Recommended fresh fruit juices to reduce prickly heat or rash in summer

Prickly heat or summer rashes are a common skin problem particularly in the areas with hot and humid weather. While wearing light weight cotton clothes and taking precautions to ensure that you sweat less can be helpful to control prickly heat, making changes in your daily food habit can also be very effective. What you eat or drink has a direct impact on your body heat and hence if you drink more of fluids that will help your body to stay cool from inside, you can easily escape the irritation of prickly heat even if the mercury soars over 40 degrees.

Fresh fruit juices are considered as one of the best drinks for summer because they give you lots of water, vitamins and minerals that can ensure better digestive and overall health, reducing your body heat while boosting your natural immunity. For reducing prickly heat or rash in summer you should include any or more of the following fresh fruit juices in your daily diet. Indulging in more than one glass of these fresh fruit juices can be a great way to enjoy the summer without caring for the heat or the heat rash.

Lemon ginger juice

Best summer fresh fruit juices

The Lemon Juice accompanied with ginger has great anti-cancer properties; also, this juice is rich in Vitamin C. You can have it daily or twice in a week by squeezing some lemon juice in a glass of water, add ¼th teaspoon of ginger powder or raw ginger paste which you can later eliminate with a strainer. This juice is very effective in treating stomach related problems as well.

Papaya juice

To keep your body fresh during summer, you can consume papaya juice on a daily basis and it works like a medicine to treat your digestion problems as well. It is rich in proteolysis enzymes which is good for the heart.

Musk melon juice

Losing some weight is the best goal to achieve this summer; to your aid we have brought this super juicy fruit. This fruit is rich in dietary fiber, antioxidants, Vitamin C to treat urinary, acidity, heart and weight related problems.

Watermelon juice

When it comes to keeping the body cool during summer the first fruit that comes in our mind is watermelon. The juicy and sweet watermelon offers a lot of fluid as well as sugar, fibers, vitamins and minerals. It will fill your stomach, keep your body cool and will also give you a bunch of health benefits. Watermelon juice is tasty and you can even make it tangy by adding some lemon and black salt if you feel like. Preparing fresh juice from watermelon is as easy as anything. So, this summer, to beat the prickly heat, watermelon juice is the first fresh fruit juice recommended for you.

Grape juice

Grapes are a rich source of nutrients. They provide a bunch of vitamins, minerals as well as sugar to the body. The Vitamin C present in grapes also help in keeping the body cool from inside. You can prepare grape juice with green or black grapes as per your choice, but we suggest buying the ones that are locally produced. Prepare a juice of the grapes by grinding them in a mixer grinder and add a bit of salt or some other spices to it if you feel like to enjoy during the scorching summer noon. This juice can be really helpful to keep your body cool from inside.

Pineapple juice

Best fruits in summer

Tangy pineapples are rich in Vitamins and minerals. The ingredients of this fruit are particularly effective in reducing body heat. Pineapple also provides a good dose of digestive fibers to the body making sure that your digestive system is soothed. Removing the skin of pineapple and cutting it into pieces might be a bit time consuming, but once the juice is ready you are sure to thank yourself for doing all the hard work. You can also add black salt and cumin powder to the juice to make it more tasty.

Pomegranate juice

When it comes to the diet of an ill person, pomegranate is the first fruit that is suggested. Pomegranate is rich with nourishing micro nutrients. The high iron content of this fruit makes it a natural energy tonic for the body. Juice of pomegranate can also be effective to make sure that the body temperature is maintained in the right range. You can easily prepare pomegranate juice by grinding the seeds on the mixer grinder but do not strain out the remaining seeds, as many of the nutrients of the fruit are present in this part only.

Green mango juice

Another fresh fruit juice that can be helpful to stay cool during summer is green mango juice. Green mangoes are known for their antimicrobial properties and drinking the juice of green mango can be most helpful to reduce prickly heat or heat rash in summer. You can boil the green mangoes a bit and then prepare the juice with the flesh after discarding the skin and the seed. Add salt, sugar, mint leaves and cumin powder to this juice to get the right taste.

Apricot juice

It is not only the sweet taste of apricot that makes it so popular worldwide but it is also the range of health benefits offered by this fruit that makes it a preferred choice of anyone serious about eating right. Apricot juice is not only great for your digestive system, heart and brain it is also rich with nutrients that are closely related with skin and hair health. Drinking apricot juice during hot summer days can be helpful to boost the immunity of your skin and also to keep your body cool from inside, which will naturally help in reducing prickly heat.

Plum juice

Plums are another summer fruit that comes filled with a bunch of nutrients. Plums are great for your digestive and immunity system and they are also high in Vitamin C which helps in protecting the body from excess heat. Plums are great for skin health too. Including plum juice in your daily diet during summer can help you stay fit and will also keep skin problems like rashes at bay.  You need to remove the pits from the plums before you can use them for juice. There are different recipes that you can follow for preparing plum juice but it is best to not to go for any recipes that need it to boil.

Mosambi juice

Best fruits to eat in summer

Mosambi is a fruit from the citrus family that is extremely juicy and tasty. Mosambi is also filled with a lot of nutrients that are helpful to keep the body cool and the digestive system properly functioning. Juice of mosambi is often suggested for better health of the liver and it also helps in losing weight. Being a fruit from the citrus family it is rich in Vitamin C, which protects the body and the skin from heat. Preparing mosambi juice is simple and you might or might not add other ingredients to it as per your choice to enjoy the fresh drink and to get rid of Prickly heat during summer.

Lychee juice

There are many who wait for the summer particularly because it is the time of the year when lychees are easily available. Lychees area storehouse of vitamins, minerals and digestive fibers. They offer nutritional benefits that can be enjoyed by every organ and system of the body. If you are looking for the fresh fruit juices that can help you to reduce prickly heat rashes during summer, try out fresh lychee juice. It will not only cool down your body even in this heat but will also ensure better skin health.