Home remedies to treat mouth blisters & canker sores

Mouth blister or ulcers can be very tiny or big in size. It depends on the severances of the occurrence.  For some people mouth blisters are quite common and also really irritating. The blisters are generally white in color with the surrounding of red border. There are several places of blister’s occurrence such as under the tongue, inside of cheeks and inner portion of the lips. People keep on having B-complex to stay away from mouth blisters. It is also due to the deficiency of certain nutrients in every individual’s body. Their body also requires exact quality of vitamin C and iron without which preventing mouth blisters will be difficult.

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Having blisters and sores inside the mouth is really irritating. Whether you wish to have food or drink, it feels really very uncomfortable. Even when you are going to speak with someone, the mouth blisters or the canker sores will be a troublesome situation. All you can do over here is using the home remedies. Let us find out some of the home remedies that will treat the canker sores.

Blisters can appear in your mouth, on your lips, inner cheeks and on your lips. They can form any time in your mouth for both adults and kids. There are many methods to reduce and prevent blisters in your mouth. Blisters can be very irritating and painful at times and can make it difficult for you to even consume food.

Mouth blisters can be very irritating as people getting this inside the mouth will suffer from difficulty in consuming meals, speaking etc. Even if you have a slight different mouth movement, blister formed inside your mouth will start paining. In severe cases, this can also get the shape of mouth ulcers. Actual reason behind it has not been known. Yet, some of the probable reasons are assumed as:

Top remedies to cure canker sore

  • Stress
  • Effect of genes
  • Biting inside portion of cheeks or lips
  • Braces rubbing
  • Malfunctioning immune response

Mouth blister or canker will start just like a red patch over the inner portion of your mouth skin. But, slowly, it will become increasingly inflamed. People are really eager to know exactly what can be the remedy for this skin condition. The natural ingredients would be ideal to treat such problem faced by an individual. There are many sprays and lotions which have anti inflammatory property. If you have such things handy, using one after another such things will be ideal.

Natural ways of treating canker sores/ mouth blisters

Chamomile tea bag

Many people today like to consume chamomile tea at home. You can now get tea bags of chamomile tea bag easily at the departmental stores and even super market. Chamomile is also responsible for inducing sleep and promotes relaxation so that people may not be in a state to feel the pain of blister inside the mouth. Sores and blister formation can be reduced with the healing effect of this extra ordinary tea. You need to soak this tea bag in water for 1 minute and place it against the sore area for 5-10 minutes and feel the difference.

Coconut oil

Getting coconut oil at home is quite easy as you must be using it for your hair just before going for shampooing. If you have doubt of side effects in applying medicines and creams available in the pharmacies, simply application of coconut oil over the sore portion of the skin will be ideal to eradicate mouth blisters and canker. It’s better to get a thick layer of coconut oil that has been solidified in winter coldness.


Natural remedies for blisters

Organic honey that has been extracted from nature without any adulteration will be an ideal option for eradicating mouth blister and cancer sores. You can get a soothing effect of organic honey once applied over painful canker. First of all, you need to wash your mouth properly with Luke warm water. Dip your finger in organic honey and apply it over the affected area where you have problem of mouth soreness and cankers. It will be more effective if you can do this 2-3 times in a day.


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The presence of capsaicin in cayenne makes it really hot. But the particular ingredient has the capacity of mediating pain responses within the body. Thus, this particular ingredient is regarded as a wonderful remedy for canker sores. Take a spoon of ground cayenne and mix the same in warm water. Dip the cotton ball in the solution and apply it in the area where you have soreness. You also need to apply it in the same way for 2-3 times in a day to get relief.


Since, yogurt is made from fermented milk; carbohydrates are converted to organic acids. As a result, you can get a tangy bacterial rich substance. For treating variety of diseases yogurt is used. Also blister inside your mouth and canker can be eradicated with the adequate consumption of yogurt. If you want to get the best remedy, consume a tablespoon of yogurt 3 times in a day.

Wax cap

Bee wax can be extracted from naturally obtained beehives. Generally people may not be in a condition to get the beeswax from beehive. But, there are naturally trained people who can easily get bee wax from the beehives. For this you would require coconut oil- 2 tablespoon and beewax 1 tablespoon. You need to melt the coconut oil as well as beewax and mix it properly. Now apply it over the area where you have mouth blister and cankers. You can do this 2 to 3 times in a day to treat the problem of mouth blisters.

Home remedies for mouth blisters

How to cure blisters on tongue

1) Take some warm water in a glass and add a pinch of salt or baking soda. Use this solution to rinse in your mouth and spit out the water. Do this treatment two to three times a day and this treatment can give you the best result. This can also reduce the bacteria in your mouth, leaving your mouth clean and fresh.

2) Mix 3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution in equal amount of water and apply this solution to the affected area in your mouth.

3) You can dab milk of magnesia to the affected area many time a day that can reduce the pain and bacteria in that area.

4) Mix one portion of Benadryl and one portion of antacid like Maalox and use this solution to swish around your mouth and spit it out.

5) There are OTC solutions available in the market that can decrease the blisters in your mouth.

6) Another simple treatment is to use ice. Grab a cube of ice from your refrigerator and suck the ice cube and hold it on the blisters. This can reduce pain and inflammation.

7) Consume curd regularly to reduce bacteria in your stomach that can cause blisters in your mouth.

8) Apply a wet tea bag to the affected area in your mouth that can help decrease the blisters.

9) You can even apply the oil of the Vitamin E capsule to the blisters many times a day.

Home remedies to treat canker sores and mouth blisters

Licorice root

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This is indeed one of the wonderful herbs that help in clearing the mouth blisters. This is a particular herb that works exclusively like a demulcent and get a protection over the mucus membrane. This helps to remove irritation from the affected area as it has anti microbial and anti inflammatory properties. In order to avail this remedy, you need to crush the root and add it in two cups of water. Use this to get mouth rinse regularly and cure the mouth blister.

Coriander seeds

Coriander seeds can be easily available at home kitchen as this creates a wonderful flavor in the curries that you make. This works well in treating the mouth blister and keep you stay active in all seasons. In order to get relief from mouth blister you need to boil some coriander seeds in a cup of water. Now separate the water and coriander seeds. Wash your mouth with that water. If you can do this twice or thrice in a day get relief from the mouth blister is easy.

Baking soda

You can now get relief from the mouth blister just with the simple baking soda that you generally mix with flour to create wonderful remedy for the mouth blister. This will protect you from the damage caused to you through the acidic food that you are consuming.  The attack of germs and bacteria can be neutralized with the sensation of baking soda. You have to make a paste with a teaspoon of baking soda with little water. Mix them and apply over the affected area and keep for some time and wash away.


During winter, you can easily get this celery stalks which you can wash and simply chew. Since this has anti inflammatory and analgesic properties it will cure your mouth ulcers easily. The particular herb also contains vitamin C, b1, b2 and b6. After chewing the herb you need to keep the pulp inside the mouth for 10 minutes and then remove it with wash.  Along with the treatment of mouth ulcers, it also will be wonderful to treat bad breath.

Aloe vera remedy

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Aloe Vera is another very interesting herb that helps you stay away from very harmful blisters. You need to get the gel inside your mouth where you have mouth blister and keep for 10 minutes. Remove it after it and stay away from blisters.

See a doctor if the blisters are continuously forming in your mouth and if none of the remedies mentioned above are not working. Doctors might ask you to go for a detailed check up and prescribed medicines can be consumed as said by the doctor.

Prevention of canker sores / mouth blisters

Always brush your teeth twice a day properly and use soft bristled toothbrush to avoid any injury inside your mouth. If your toothpaste or mouth washes contain sodium lauryl then change the toothpaste. Try using some natural toothpaste. Try and relax, emotional stress can cause blisters in your mouth. Give a good attention to your daily diet. Refrain from having spicy and acidic foods and avoid eating fruits and vegetables like oranges, pineapples, apples, tomatoes and strawberries that can create blisters in your mouth if you are allergic to any of these. Consume vitamin supplements that have B12, zinc, folic acid and iron that can help in preventing the formation of blisters in your mouth. Any cuts or lesion inside your mouth can form into blisters that can cause pain and irritation for you, so be careful when you brush. Always chew your food carefully and slowly, try to consume small portion of food to avoid biting yourself on your lips or the inner part of your mouth.

[Hindi tips to treat mouth blisters]

Home remedies for canker sores and mouth blisters

Sea salt and hydrogen peroxide

The mouth blisters are basically an inflammation over the part of your body. It is the result of infection. Sometimes these are also known as mouth ulcers. The combination of hydrogen peroxide as well as sea salt will be wonderful with regards to their antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties. You have to take a glass of warm water and take 3% of hydrogen peroxide and two spoons of sea salt. Mix well and use it for the mouth rinse. You need to use it two to three times in a day.

Neem for canker sores

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If there is any type of infection in your body all you have to do is use the neem leaves to treat the same. This is the product brought by the Mother Nature which invariably helps in removal of the canker sores. You have to take handful of neem leaves and boil it in water. Once the solution becomes green you can wash your mouth with the same solution. Do this for some days and you can stay away from the problem of mouth blisters and canker sores.

Basil leaves

Yes basil tree is a holy tree that is worshipped by the Indian women. Also its leaves have got many medicinal properties. Many pharmaceutical companies use the extracts of basil leaves. Now, you can get a great relief from the mouth blisters with the medicinal value of basil leaves. You have to wash 5-6 basil leaves and wash them thoroughly. Now make a paste with your hand and have its juice. Also you can apply the juice over the areas of mouth blister or canker sores.