Homemade beauty tips with tomatoes – How to use tomato for skin care problems

Tomatoes are great for your health and also for your skin. So, if you love tomatoes try using them on your skin as well. Eating tomatoes in your daily diet can surely help you in getting beautiful, problem free skin. However, applying it directly onto the skin, where it is needed, can give you best benefits more quickly. In this article we will take a look at how tomatoes can be used in skin care and also for treating skin problems effectively.

Tomatoes contain a good amount of lycopene, which gives it the red color. Apart from lycopene, it also contains a number of other anti-oxidants that can be really helpful to deter the effects of free radicals on the skin and to ward off the signs of aging. Tomatoes can work as a natural skin healer and also to eliminate a number of skin problems. Read on to find out the best face pack recipes with tomato.

[Hindi beauty tips for skin care]

Homemade beauty tips with tomato

Tomato for acne

Best tips for face glowing skin

Take the fresh tomato and cut the tomato into two pieces. Now take the one piece of tomato into hand gently rub the tomato piece on the face in circular motion. The tomato contains the vitamin A and vitamin C helps to cure the acne. You can get the same result by applying the tomato puree on the face. Wash your face after 10 minutes repeat this process weekly thrice for the good results.

Tomato as the scrub

Take the fresh tomato and make the tomato into two pieces. Dip the one piece of tomato in the bowl of sugar now rubs the tomato pieces on the face. This is the natural exfoliate for the face. This process removes the dead cells from the face and skin and makes the skin glow.

Tomato for the open pores

Take the 2 tbsp of tomato juice and 2tbspof the lemon juice in a bowl. Now dip the cotton ball in the solution. Rub the cotton ball on the open pores are in slow motion. Wait for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse it off with the cool water.

Tomato for sunburns

Take the fresh tomato in the blender and add the ½ cup of the curd in the blender. Grind them well. Now apply the paste all over the sunburn area. Wait for 10-15 minutes then wash the dried mix with the cool water.

Tomato for glowing skin

Take the 2 tbsp of tomato juice and 2 tbsp of honey and mix them well. Apply the mixture on the face. Wait for 10 minutes then wash the face with the cool water.

Tomato for oily skin

Homemade beauty tips for winter

Take the 2 tbsp of tomato juice and 2 tbsp of cucumber juice and mix them well .Apply this mixture on the oily face. Wash the face after 10minutes. The antioxidants lecopene works more potentially on the skin pores and cleanse the skin pores.

Packs and masks made with tomato

  • Oatmeal pack and Tomato A perfect bleaching pack can be prepared by mixing tomato pulp, yogurt and oatmeal. The three ingredients together will exfoliate the skin, clear blemishes and give a fairer tone to the skin.
  • Lemon Juice and Tomato is a perfect cure for sun tanned areas on the skin. Mix tomato pulp with few drops of lemon juice and apply it on the affected area and leave it to dry. Wash with cold water.
  • Cucumber and Tomato Mask is found to be effective in fading the tanned skin. Mix the juices of tomato and cucumber and apply on tanned areas. Leave it to dry and then wash with cold water.
  • Olive oil and Tomato Prepare a mixture with tomato juice and olive oil and apply it on the face. Wash with warm water after 20 minutes.
  • Tomato and Sugar Scrub helps to get rid of blackheads and acne. Tomato can be used here as a scrub by sprinkling sugars on one half of a tomato. Scrub the face with the sugar coated tomato in circular movements. Wash after 10 minutes.
  • Sandalwood and tomato This mask is effective in making the skin lighter in tone and in giving a glow and radiance to the skin. Prepare this mask by blending sandalwood powder, tomato and lemon juice together.
  • Lemon and Tomato mask is considered to prevent the signs of aging by tightening the skin. This pack also helps in removing excess oil from the skin and is thus good for skin that is prone to acne… Apply the mixture of tomato pulp and lemon juice and apply it on the face. Leave it to dry before washing it with water.
  • Buttermilk and tomato juice applied together make a perfect home remedy to cure sun burnt skin. It helps in cooling the skin and giving it a glow.
  • Honey and Tomato juice this mask is considered to give a fairer tone to the skin and making it look bright and glowing.

[Hindi beauty tips for skin care]

Beauty tips for glowing skin

Tomatoes work really well in creating some effective beauty products. You can make face packs and face masks with the help of it. If you have got sun burns, the natural way of treating the same is applying tomatoes over the skin. Just you need to take some juice out of tomatoes and apply it over your skin.  Keep this for some time and then wash with simple water. Now combining other homemade ingredients with tomatoes also would work well and initiate skin care problems. Let us find out some of the homemade beauty tips with tomatoes.

Use of tomatoes to remove skin problems

Tomato and multani mitti

You have to take a slice of tomato and extract juice out of it. Now place it in a container and put two spoons of multani mitti powder in it. Mix both well so that not a single bump comes out. Now apply it all over your face. Let it dry as you keep for 10 – 15 minutes. Once the dryness has appeared you can wash it cold water. This pack will bring natural glow to your skin.

Tomato and vinegar

Another handy tip for your skin getting clear and attractive is combination of tomato with vinegar. Take a spoon of vinegar in a container and add a spoon of tomato pulp in it. Mix them well and apply over your skin. Vinegar has got acidic property that will remove spots from your skin. Tomato is also sour in taste and work for treating dark patches over the skin.

Tomato and banana

Banana is loaded with all types of mineral which is also required for your skin. Tomato at the same time is really worth in creating your skin tone more elastic and youthful. You have to smash half a banana and add some tomato juice in it. You can also add some honey in it. Mix them well and apply on your face. The other portion of your skin can also be applied with the back. You can definitely get better result after using it frequently.

Potato and tomato skin mask for tan

To get rid of suntan quickly a mask made with tomato and potato extracts can be very effective. Take a potato and grate it. Squeeze out the juice. Take a tomato and collect the juice following the same way. Mix the two in 1:1 proportion and then use it to massage lightly onto your face or the suntan affected area of the skin.  After you have applied one layer, let it sink into the skin and then apply another layer.  Continue layering for 4-5 times and then finally let it get dry completely before removing with a wet washcloth.

Tomato and red lentil scrub cum pack

You can prepare an effective anti-tan and anti-acne scrub with tomato and red lentil. Soak a handful of tomato in water overnight. In the morning grate the red lentils along with half of a fresh, red tomato.  Blend the two really well to make a smooth paste. Now use this pack as a scrubber on the skin and then leave it on for 5-6 minutes before washing off with plenty of water.

Note: While tomato is generally safe for application on the skin and can give really great results, it might not be very suitable for some skin types. So, if you are using tomato in your skin care for the first time, it is only wise to opt for a patch test first before using it on a wider area of your face.