Removing blackheads with dental floss

Dental floss is the type of filament of silk category and may be used to extract the food particles from the corners of the teeth. Blackheads are the bumps in small type on the skin. These bumps may be termed as blackheads as at the positions of bumps look dark or black. It may be defined as small sort of acne which appears only on the face. blackheads are generally formed on the pores of hair follicles on the surface of the skin. Blackheads are produced with the oils from the pores along with the exposure to air when the pores are open. Ultimately, the bumps are converted to black and are termed blackheads.

Process of removal of blackheads

It has been found with innovation that dental floss may be applied for removing blackheads. If the blackheads are not deeply rooted, the procedure may be effective. But, you need not push hard for pulling up the blackheads. If the blackheads are not removed by the process; you don’t apply too much pressure or do not apply sharp edges or nails on the blackheads. This type of application can cause inflammation, injury or scar on the skin.

DIY for removal of blackheads

Home remedies for whiteheads

A video on the internet reveals the method of picking up blackheads with the help of dental floss. The lady has wiped the face with a hot wet towel to open the pores. Then she dragged the dental floss against the blackheads approaching towards it. She was successful with removing blackheads on her face and cleared the marks of blackness. The video went viral in net. Then she applied tea tree lotion which is used for antiseptic function. The process is cheaper than the metal extractors.

Is the method safe

Homemade blackhead removal face masks

Some people may have tried to remove the blackheads by the sharp needle by the DIY method. This method may work well as long as you are careful. But, blackheads removal with dental floss is not harmful. After all, dental floss is a better method than regular picks. The method of removal of blackheads with dental floss is not much harmful. But, experts’ opinion is that the method is superficial.

Other method of exfoliation

You can apply steam to the face to make the pores open. In this condition, if the paste of aspirin or any scrub is applied, it may also act as exfoliation. This may result in removing of blackheads.