How to makeup for wrinkled eyes?

Not only youngsters, even the aged women wish to look beautiful. For that, they try on banging on variety of creams and moisturizers that are available in the market. There are tips and tricks with the help of which even an old lady can look like a damsel. The makeup artists have variety of techniques which can make a very non presentable lady look attractive. You must have seen your favorite celebrities and the way they look on screen. They are simply envious. But, did you ever see them without makeup? Yes, they look less than average if they stand in front of you without makeup. Similarly, even if you have wrinkled eyes that too can be cured with the help of some effective makeup tips. Only the right makeup, technique and tools for application will be important. There are also some natural ways through which you can reduce wrinkles without putting makeup.

Wrinkles forming over your eyes may not be expected always as you don’t want to see yourself getting too much aged. But, if you actually have become old those wrinkles will really appear. But, there are ways through which you can easily create a different look in your eyes by removing the wrinkles. Let us discuss the makeup tips through which you can make yourself look totally different without making the wrinkles appear over your eyes.

Ways of makeup or remove wrinkles from eyes

Ways of makeup or remove wrinkles from eyes


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One of the reasons behind the skin getting wrinkled is dryness and lack of hydration. Thus, you need to moisturize your skin properly. This is the time when you need to convert the squeezed skin into the plump skin. Once your skin lifts up with enough hydration, the wrinkles will also disappear. You need to drink enough water so that your skin gets hydration and removes the chance of wrinkles. You can use honey over your face and the portion near your eye so that the portion gets moisturized.



You need to drink enough water everyday to remove your wrinkled skin completely. All you have to do is drink as much water as possible throughout the day. Most of the ladies have the tendency of skipping drinking water. In such cases the chances of getting wrinkles in the sides of eyes will be the most. It is mandatory to eat at least 8 glasses of water in a day in order to get car, fresh and wrinkle free skin. Start making a routine today and see the difference after few weeks.



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You would hardly find wrinkles on the skin of individuals who have oily skin tone. It is mostly seen on all those people who have dry skin tone. If you have dry skin, dead skin layer forming over your skin can also give rise to flakiness. This can also be reflected over the area near your eyes and you get wrinkles around the skin of your eyes. Exfoliation is one of the best methods of removing such dead skin layer. You can get exfoliate products from the market or go for the natural ways such as combination of sugar and olive oil over the face and slowly rub it with your finger tips. Do this for 3 minutes and wash with plain water.

5Use of concealer and makeup

Use of concealer and makeup

If you don’t want to go for the natural way of reducing wrinkles over your skin, there are always makeups to put on. Concealers are one of the best makeup tool that helps in covering your wrinkles that forms near your eye. Just use a brush or your finger to put the concealer exactly on the area where you have wrinkles. There after apply the foundation to make a coat over the skin so that not an inch of the wrinkles can be seen. Since only foundation will not make your skin complete, apply face powder and apply eye makeup. Within the eye makeup, the important tools are eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. You need to use a two tone eye shadow over your eyelid along with a highlighting attempt by using a light color border to make the eyebrow different that area of eye shadow. This will lift your eyebrow and your eyes will look attractive. In the next step apply mascara and eyeliner.

4Remove makeup

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Since keeping makeup on the skin is very harmful, it is really important to remove it just before going to bed. Wash your face with a cleanser, and then apply a toner to open the clog pores of the skin and then apply a moisturizer. This will keep your skin healthy and you will hardly get wrinkles around your eyes.


Normally people have eye wrinkles over the upper and lower lids of the eye. This can be easily covered with the help of the eyelashes. Yes, the camouflage is the best mechanism to make your eyes look attractive and stay away from the unproductive wrinkles. The eye wrinkles will be covered up with the artificial eyelashes. You can check this out today and get a beautiful face.

2No foundation or powder on crow’s feet

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Many makeup artists says that the makeup foundation as well as powder fits into the creases of the eye lines throughout the day. This makes the wrinkles and fine line visible much more. Thus, it will be better not to use the foundation as well as the makeup powder over the crow’s feet. The best way to hide those wrinkles will be applying the concealers on those affected area. This will help you stay away from wrinkles over your eyes.

1Hide the dark circles

Apart from the fine lines and wrinkles over your eyes, the dark circles that is formed on your eyes can also be one of the reasons behind the unattractiveness and looking aged. It is the time to hide your dark circles as well. Even in this situation the concealer will be a good consideration. This is specially made to make the patches free from all types of unattractive visual images. But, you must make sure that you don’t massage or blend the concealers over the area of your eye that has become discolored. As, if you do so, this might give rise to stretch and pull in your delicate eye.