dry skin needs protection from chlorine, salt and sunburns.

Use red wine

Red wine contains Resveratol that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps decrease redness caused by sunburns. Red wine has healing properties and very useful during summer to prevent you from the harsh effect of sunburns.

Use watermelon

Watermelon is fruit for beautiful and smooth skin. It is rich in antioxidants and boosts your SPF by several factors. It hydrates your skin and results a glowing skin during summer.


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Lemon is a citric fruit that has cosmetic benefits and widely used in skin care remedies. It is an antioxidant and natural bleaching agent that combats the free radicals that deposit on skin. Regular intake of lemon juice during summer makes your skin radiant and acne free.

Aloe vera

It acts as natural antiseptic as it produces six antiseptics. It kills any kind of viruses, fungi and bacteria that settle on your skin due to dust, sweat, pollution or any other reason.

Aloe vera and lemon face pack

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This pack is good to remove skin tanning caused during summer. Lemon lightens your skin and Aloe Vera cleanses your skin and provides a glowing skin. Crush the leaves of aloe Vera and add lemon juice to it. Blend them properly to form the paste. You can apply it twice in a day on tanned skin and allow it to dry for some time to get rid of skin problems and dark circles under your eyes.

Hydrate your body

You should use right summer lotion. You can also look for sprays and gels that are fast absorbers. You can apply it right after having shower.

Eat healthy

Nourishing skin from inside out has always been crucial. So you need to eat healthy during summer. Green tea, fruit smooths, fruits rich in Vitamin A and C; green leafy vegetables are something that you should consume to get radiant skin during summer.


Many people go out on summer vacations without proper protection but it can be harmful for their skin as skin is the sensitive part of the body and it may damage due to exposure to UV rays. So if you are planning a trip during summer, try above skin care tips to protect your skin.

[Summer skin care tips in Hindi]