How to get glowing skin – Beauty tips for skin glow

Every woman aspires to get beautiful and glowing skin because it can add really a lot to their overall appearance and personality. Every one of us is not born with beautiful skin but it does not mean that you cannot have that glow on your face. A little extra care for your skin and the right processes can give you glowing and beautiful skin that is sure to win you many compliments.

So, if you are looking for the best ways of how to get glowing skin, this article is surely going to be your best help. To get shining & glowing skin you really need not to undergo expensive parlor treatments or cosmetic processes. All you need is a bit of effort and following the home treatments religiously to get radiant skin. Here are the best herbal beauty tips that you need to follow for a naturally glowing skin,

Get a healthy diet for glowing skin

Beauty tips for face to glow & shine

What you eat is what you look. If you do not eat right, it is sure to show on your skin. If you are aiming to get beautiful glowing skin, your work should start from correcting your daily diet. Vegetables, fresh fruits supply the required minerals and vitamins to the body which is important not only for a healthy body but also for a healthy, radiant skin.

Apart from vegetables and fresh fruits also include adequate amount of proteins, nuts and seeds in your daily diet. Focus on food items that are rich in Omega-3-fatty acids. The right diet is the key for a healthy digestive system and you cannot really get beautiful skin if you are suffering from digestive or intestinal problems.

Stay hydrated to get that glow on face

Water is one of the primary constituents of the body. Dehydration causes shrinking of the body cells and it can affect your skin in the worst possible way. To get glowing skin, it is important that you drink sufficient amount of water at regular intervals. It is one of the easiest yet most effective tricks to get radiant skin.

Exercise can help the skin to glow

Exercising regularly has ample benefits not only for your body but also for your skin. Exercising helps in relieving stress and promotes better digestive health, both of which are important for healthy and glowing skin. Exercise also promotes better blood circulation to the skin, which naturally helps in better skin health.

Follow a regular CTM routine

How to get the glowing skin

Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing makes the basic of skin care and if you are looking for skin glow you really cannot have it without following a proper CTM routine daily. Cleansing your face properly, toning it and them moisturising are all important to get beautiful skin.  It is best to use homemade treatments as mentioned in the next part of this article for your daily CTM routine.

Scrubbing is vital for skin glow

If you have not yet included scrubbing in your routine skin care regimen, it is the high time when you should. Scrubbing the skin helps in getting rid of the old and dead skin cells which helps in the growth and nourishment of the new skin cells. Improper removal of the old skin cells from the skin surface is one of the primary reasons of dull and lifeless skin.

After elaborating on some of the most important beauty tips for getting glow on the skin, now we will get into some homemade treatments and beauty formulas that can provide you with soft, beautiful and shining skin with religious use. Read on,

Oil as a cleanser for skin glow

When your aim is to get that glow on your face, it is best to keep aside all those chemical filled cleansers. Most of the cleansers come with soap and alkali in different forms, which reaps off the natural oil from the skin and dries it out over time. Following oil cleansing method can be most effective to get glowing skin.

You can use a mixture of castor oil and any carrier oil like jojoba oil, olive oil or sunflower seed oil for cleansing your face. The oil based cleansing is suitable even for the oily acne prone skin and when the right combination of oil is used it can even help in curing acne. So, stop using that soap based cleanser and opt for oil cleansing from today to get glowing skin.

skin glow tips at home

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Using a proper toner is important not only to ensure proper elasticity of your skin but also to shrink the skin pores and to get a healthy glowing skin. Instead of alcohol based toners available in the market you can use any of the below mentioned homemade treatments to get that radiance.

Rosewater toner for skin glow

Rosewater can be used as the best and natural skin toner. Keep your bottle of rosewater in the fridge. After cleansing your face properly, soak a fresh cotton ball in the chilled rosewater and dab it on your face. Leave on till it gets dry and do not wash off.

Aloe vera toner for glowing skin

You can also use Aloe Vera as a toner to get glowing skin. Collect the pulp of Aloe Vera from a fresh Aloe Vera leaf, smash it and squeeze out the juice. Mix 1 spoon of this juice with 1 spoon of plain water and apply it onto the skin. Let it get dry naturally and then follow with a moisturizer.

Face pack for skin glow

Now let us get to the different face packs that you can use as a part of your skin care regimen to get glowing skin. Some of the most effective formulas for radiating skin include,

Sour curd and tomato for glowing skin

One of the best face packs for getting instant glow on your skin can be prepared by adding tomato pulp with sour curd. Here is how you can prepare this face pack.

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Take 2 tablespoons homemade sour curd in a glass container. Take 1/2 of a tomato and grate it. Now mix the tomato with the curd and apply the resulting mixture onto your face and neck. Leave on for 20-30 minutes and then wash off with water.

Honey and milk cream for skin glow

Another face mask that can give your skin instant glow can be prepared by adding honey with milk cream. It is best if you can collect the milk cream from the milk itself and not use the creams available in the market.

Take 2 tablespoons milk cream and add 1 spoon of honey to it. Mix the two ingredients well and apply the resulting mixture onto your face. Leave on for 20-25 minutes and then wash off with water. You can see instant glow on your face.

Get skin glow with aloe vera and papaya

Ripe papaya helps in removing irregular and excess pigmentation from the skin. It also helps in adding natural glow to the skin. Aloe Vera on the other hand has nice skin moisturising properties and can actually add glow to the skin.

Take 2 small cubes of ripe papaya and grind them in a mixer. Take 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera juice, prepared from fresh Aloe Vera leaves and add the papaya with it. Mix the two ingredients well and apply it on your face. Let it sit for 20 minutes and then wash off with plenty of water.

Gram flour and ginger skin pack

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Ginger extract has the ability to kill infections on the skin and it also adds skin glow. You can prepare a pack with gram flour and ginger to get radiating skin.

Take 1 inch ginger, grate it and squeeze out the juice. Add 1/2 spoon of this ginger juice with 1 spoon of gram flour. Add adequate amount of water to make a runny paste. Apply this paste on your face, leave on till it gets 70% dry and then wash off with water by rubbing your face with your hands.

Sandalwood and turmeric face pack for glowing skin

Sandalwood and Turmeric both are known as the master ingredients in homemade skin care packs. You can easily prepare a face pack with sandalwood and turmeric and use it to get bright, glowing and problem free skin.

Collect fresh turmeric roots and smash it to make a paste.  Prepare some sandalwood paste by rubbing the sandalwood stick on sandstone. Mix 2 spoons of the turmeric paste with 1/2 spoon of the sandalwood paste and use this pack on your face once daily. You can see the results in a week or two.

Milk and saffron for skin glow

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You can also opt for milk and saffron rinse every morning to get glowing skin. Soak 3-4 strands of saffron in 4 spoons of milk overnight. In the morning, crush the saffron sticks in the milk and rub in the milk lightly onto your skin. Leave on until it gets completely dry and then wash off with water.  You can see improvements in your skin within a week of regular use.