Cancer causes and prevention

Cancer is the deadliest disease on earth. Cancer develops when the cell growth is fast and innumerable. There are innumerable varieties of cancer. Cancer causes harm to the body when there is uncontrollable division of the cells. This forms the masses or the lumps and this is known as tumor. However, in case of leukaemia the scenario is something different. Tumors can grow and develop at random and it can interfere with the nervous system, the circulatory system and the digestive system. Tumors can release the sort of hormones that can cause alteration of the body functioning. Tumors grow in one specific spot and when the growth becomes uncontrollable the tumors are said to be benign.

The causes of cancer

Chemical is the cause of cancer

Causes & symptoms of cervical cancer

There are several things that can lead to cancer. You can suffer from cancer due to the intake of harmful chemicals. Many people have the tendency of tobacco smoking and this can cause lung cancer. Some people have the belief that smoking electronic cigarette can reduce the risk of having cancer. However, this is not the case. Electric cigars produce formaldehyde-forming chemicals and this can cause cancer more than anything else. Then alcohol is a form of chemical and it is an example of carcinogen and it is not a sort of mutagen. In males ten per cent of cancer cases are due to alcohol and in females three per cent of cancer cases are caused due to the intake of alcohol.

Cancer due to physical in-activeness and wrong diet

If you are physically inactive, obese and you are not on the right diet then you have the chances of suffering from cancer. More than 30 to 35 percent of people die due to this reason. When you have excess body weight it can lead to several cancerous effects. When you are physically inactive it can affect the endocrine system and the immunity system as well. When the diet is not right you tend to suffer from overnutrition. This is the time when you can have cancer. If the diet does not have the right content of vegetables, whole grains and fruits and in case you have the diet rich in red meat then there are chances that you may suffer from cancer. If you have a high salt diet then you may suffer from gastric cancer. When there is food contamination you can suffer from liver cancer. Due to Betel nut chewing you can suffer from oral cancer. You find more cases of gastric cancer in Japan and cases of colon cancer are more frequent in United States.

Cancer caused due to infection

Cancer may even happen due to infection. Eighteen per cent people suffer from cancer caused due to infection. Cancer may be caused due to the attack of the bacteria and parasites. There is a typical virus causing cancer and this is known as oncovirus. When there is bacterial infection the risk of cancer increases. You can even have cancer due to parasitic infection. There are more facts on the same and this will help you know in details regarding the various cancer types.

There are more reasons for cancer and these include radiation, heredity, physical agents and even hormones and others.

Prevention of cancer

Symptoms of prostate cancer

Preventing cancer is the best thing to do. You should know the ways by which you can stay safe from cancer and prevent the deadly disease from attacking your physiological system.

  • The first lesson you should learn is not to make use of tobacco. Consuming any sort of tobacco takes you closer to cancer. So, this is not at all safe.
  • It is important that you maintain a healthy diet. For this you need to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Keep notice of the fact that you don’t become obese. If you prefer consuming alcohol the intake should be low and limited. You should not have processed meats in excess.
  • In order to prevent cancer it is important that you stay physically active. When you have low weight you have lesser risks of having cancer. It is important that you stay physically active. When you are involved in some physical activity you are sure to have some of the best health benefits. These are the ways you can limit the possibilities of having cancer.