How to remove blackheads with gelatin? / Gelatin mask for blackheads

Sometimes people get blackheads on face and get annoyed out of these. The blackheads produce black spots on the skin. The blackheads are produced due to secretion of excess oil or sebum through the pores of the skin. If the pores on the skin get bigger, then excess sebum secretion is possible and stores on the surface of the skin. The secretion when comes in contact of air, the black spot or blackheads are produced. These blackheads are small blockages upon the pores on the skin.


Blackheads may be produced due to lack of facial care or in cases of hormonal imbalances. There may be reactions due to application of cosmetics with chemicals and blackheads may be produced. Blackheads may appear due to the residue chemicals left on the skin. There are home remedies to get rid of blackheads and one procedure is to apply gelatin or gelatin mask.

Home remedies

Home remedies for whiteheads

Blackheads can be removed by gelatin or gelatin mask. It can be prepared by mixing gelatin and milk. By application of the mask, the skin will appear smooth and healthy. The application of gelatin mask will remove dead skin cells with impurities. The ingredients of the mask combination help the sweat gland to function properly. It creates the balance in the sweat glands.

The gelatin mask contains nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants which are helpful to promote skin conditions. It can remove acne and can prevent early formation of wrinkles. Application of gelatin mask n regular basis can keep the skin hydrated and can remove acne or blackheads.This function is possible due to the exfoliating action similar to the facial scrubber in the market.

Preparation of mask of gelatin and milk

Egg white mask for blackheads

Preparation of the mask is very easy. It may be cheaper also. In the market, similar products are available with higher cost. So, home remedial process can save a lot. The mask is applicable to all kinds of skin. This due to the PH balance remains same by gelatin and does not cause any excessive dryness on the skin.


Removing blackheads with dental floss

  • 2 spoon of gelatin unflavored
  • 4 spoon of milk

Process of mixing

  • Pour the ingredients to microwave safe bowl
  • Mix the ingredients well to make smooth mixture
  • Put the bowl in microwave and heat for 10-15 seconds
  • Make the mixture cool
  • Apply the mixture on your face

Application of the mask

  • Clean your face with face wash and wipe off all makeup
  • Apply the mask on the face with dense form on the affected parts with blackheads
  • Let it keep for 40 minute still drying out
  • Peel off the layer starting from the edges
  • You can apply hydrated cream on your face to end up the treatment

You know the formation of blackheads may snatch your beauty. So, try to use this gelatin mask twice or thrice in a week. You can say goodbye to blackheads and enhance your beauty. The method is cheaper and natural without any side effects.