How lettuce / patta salada is beneficial for our health and beauty?

Lettuce more commonly known as patta salad in India is a leafy vegetable filled with valuable nutrients and a very low calorie. This vegetable comes with one of the best combinations of vitamins, minerals, fibers and anti-oxidants. Lettuce is not ideal for cooking, it is best to be served raw or boiled in salads and other dishes. The green leaves of lettuce are very tender and preserving them, once they have been picked from the ground can be difficult. Hence, it is best to consume these highly nutritious leafy vegetables fresh from the market or garden.

Lettuce has high water content along with protein, fat, carbohydrates, sugar and dietary fibers. It contains a whole range of vitamins that includes thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin K, Vitamin B-6, Folate, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and E. Lettuce also comes with an uncommon mineral profile. It contains, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium, phosphorous and zinc. This article will delve into the health as well as beauty benefits of lettuce.

Protects the brain and nerve cells

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The nerve cells or the neurons play the most vital role in communicating between different parts of the body. Ensuring the best health of these nerve cells is vital in order to enjoy the best brain functioning. Studies have found that the unique composition of nutrients present in lettuce can effectively retard the death of these neurons, hence it can be highly effective for better brain functioning and memory. Moreover, lettuce can be effective in controlling neuro-degeneration in elderly, which can control Alzheimer’s.

Promotes better cardiovascular health

Studies have proved that consumption of lettuce can directly reduce the amount of cholesterol in blood. Cholesterol is often the primary culprit behind a range of cardiovascular problems including high blood pressure that can even lead to artery blockage and heart attack. It has been observed that lettuce induces lipid peroxidation in the body which successfully takes down the total cholesterol levels. As the bad cholesterol is reduced, hence automatically the percentage of good cholesterol is increased in the body which ensures a better cardiovascular health. The high potassium content of this leafy vegetable also ensures better heart functioning.

Prevents cancer

Lettuce is filled with anti-oxidants that can protect the body cells from the effects of free radicals and also helps in preventing the formation of tumor. Studies have shown, some of the anti-oxidants present in lettuce might also be effective in inducing programmed death in the cancerous cells. Effects of lettuce extract particularly in patients of breast cancer and leukemia have been proved with certainty; however, for gaining the anti-cancer benefits of lettuce it is important to consume these leaves in high amount in your daily diet.

Helps in fighting depression

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Lettuce has been used in ancient medicine for fighting depression and mood swings. The rich vitamin and mineral composition of these leaves are expected to be the reason behind this benefit. High riboflavin and thiamine of this vegetable can be helpful to promote the secretion of feel good hormone in the brain, which might be the reason behind the anti-depressant properties of lettuce. Lettuce extract can also be effective to calm the nerves and to relieve anxiety. It also promotes better sleep.

Strengthens bones

Lettuce is rich in Calcium content and along with calcium it also has Zinc and Vitamin K, which plays a vital role in the mineralization of the bones. Hence the calcium of lettuce is easily absorbed into the bones ensuring strengthening of the skeletal system. It prevents bone density loss and can be a great vegetable to ensure that your bones are really strong.

Promotes vision

The components of lettuce have been found to aid extremely in vision. Vitamin A is vital for eyesight and 100gm of fresh and raw lettuce provides as much as 247% of the daily vitamin A requirements. Moreover, lettuce contains Zea-xanthin. This carotenoid is absorbed into the retina and there it helps in offering antioxidant and UV filtering effects helping one to enjoy better eyesight. Vitamin A and Zea-xanthin both has properties to prevent age related eye problems like macular degeneration and cataract.

Cures anemia

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Lettuce or patta salad is an ideal vegetable for curing iron deficiency related anemia. It contains both iron and copper which are vital for the formation of the red blood cells in the body. If you are suffering from iron deficiency, including more of lettuce in your regular diet can give you even better results than the iron supplements without any side effects that are common for medicinal supplements.


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Promotes digestive health

The dietary fiber and loads of vitamins present in lettuce promotes better digestion and absorption. The fibers help in bowel formation and bowel movement. If you are suffering from digestive problems like acidity, indigestion or constipation, including more of lettuce in your daily diet can give you the best results. As lettuce is also high in water content apart from dietary fibers, it works magically in curing constipation and other stomach disorders.

A perfect vegetable for pregnant women

During pregnancy it is really important to plan the diet perfectly and lettuce makes an ideal leafy vegetable to be included into the daily diet of an expecting as well as lactating mother. Lettuce has high folate content which is vital for the neural development of the fetus. The iron and calcium content of lettuce ensures that the expecting mother does not suffer from iron deficiency or bone loss due to calcium deficiency. The high fiber and water content of lettuce also cures problems like indigestion and constipation, which are quite common during pregnancy. Hence, lettuce makes one of the best natural foods an expecting mother can have.

Helps in weight management

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For people keeping an eye on their total calorie intake, lettuce can always be the best thing to eat. You can prepare a lettuce smoothie, lettuce juice or eat it in salad to get all the health benefits and energy without adding much to the total calorie intake. Moreover, being stuffed with water and dietary fibers, lettuce also helps in keeping you satiated for longer, helping you to keep a check on your total calorie intake.

Some of the most prominent beauty benefits of lettuce or patta salad include,

Keeps skin aging at bay

Are you worried about your skin as it has started to look more aged than you really are? Then take one vital step today and you can feel the difference within a month. Include more of lettuce in your daily diet and it is sure to give your skin the best benefits you might be looking for. Lettuce is filled with nutrients that are vital for a healthy and glowing skin. The components of lettuce negate the effects of free radicals on the skin and can also be helpful to revitalize the production of elastin and collagen in the skin which can help in keeping all the signs of aging at bay.

Protects from UV rays

UV rays are one of the major reasons that ruining our skin. The nutrients like Vitamin C and Vitamin E present in lettuce can effectively protect the skin from the harmful effects of the UV rays. So, only using a good sunscreen is not enough, also include loads of lettuce in your daily diet to get the best protection from UV rays.

Controls hair fall and promotes hair growth

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The unique vitamin and mineral composition of lettuce cures any vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the body, which are often the most common cause for hair fall. Another common reason of hair fall is digestive problems, and lettuce being able to promote a better digestive health it helps in restricting any hair fall caused due to intestinal problems. The zinc present in lettuce also promotes hair growth and hair health.