How to hide dark circles with lipstick?

Dark circles formation under the eye has become quite common today as a result of excessive stress one eye. Whether it is about a child reading in standard VI heading to complete their home work or those of professionals who have to work whole day and night in front of the computer screen to complete their targeted work, dark circles can form in both the cases. If you have no time to treat this from the root and have to attend an occasion just in another two hours, there is an effective way of hiding it from mass. Yes, lipstick can do this wonder. Applying lipstick over your lips is quite natural and can be caught by anyone. But, applying lipstick under eyes can be a secret tool to look beautiful by hiding dark circles.

makeup for dark circles

How to remove dark circles completely

Before going to a party, ladies wishes to look best and thus they apply makeup in such a way that people could not stop looking at them. Now, lipstick being one of the tools to makeup the lips also works well in hiding the dark circles that forms under your eye. If you are doing a long makeup for a night party with dark color lipstick and eye shadow along with blush, application of dark color lipstick under eyes will not look odd. You must be watching your favorite celebrity applying very loud makeup. Though they look good in all the way they make themselves up, even you can look exactly like them even if you have under eye dark circles.

Technique of using lipstick under eye

Though, putting lipstick under eye is a wonderful technique of hiding dark circles from the lower portion of eye, a proper technique will be important. Experts are very well aware of applying the lipstick to stop showing under eye dark circles. Let us now know about it techniques. If you are willing to get an orange look with same color dress, orange lipstick must be your tool. Apparently if you are using only orange lipstick to paint the area where you have under eye dark circles, it will look really odd. The best way of application is to apply the orange color lipstick at first to your skin after applying the makeup foundation and then apply the makeup concealer over the lipstick. There after you can make it more natural by putting similar color eye shadow and blush. This technique will hide your dark circles and will never make others know the use of lipstick for you’re under eye dark circles.

A perfect blend

Just applying your lipstick under your eye is not enough, at the same time the blending should also be done in a perfect way. You can also use your finger tips to blend the lipstick uniformly which you have applied under your eyes. You can also use a sponge and take concealer. Blending work can be done with the sponge that has adequate amount of concealer. You can also use a brush to apply the blush just near the portion where you have applied the lipstick and the concealer.

Use of lipstick in neutralizing darkness

According to one of the expert makeup artist who has beautified many simple girls to a diva with the makeup art, the tone of dark circles that forms under the eye also looks like blue or purple. In order to make the skin neutralize, lipstick is the best solution. Even the people using red tones in their makeup shades are advised to use a green color cream to make a neutralization attempt of the redness. Thus, the opposite color of the rainbow wheel should be applied to get a neutralization effect. This is very important when you think that your makeup has become too much loud. This theory also goes well when you are willing to conceal the under eye dark circles.