Hair fall control with egg / How egg useful in hair loss control

Who doesn’t want healthy long hair? But in recent days pollution is the main culprit of hair fall. Girls go out for office, school or for other works. Covering your head is not possible all the time. Many women are suffering from the hair loss. Are you worried about the hair fall? Do not worry about hair fall, here we will provide you some home remedy which will help you to cure the problem. In our home eggs are always available, we love to eat that also, but how many of us know that egg is a great remedy to stop hair fall? Shocking right? But it is true. Here we will discuss how you can use egg to prevent hair fall.

The benefit of egg for your hair

Hair fall control with castor oil

The egg is full of minerals, protein, and vitamin B complex which are very much essential for weak hair. These nutrients are helpful to prevent the hair fall and make strong your hair. It makes strong the hair root. Protein will help to grow new hair, it adds volume your hair and makes it thick. Egg white is a great conditioner. It will improve the texture of your hair. Those who are facing hair problem they can apply this home remedy. Hair loss can be depressing and annoying too. Many women use many cosmetics products to prevent it but nothing can beat egg quality. The proteins in egg stimulate the follicles of your hair.

How to apply egg in hair

You can many any of this below-mentioned procedure for hair loss.

Egg and olive oil

Break an egg in a mixing bowl and add three teaspoons of olive oil in it and mix it well. First, comb your hair and then apply the mixture to your hair and let it dry. Make sure that you use the mixture on the scalp and then in your hair. Once it gets dry after hours wash your hair. It will help your hair to make strong, shinier and prevent hair fall.

Lemon juice and egg

Take a bowl and add an egg and 3 teaspoons of lemon juice. Mix it well and apply on the hair and scalp both. Wait for three hours and wash your hair with shampoo. Use this four times in a month. You can add fenugreek in it to control your hair fall.

Egg as a hair conditioner

Break an egg in a bowl and make a smooth mixture. Apply on your hair and wait for 4 hours once it gets dry totally wash with cold water. Use shampoo to get rid of the egg odor. Once in a week will give you a great result.