Top best skin care, beauty care tips for women

The most important aspect of enhancing one’s beauty is to maintain a healthy skin. Most women crave for a flawless soft and smooth skin. There are several beauty products available in the market to enhance the tone and texture of the skin.  These products are expensive and often have some side effects. In this article there is some simple skin care tips mentioned that will go a long way in achieving a beautiful skin.

Skin care enhances the beauty. The real beauty is associated with the good skin. Women’s need care about their skin. Women skin is sensitive compared with the men. Skin care makes you comfortable and appeal beautiful in the society. The real skin care is not to apply the beauty creams on to the face. The real skin care involves treating the skin, making it healthy.

Skin care tips for the women

Avoiding the sun

How to get clear & glowing skin

Most of the women skin problems are associated with the sun. The sun rays contains the UV rays .They are the factor to increase the melanin in the skin. This increased melanin causes the skin tans over the body, face, hands, and legs. So keep away from the sun .Morning and evening sun rays are not to much harm. But the sun rays in the midday and sun rays in the hot summers make the large damage to the skin.  Other skin problems like acne, pimples are impacted due to this sun rays exposure.

Skin types

Skin type is the common word in the skin care. If you want to apply the cream you must know your skin type. There are few skin types. Oily skin, dry skin, mixed skin etc. Treat the skin problems according to the skin type. Oily skin may result early wrinkles on the face. Dry skin makes your skin inactive. So you have to maintain the skin in normal tone. Use the different tonner for the normal skin.

Over wash & over cream

Do not do the over washing it may harm to your skin pores. Some skin pores are sensitive. The skin pores on the face are sensitive than the skin pores on the hands. If you wash many times a day it leads to other skin problems. Apply the sensitive products on the skin.

Healthy food lifestyle

Fairness beauty tips for oily skin

For the better skin you have to take the good planned diet. The vitamin E rich food does the great help for the skin. Apply the oils enrich with vitamin D, Vitamin E. The proper food diet makes the skin glowing. Take the vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, seafood for the better skin care. The food supplies the vitamins, minerals, proteins etc for the skin makes your skin looking beautiful and glowing.

Use the natural products

Choose the right product for your skin type. The skin care for different types of skin varies. The skin care for oily vary from dry skin.  For the best results determine the skin type then use the right product on the skin. Better to use the natural, organic products.  The chemical products may harm the skin pores. The chemical products may cause the skin allergies etc. Use the right product in the right season. If you apply the winter skin care cream in the summer it may not work well. Choose the products according to the seasons.

Skin care tips

  • One must avoid long steam and hot baths as it will reduce the water from the skin and also lose the protective oil layer of the skin. Sauna bath should be taken for just 10 minutes under medium temperature.
  • Aloe Vera supplies good moisture to the dry skin. The acids prevalent in the leaves of aloe Vera help in exfoliating the skin and getting rid of dead dry skin cells. The skin becomes smooth and firm by regular use of aloe Vera on the face.
  • Consumption of orange juice and lemon juice daily helps in the production of collagen in the body because they are   rich in Vitamin C which helps in giving a smooth fair skin.

Best fairness creams for skin lightening

  • Dead skin cells must be removed once a week with natural scrub made of honey and brown sugar.
  • Avoid the habit of touching the face with hands as this can lead to infection or inflammation of the skin. Headphones and mobiles need not be pressed against the cheek.
  • Use cosmetics products made from natural ingredients instead of using cosmetics with flavors.
  • Cosmetic products can be efficiently chosen after knowing the types of skin. There are different beauty products for oily, dry and combination or normal skin.
  • Lots of Water consumption will help to keep the skin hydrated and also help in the overall health of the body. It will help in getting rid of the toxins from the body.
  • Cleansing of the dirt,dust and radicals from the skin must be done twice a day. Use lukewarm water instead of very hot very cold water.
  • Regular exercise and sufficient sleep is essential for the health of the body as well as the skin.  These will help in overcoming stress and keeping the mind relaxed. These in turn will prevent sagging of the skin and formation of wrinkles.
  • Skin conditions need to be attended immediately to prevent severe damages on the skin.
  • Stress of the mind is harmful to the appearance   of the skin. It makes the skin look dull and dry.  Stress can be relieved with the help of exercise, meditation and yoga to keep the mind relaxed and calm. Proper sleep also helps to relieve stress.
  • Always keep the skin moisturized because a dull dry skin gives an unattractive look. Use a lotion, cream or moisturizer on a damp skin.
  • Sunscreen will help to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Even on a cloudy day the rays of the sun can cause cancer of the skin.
  • It is believed that the skin breathes when one sleeps. Hence it is necessary to remove all makeup before going to sleep makeup must be removed with olive oil instead of harsh chemicals to protect the skin. 

Other factors for skin care

Food and digestion

Beauty tips for glowing skin

According to homeopaths   poor or proper digestion is reflected on the condition of the skin. Most people with skin problems like acne, psoriasis etc. also suffers from constipation or poor metabolism. According to these practitioners fiber and fluids are responsible for poor digestion. Whole grains, cauliflower, apple, nuts, beans and legumes must be added to the daily to improve the functioning of the digestive system and in turn give a glowing skin.

Constant activity

Alternative medicine practitioners believe that inactivity and sitting in place for long hours can affect the condition of the skin.   It will result into puffiness, bloating and loss of muscle tone. Stretching, walking, going to the gym or using the rope will help in toning the muscles.

Good fats

Good fats are essential fatty acids which are found in walnut oil or flaxseed oil. These oils are recommended for cooking. Cold water fishes like sardines and salmon are also sources of essential fatty acids.

Top skin care tips

Best tips for skin lightening

Whenever you have a problem with your skin, the best thing that you do without taking risk will be visiting the dermatologists. Let us discuss some tips that come directly from the words of dermatologists.

Skin protection

Dermatologists say that, it will be very important to protect your skin from the outside environment. Thus, a moisturizer is always needed. Most of the ladies come to dermatologist’s clinic and complain about their skin getting dry and unattractive. It is just because they are lacking the protection for their skin. Even if you have oily skin you need to put light moisturizer to stay protected all day. Also at night this must be applied to stay hydrated.

Face mask to relax

These days you are working throughout the day for your bread and butter. The stress became an important factor that has been mothering you always. Sometimes stress can be a reason for your skin becoming unhealthy and unattractive. You need to relax. The best way of keeping your relaxed will be applying a face mask. You can get wonderful variety of face masks in the market which you can apply and relax by lying down in bed or over an armchair. Close your eyes and take rest for 20 minutes. By the time you will get stress removed from your life and also your skin becomes beautiful with the mask.

Use powder

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You must have seen people using the body powder during the summers as this helps in soaking the sweat and keeping an individual really healthy. Even for face, the powder plays an important role. You must be applying the sunscreen over your face and staying all day long exposed to sun. But, you are not aware that the sunscreen usually stops working in just 3 hours time. Thus, it is better to apply a face powder just after applying the sunscreen. This will keep the effect of sunscreen intact as the powder creates the protection layer. You can also get sunscreen powders with easy touch up variations. That too will be really effective in this regard.