Fairness with milk & raw milk / Milk for flawless & glowing skin

Raw milk – The essential dietary supplement is an instant gateway to skin lightening. Packed with nutrients like Vitamin D, Calcium, minerals, proteins and other enzymes – raw milk is an excellent moisturizer, toner and skin lightening agent.

Not only does milk impart softness to the skin but it also alleviates the patches, skin itchiness, dryness etc.

Here is how we can use milk for flawless and glowing skin!

Face packs with milk/raw milk for flawless and glowing skin

Raw milk and turmeric

Beauty tips for fair skin

Turmeric is healing, anti-inflammatory and a wonderful ingredient to get a golden glow on the skin. When mixed with raw milk the face pack turns out to be moisturizing, de-tanning and provides for a good glow. Just mix about 3 tablespoons of raw milk with half teaspoon of turmeric. Apply this pack on the face and let it turn dry. Now wash it with water and moisturize. The pack shall impart a golden glow while moisturizing the skin.

Milk and almonds face pack

Milk helps in de-tanning the skin and getting that flawless skin back. It is best to soak a few almonds in milk and after a few hours grind them together to get a smooth paste. Now apply this paste on the face and let it turn dry. You can scrub after it has dried. Wash off after 30 minutes to watch skin lightening and clear skin.

Raw milk and rose water face pack

Fairness with lemon

Raw milk imparts fairness and is a reason why you can expect lightening of a few shades in your skin tone. To watch your skin complexion, change just mix raw milk and rose water in equal amounts. Dip a cotton ball into the mix and apply it on the face. Let the pack turn dry and then wash it off. Rose water shall tone the skin and provide for skin radiance while raw milk helps in skin lightening and improving skin complexion.

Milk and bread face pack

Since ages the milk and bread face pack has been proven for skin lightening effects. This face pack does wonders in treating tanned skin, pigmentation, dark patches and even improving of the skin complexion. Just take a bowl of milk and dip in two slices of raw white bread. Squeeze the excess milk in the bread and apply the bread on the face. The traces of bread should be spread evenly like a pack on the face and let to dry. Scrub gently when the pack gets dried completely. Wash off with cold water. This improves skin radiance and gives visible fairness in just a few applications.

Fuller’s earth and raw milk face pack

Fairness with honey

Oily, acne prone or uneven skin – raw milk is a great solution for all the needs. Fuller’s earth helps in removing excessive oil and brings about a soft suppleness while removing acne. Therefore take 2 tablespoons of fuller’s earth and turn it into paste by adding raw milk. Apply this face pack everywhere except the sensitive eye area. Let it dry and wash off after 30 minutes. You will get clear skin, glowing face and controlled oiliness each time you apply the face pack.

Milk and saffron face pack

This one has to be one of the richest face packs for radiance to the skin. Add in a few strands of saffron in 2 tablespoons of milk. Let the saffron change the color of the milk. You can add in a little of gram flour to make the paste thick otherwise this way too it’s an excellent face pack. Apply the pack on the face and let it turn dry. Wash off with cold water after 30 minutes. Saffron gives a soft glow and radiance to the skin while imparting fairness and suppleness.

Milk and honey face pack

Fairness with honey & lemon

Milk and honey is one of the most popular face packs with raw milk and we wouldn’t have missed this! Mix 2 tablespoons of milk with 1 tablespoon of honey and make it into a smooth pack. Apply it on the face and dry it. Wash off with water after 30 minutes. Not only does it fight skin ageing, blemishes, acne, pigmentation, large pore etc but also makes the skin lighter, brighter and glowing!

Raw milk makes for an excellent solution to a variety of skin problems. Make use of it and watch the skin miracle happen!