Daily skin care tips

In today’s era, your skin bears a lot but unfortunately not silently, it starts showing the signs of damage.  It has to tolerate the ferocious and unpredictable weather changes, the bashing of the life-threatening pollution, daily stress and sky high levels of anxiety not to forget the kind of garbage you stuff yourself with. One has to treat its’ skin the way it deserves with some easy steps. Here, are a few ways to patch up with that long-lost friend of yours none other than your glowing skin.

Know your skin

Oily skin care tips

You got to know the kind of skin you possess to treat it right. So, here is how you can distinguish your skin type from that of others.

Oily skin

This skin type is the riskiest of all as it invites all kinds of troubles in the form of acne, pimples, blackheads, dirt and impurities. For skin type such as this one you need to wash your hands and face with some lukewarm water and gently massage your skin with a deep cleansing face wash. Wash off with cold water. Do this atleast three times a day.

Sensitive skin

If your face rejects cosmetics and rashes pop up with weather change. Then, my dear friend, you’ve sensitive skin and you need to treat it accordingly. Use toner, cleanser and moisturizing lotions on your skin. Make sure you try any product before purchasing on a small patch of skin on your arm. If safe then go for it.

Dry skin

Your skin looks similar to that of the scales on a fish’s body. You need to let go off any sort of face wash and treat your skin with cleansers and moisturizers.

Normal skin

Your skin is perfectly normal if it doesn’t show any of the above characteristics. Use a mild, herbal face wash to cleanse your face with all sorts of dirt and impurities.

Sleep, naturally

It doesn’t matter if you kill it with your perfect smoky eyes or dark and bold lipstick. You need to wipe off every ounce of make-up before your head hits the pillow every night.

Stop with the face-touching

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Why does your hand always keep touching your face? Your facial skin is way more sensitive and germs and impurities easily pass on from your hand to your face. This will leave your face open to all sorts of infections and rashes.

Heat, heat, go away!

The Sun is in no mood to show any mercy on your fragile skin, so protect it everytime you stroll out in the Sun. You need to choose a lotion that has an SPF above 15 to keep your skin safe against the harmful UV radiations.

Water – The answer to your sorrows

Stop taking a few sips of water every now and then. When you drink ample amount of water it keeps your skin hydrated and protects the moisture on your skin. So, drink as much as 3-4 litres of water each day.

Check those eating habits

Eat right and you shall see the results you seek. Ditch those delicious and fluffy pancakes, French toasts and sugary morning breakfasts for fruits packed with vitamins. Say yes to berries which are rich in vitamin A,C and E.

Leave the pimples, alone!

Keep those hands in your pockets and refrain from popping those tempting pimples. Don’t wish to look like the Joker from Batman, do you? Then, don’t scar your face with that ridiculous habit of bursting your pimples.

Run towards your goal

Cardio, yoga, aerobics or Pilates any sort of physical workout will do wonders on your skin. It will help you release your stress and anxiety. You won’t miss out your glow after your daily workout regime.

Go to sleep, honey!

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Leave behind all your sorrows and worries and get lost in that dreamland of yours for a good eight hours everyday. Stress, depression and anxiety are going to hold you back from getting that glowing and healthy skin you yearn for.

Gone are those days when you ran around like a headless chicken with your daily skin problems. Treat your skin and preserve its natural glory and moisture content with easy and simple day- to-day treatment. So, without further delay take that baby step towards daily skin care.