Treat mouth ulcers with coconut – Treatment for mouth ulcers

If you are having mouth ulcer, it will be projected equally like an open wound. This will be as painful as you suffer from various types of pain caused by pain. It becomes really difficult for a person to speak, drink or consume when he suffers from mouth ulcers. If you keep the ulcer well exposed, it will give rise to infection by bacteria. You can view a small blister or a bubble at the first stage of ulcer in your mouth. This will however get the shape of ulcerated pit. You can get affected by the fungus, virus as well as bacteria along with the mucus lining in your mouth. There are various causes of mouth ulcers. Some of the causes include ulcerative colitis.

Mouth ulcers are very irritating and shameful when you are facing public. It can develop over your upper or lower lips with blister and inflamed skin. You can run and show this to a doctor. But, it is also important to try out some home remedies. During the days of your grandmother, there was no such treatment of such diseases. They used to go ahead with some home remedies. Coconut oil is one among such home remedies that you can consider for mouth ulcers. You can now find variety of recipes where coconut oil is the main ingredient.

Utility of coconut in treating mouth ulcers

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You can now use coconut oil in treating cavities, gum infection, ulcers. It has a great mechanism eradicating bacteria. People staying in pacific region prefer the diet that is based on coconut extracts. You can also achieve an excellent dental base with the help of the coconut based product. You can thus go far mile away from the mouth ulcer. The coconut based foods acts as an anti bacterial ways of treatment.

Coconut oil

You can also get variety of benefits from the coconut oil. If you are suffering from ulcer, a tablespoon of coconut oil can do wonder. Put the tablespoon of the coconut oil in the ulcer affected area in your mouth. It provides instant relief to the pain that you have been suffering from. Since the coconut oil can be easily absorbed by your body. You can now get to know about the benefits of coconut oil in treating ulcer from the people who have been suffering from the same and have achieved remedy.

Ulcers get big and enlarged with time. If you do not take a step of treating it, this can cause lot of complication. If you want a partial treatment of coconut oil, this will be effective in a period of 1 or 2 weeks. If you can take coconut oil inside your mount where ulcer is affected, it will quickly be healed and in just few weeks.

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Coconut oil has a wonderful benefit of treated disease caused by bacteria and virus without any side effects. Your immune system will be developed in a fast pace with the benefit of coconut oil. Since this oil is totally edible your don’t get any type of harmful effects even when it slips from your mouth to the abdomen.

Viewing a small blister inside your mouth can be alarming. You need to check whether it is any bacterial effect or a condition caused by fungus. Mouth ulcer is one of the alarming infections which can spread to rest part of your mouth. Since you won’t be in a state to consume food or eat something spicy, it becomes quite irritating. If you don’t want to go to doctor and get a treatment, a treatment through coconut oil will be very safe and effective.

Some people have a tendency of getting mouth ulcer 2 to three times in a year. Always consuming medicine is not a solution. Rather, you need to get a remedy from root. If you can practice applying the coconut oil in your mouth where ulcer is affected, this will prevent getting ulcer completely.

You can also get other variety of food which is citrus and acidic in nature. But, you need to be very cautious when consuming citrus food. These foods must be provided to you in an underlying health condition. If you are suffering from ulcer for a long time, it means that you have deficiency of vitamin B12. Doctor will prescribe you the tablets on iron content, folic acid etc.

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There are some habits which must be stopped to prevent ulcer completely. You must avoid irritation that is caused by chewing gums. If you are using a hard brush to clean your mouth, soft brush must be used. Along with clearing your mouth, you will also get relief from the soreness. If you are not getting relief even with all these procedures, you must get an appointment of a doctor and get remedy.

Treat mouth ulcers with coconut- treatment for mouth ulcers

Simply coconut oil

If you have nothing at home, only coconut oil can prove to be a wonderful remedy. You just need to take few drops of coconut oil in a spoon and dip your finger in it. Now apply it over the affected area on your mouth. Do this two times in a day, once when you have completed your bath and second before going to bed.

Coconut oil with poppy seeds

You can also get better remedy of the mouth ulcer with the combination of coconut oil with other natural ingredients. Getting poppy seeds at home is quite easy. You can take poppy seeds in a grinder and get a thick residue. Now add half spoon of coconut oil. This mixture should be applied over the portion of mouth where you have mouth ulcer. Apply it for 2-3 days and get result easily.

Tulsi with coconut oil

You must have heard the role played by Tulsi in day to day life. It is a pious herb used in worshiping many Indian houses. Now, the extract has antiseptic and anti bacterial formula. You have to take 10 leaves of tulsi in a grinder and make a smooth pulp. Now add half spoon of coconut oil. Mix all really well and apply over the ulcer area of your mouth. This can be a home remedy but can sometimes work better than the medicines. It doesn’t have any side effects. Thus, you can trust it.