How to hide dark circles? Ways to cover the dark circles

Dark circles generally tend to form under your eyes especially when people pass sleepless night. Even due to excessive stress dark circle can take place over the skin layer. How to cover up the dark circles under eyes? But, there are ways through which you can easily cover your dark circles. Just you need to have some knowledge about makeup application. Makeup tricks to cover dark circles under eyes. The concealers work well in hiding various kinds of dark spots and blemishes that can be seen over your face. There is a step by step procedure through which you can easily apply the concealers. You can take advices from the makeup artists with regards to the way of applying makeup so that dark circles can be easily covered. Let us have a look at the step of hiding dark circles with makeup.

Best ways to hide dark circles under eyes with makeup

How to cover up dark circles under eyes with Priming

How to remove dark circles

Primer to eyes for hiding dark circles under eyes. The first step of covering your dark circles will be priming your eyes at first. This step is really important as the technology will hold the concealer better and that too for a longer period of time. If you want to keep yourself fresh and make your eye circles covered throughout your long office day, priming up your eye will be an important consideration.

How to conceal under eye dark circles

Best ways to cover up the under eye dark circles with concealers. Since you wish to complement the dark eye circles that lie just under your eyes, it is really important to use a contrast color.  Choose the color that is opposite on wheel. People with fair complexion skin must apply the color which is light peach or light orange. Choose the similar color concealer and apply it under your eye. Make sure that the concealer that you apply is a shade or two darker than that of the skin color. Apply the concealer with your finger so that it covers the portion where the dark circle is created.

Blending technology to hide dark circles under eyes

Just after application of the concealer the next important task to be accomplished is perfect blending of the concealer to cover up the dark circles present under eyes. Some people hardly wishes to put on more makeup, rather they wish to stay simple. In such cases you can apply the concealer of your skin color and cover the portion where you have applied a different color concealer to hide your dark circles. This can be simply pat on the existing color concealer. This will make the orange color come back to its normal color and your skin will look natural. But if you can use a foundation, nothing likes it. But even after application of a foundation, blending must be done in a proper way.

Get brighten up the makeup to cover dark circles

Remedies for dark circles

Brightening up is the best trick to cover the dark circles. Using concealers and foundation is just the preliminary way to hide your dark circles. After applying these dark spot will be hidden but there is no brightness or glow over your skin. You can also use a light color concealer to give a bright look. Thought this is not a mandatory step in the process of hiding the dark circles, but it will add brightness to your face. You must get the concealer from branded company so that the quality is not compromised.

Finishing touch to cover the black circles under eyes

Now, you must choose a loose powder that goes with your skin tone. If you are fair in complexion, the rose powder will be an ideal selection. A little dusky and pale color must be chosen if you have whitish skin tone. This step is very important for all those who have oily skin tone. As the loose powder helps in absorbing the sweat there are also a way of applying this loose powder. This must be taken in a dome brush and apply the same with soft feathery touch under your eyes, cheeks and other parts of the face. You can also use a thin sponge and apply this loose powder over the T zone of your face.

Eye makeup trick to hide dark circles under eyes

Going ahead with a proper eye makeup is an important consideration as your eye becomes bright and attractive, the dark circles that lie under your eyes will be negligible, and rather no one will get their vision there instead of looking the eyes. Thus, you must apply eye shadow over your eyes with two tones so that your eyes can be highlighted along with a gentle eyeliner and mascara to make your eyes visible.

Translucent makeup powder to hide black circles under eyes

How to use multani mitti for dark circles

You can now easily use the translucent makeup powder to proceed with the coverage of dark circles under your eye. You can now get that translucent powder in any of the stores that deal with the makeup as well as cosmetics. The easy and effective way of covering the dark circle will be dusting the powder over the skin tone where the darkness appears. If you want to get a good finish, it will be better if you avoid the mineral powder.

Light weight gel cream

Another way of covering the dark circles over the eye will be using the light gel cream. Only covering the darkness of eyes for sometime may not be enough. You also need to use a long term solution for the same. The camouflage darkness is possible with the application of makeup over your skin layer. If you want to remove it on a permanent basis, apply a cream of removing the darkness that comes with the richer formula.

After eye makeup to cover dark circles under eyes

There is a tendency of developing eye creases over the eyes when you apply the eye makeup. It looks really odd when the creases are formed after application of the eye makeup. Thus, the experts suggests that it is always better to apply the concealers over the under eye portion after the application of the eye makeup. This will easily help removing the creases on your eye. You can apply powder to make the eye portion smoother.

Corrector makeup for covering dark circles and dark spots under eyes

Honey for dark circles

You can also use the corrector pen in order to make your eye makeup complete. The dark circles may also be accompanies by the spots over your under eye portion. But, no one might have observed it correctly. But, if you can use a corrector along with the other tools to hide the dark circles, it will be absolutely wonderful. You can now get such corrector pens online in the ecommerce websites. Get them today and enjoy being spot free over your under eye portion along with a beautiful and smooth finish all over your eyes.