Amazing home remedies to treat the toothache pain

Did you ever imagine your life without teeth? Really not! Teeth help a lot in chewing and enjoying each and every type food items. You need to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth on a regular basis. Otherwise, it will lead towards several issues. There are times that even after taking best care, you fall prey to a toothache.

Home remedies for a treating toothache pain

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In such situations, people get panic and run towards a dentist. Some of them become so nervous that they hardly think twice to go for home remedies. Yes, the best remedy is available at your home. Don’t you know? Then come, let us get a brief idea about some homemade tips that will shun away a toothache in a hassle-free manner:

A mixture of turmeric paste and mustard oil

Are you aware that the mixture of turmeric paste and mustard oil is one of the best kitchen remedies for a toothache? You need to take a few drops of mustard oil and pinch of turmeric powder. After a fine paste is prepared it needs to be applied to teeth. It is so effective that it will give you long time relief from toothache pain.

Saltwater brine

Saltwater brine is another highly effective treatment to give quick and fast relief from a toothache. Also, it is very much helpful in helping teeth to regain the lost enamel. The mixture can be prepared by dissolving two tablespoons of salt in a cup of lukewarm water. You need to keep the mixture into your mouth for long. It is the best remedy in case of an emergency.

Chewing spinach and guava leaves

It may seem a bit surprising to take in usage spinach and guava leaves. But chewing these leaves will not let you suffer from teething trouble of toothache pain. The pain will vanish within a few minutes. Guava leaves are well known for curing capability and spinach for long-lasting effects on teeth. You must keep them in a refrigerator to store in a safe manner.

A mixture of pepper and salt

A mixture of pepper and salt is one of the highly effective painkillers used for the treatment of toothache pain. You need to take a pinch of pepper and mix it with a pinch of salt. Putting this mixture in the affected area will definitely provide high relief from pain. Slowly the pain will start ebbing away. Rather than running behind pills, it is better to conduct your research and rake home remedies in usage.


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It is a matter of general knowledge that cloves are highly advantageous for teeth. You will come across people who use toothpaste made of cloves. It is advisable to rub the clove over teeth until the pain goes away. It is good to use cloves powder in a moderate manner rather than using it in a large quantity.

Vanilla extract

Vanilla in either liquid or powdered form needs to be mixed with water to prepare a homogeneous mixture. Afterward, a clean cloth must be dipped into the extract to normalize the condition. Did you know that vanilla that is used for cooking can help a lot in relieving toothache pain?

An extract made of lemon and peppermint

Do you have a lemon, almond, and peppermint at home? Then it is high time to prepare an extract of these three to get quick relief from toothache pain. If you are planning to go out for a trip during your weekend, then you must carry this extract along with so that the happiness does not get married away!

Taking usage of ice pack

Nowadays, the refrigerator is available to almost each and everybody. You will be glad to learn that ice packs are very much helpful in reducing the hassle of toothache pain with ease. The ice cubes must be wrapped in a nylon cloth and placed on the cheek where toothache problem persists. It will be of great help.

Chewing on ginger root

People are hardly aware of the fact that ginger roots help a lot in relieving one from serious pain. Along with enhancing the overall taste of your recipe, it will be very much helpful in relieving toothache pain at the best.

Hydrogen peroxide

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We all know that hydrogen peroxide is very much helpful in the cleaning of wounds. But it is also very much helpful in treating toothache pains at the best. It must be used as a mouthwash and swished over the painful tooth for a few seconds. After spitting out the solution, the entire procedure needs to be followed twice.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is also very much helpful in treating of toothache pain along with acne. With the help of antibacterial properties, it will numb the infected area to kill bacteria. You need to use 1-2 drops to get relief from the trouble of toothache pain. You may also use cotton swabs and hold it on the affected tooth.

Lemon oil

Lemon oil is another high-quality essential oil that has been well known to relieve one from toothache pain. Application of this oil on the tooth having a high level of pain will definitely give you quick relief. This antiseptic is known to comprise of strong antibacterial and anti fungal compounds that give high relief from toothache pain.

Rinsing mouth with alcohol

Alcohol is well known to be the best agent for relieving toothache pain. If you have become prey to toothache pain, then you must rinse your mouth with alcohol and spit outside. It will be very much helpful in relieving you from the trouble of toothache pain without any hassle.


Onion is definitely available in each and every house. Isn’t it? You use it to prepare lots and lots of delicious recipes. The onion will be of great help in relieving you from a toothache as well. Slicing a piece of fresh onion and holding it in the mouth will gradually relieve you from a toothache.

Clove oil

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Clove oil is also very much beneficial for people who have become prey to toothache pain. It is a component that is highly analgesic in nature. Proper application of the same will be highly effective in offering a high level of tooth pain. It will numb the area thus bringing a high level of relief without any side effect

Rinsing the mouth with hot water

We generally wash out the mouth in a casual manner after having out food. This results in lots and lots of deposits that finally give rise to infections. Finally, it arises in the form of toothache pain. In such a situation, rinsing the mouth with hot water will provide a high level of relief.

Now, did you get surprised? All solutions are available in your kitchen. You need to make proper application of these items at the right point in time. Regular brushing of flossing of mouth will be of great help in preventing the growth of bacteria that affect the mouth. Having too much of sweets along with tobacco must be avoided.