How to get rid of oily hair or oily scalp naturally

Anything more or less would cause a trouble!!! Likely, the hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands on the scalp called sebum contains sticky wax like fatty acids that excrete out off the hair follicles with a certain odor.

I know what you are going through!!!

Oily scalp is really annoying and the odor that comes off really makes you off when with your partner or moving close with the people.

Here I suggest you some home secrets that helps you treat oily scalp in a great way. All you need to do is follow the steps and apply them.


Hair packs for oily hair & scalp

Wash your hair daily if the problem or odor is intense. Make sure the shampoo you use doesn’t contain solutions that completely rid the scalp of any oil, wherein the problem increases further. Do not rush. Clean the dirt and oil effectively by leaving the shampoo for a couple of minutes before wash off.

If no products are curing your oily scalp issue then take time to prepare the below instructed natural hair wash that has no side effects and makes your hair perfectly silky smooth.

Shikakai – 1/2 kg (does not strip oils from hair)

Fenugreek – 1/4 kg (acts as conditioner)

Green gram – 1/4 kg (cleanses scalp)

Curry leaves – 1 bunch (cures gray hair)

Tulsi leaves – 1 bunch (reduces dandruff and hair fall)

Reetha – 100gm (cleanses out excess oil with the lather effect)

Mix all the ingredients and store it in a container for future use.


Top home remedies to treat oily scalp

I agree there are a number of products available out in the market to treat the problem. However, natural products are the best way to get rid of the problem permanently. Add a dash of lemon juice or cider vinegar or tea liquor to the last water rinse which helps condition your hair and helps free your scalp from oils.

Do not brush your hair too often

Yes!!!  Believe it or not, brushing your hair too often can actually make it oily as every time you run a comb through your hair, it picks up sebum oil from the scalp and distributes it throughout the strands of your hair.

Now that you know what causes oily hair, let’s learn about remedies for oily hair

Egg and lemon juice

This is good for the oily hair. Take 2 eggs and separate the yolk. Squeeze the juice of lemon in this and mix properly. Spread this mixture on your hair after you have washed the hair. Wait for 15 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. This will keep the oily feel of the scalp away and condition your hair.

Aloe vera gel

Prepare the gel by cutting aloe vera leaf in cross section. The gel is enclosed inside the fleshy part of the leaf. Use a small and sharp spoon to take out the gel and store it in a cup.

Mix this gel with any shampoo that you are using and ward off the oil from your hair. You can mix aloe gel with lemon juice and pour this in a cup that has the shampoo that you will use. Use the shampoo and rinse it properly. You can store the rest of the mixture and use it later too.


Dilute the apple cider vinegar with water and mix it thoroughly. Shampoo your hair and rinse the washed hair with this solution. Wash off the solution from your hair after a gap of 2 – 3 minutes. This conditions your hair and keeps your hair free of the oily sebum.

Baking soda for oily hair

This ingredient has got qualities to absorb the oil from your skin. Prepare a paste by using 3 tbsp of baking soda and a little water. Massage this paste on to your scalp for some time. Take care not to break the hair roots or hair shaft.

Massage for 5 minutes and then let it settle down. Wait for 15 minutes and then rinse with water. Shampoo your hair after that if you want. This is for extreme oily hair roots. You can use this method for 3 times a week to control the oil in your scalp.

Black tea

This has got tannic acid that fights the oil in your scalp. This has got astringent that helps in tightening the pores. Add 2 tbsp of black tea in boiling water. Strain the leaves off after boiling it for 10 minutes.

Allow it to cool down. Spread this solution on your hair roots and scalp. Wait for 5 minutes and then rinse it off. Shampoo the hair and your hair will feel squeaky clean. Repeat the process 3 times in a week and you will find less oil deposits on your scalp.

Witch hazel oil

This product is good for keeping your hair oil free. Mix 4 drops of this oil with ½ cup of water. Take a few cotton balls and dab them in this solution. Apply these balls on to your scalp after dabbing them in the solution. Make sure you repeat this activity 3 times a week to keep your scalp clean and fresh.


Any alcohol is ideal for keeping that oily feel in your hair. The vodka is the popular choice of most people. Add this alcohol in the measurement of 1 cup to 2 cups of water. Pour this slowly on your hair so that each drop falls on your head.

Wait for 10 minutes so that the effects set in. Rinse off with cold water and see the glow in your hair. When you are in a hurry, make this mix and spray this on to your hair. This gives a quick relief from oily feel in your hair.