Symptoms of prostate cancer – How to know and recognize?

Prostate cancer is generally found in gents as the prostate gland is present in male individuals. Keeping it untreated will lead to death as like other cancer cells this will also spread throughout your body and damage all tissues and cells repeatedly. But, if you can start treating it from very beginning, you can easily win over these diseases as well. The painful disease can also reduce your sexual ability and the rate of infertility will also increase with this. There are different options of treatment for prostate cancer and even herbal remedies if the disease is found out right from the beginning. Males who have crossed 45 years of age must be cautious and should repeatedly go for examination to check whether they are having some cells of cancer in their prostate. This awareness will definitely save you from fatalities.

Researchers have found out prostate cancer to be the fifth deadliest disease among men crossed 45 years of age. In united state, it is ranked second. In Australia, prostate cancer comes in second position after non-melanoma skin cancer. Till date, no expert has found out a full proved treatment to eradicate prostate cancer. It is quite difficult to know the causes of prostate cancer. But, if your cancer cell is detected at the early stage, this will give you chance of recovery. In many cases individual gets free from such cancer cells.

About prostate cancer

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Every man is having prostate gland beneath the bladder which surrounds the upper portion of urethra. A malignant tumor placed in prostate is specifically known as prostate cancer. Since it grows really slow, you might not get any symptoms in the beginning stage.

Stages/forms of prostate cancer

  • Early Prostate cancer – Another name for this form of prostate cancer is localized prostate cancer. In individual can get this form of cancer for years without any problem.
  • Advanced prostate cancer – Here, the cancer cells have spread almost in all parts of the tissues in the body. Through blood stream, prostate cancer can also spread to pelvis and lymph.

Knowing the risky stage

Men having prostate cancer are definitely going through a miserable stage. But, for some men the risk factors are wider. Some of the people with risk are:

  •  Ancestors of a man who had suffered from prostate cancer have a high risk factor.
  • If you are man of African descent, the risk factor is increases.
  • Men older than 50 years have risk of prostate cancer.
  • If you are consuming diets that are high in animal fat, the risk of prostate cancer increases.

Symptoms of prostate cancer

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  • Weakness and improper flow of urine
  • Burning and pain while passing urine
  • Blood through urination
  • Impotence
  • Inability of urination
  • Increase in frequency of urination

If you have all or some of these symptoms mentioned above, it’s time for you to see a doctor immediately. Screening and testing is important under the treatment procedure of your doctor. If you have crossed 55 years and have a strong history of prostate cancer in your family, there might be chance that you get the same disease from your ancestors.

Tests followed to detect prostate cancer

  • DRE or digital rectal exam
  • Prostate specific antigen test or PSA

DRE is a test where the doctor inserts a lubricated finger inside the rectum. He tries to feel the back portion of the prostate and finds out whether there is any type of abnormality.

In PSA test, doctor take small sample of blood from your body and checks the PSA level in your blood. If you are suffering from prostate cancer, there will be large number of PSA in your bloodstream. This test can also detect the early stage of prostate cancer in a human being.

Males exceeding 50 years of age must be very cautious and go through regular checkup to prevent prostate cancer.

Ways to find out prostate cancer

Recognizing prostate cancer

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The particular gland placed just beneath the bladder of a man which also surrounds urethra in the upper part is known as prostate gland. The tumor formed in the prostate with malignant state must be checked and duly recognized. Since this is a slow process people hardly recognize the symptoms in the beginning have people will stay totally normal with prostate cancer in the preliminary stage. Even in the early stage, this prostate tumor can stay within the body for years without having any troubles.

But soon this initial stage can become advanced stage if you don’t recognize the diseases. Once the cancer has come up to the advanced stage, it will easily be spread to other parts of the body. This can also spread to the pelvis as well as the lymph nodes. This can travel through the bloodstream and also damages bones and lungs.

Find out whether you have risk

Frankly speaking all men has a risk of prostate cancer after the age of 45. But, even among male individuals, some have higher risk of prostate cancer. Men who have their ancestor and relatives with the same problem have the higher risk of prostate cancer. As compared to men in Asian countries, men with the origin of African descent have higher risk of prostate cancer. Even as compared to men in young age, older men has probably higher risk of prostate cancer. Even if you are among the individuals who consume animal fats in higher quantity, the risk of prostate cancer is quite high for you. But, if you can restrict your diet with green leafy vegetables and boiled curries, the risk would reduce.

Note the symptoms

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There are several symptoms that would probably let you know that you are suffering from prostate cancer. Some of the symptoms are:

  • Problem in urination
  • Infertility
  • Less urge for sexual intercourse
  • Pain while going through sexual intercourse
  • Very low flow of urine
  • Disruption in urination
  • Flowing of blood with urination

If you can feel all these symptoms you must be sure that you are suffering from the problem of prostate cancer.

Visiting health centre or doctor

As you have come across these symptoms, visiting doctor will be an important consideration in this regard. Only through doctors you will be able to recognize whether you have been infected with the prostate cancer cell or not. Doctors will also discuss the screening and testing needs as well. The history of prostate cancer needs to be found out by the doctor. People will never get a proper diagnosis and risk factor of prostate cancer if they don’t visit doctor.

PSA blood test

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It is found that men have less than 4 nanograms of PSA level. If the PSA level in individuals goes up, the chances of prostate cancer increase. If the PSA level in an individual is more than 10, chances of having prostate cancer will be more than 50%. Sometimes biopsy can be another important way of finding out whether you have the risk of prostate cancer or not. Even the age, sex and other factors are equally connected with whether you have the risk of prostate cancer or not. If the enlarged prostate condition is detected by your doctor, the chance of increased prostate cancer will be found out.

Symptoms of prostate cancer

You may not be able to get the prostate cancer signs at the initial stage. Even the signs can vary from one person to another. Doctors and physicians ask for regular screening and checkup of every individual who crosses 50 years of age. The early detection helps in curing the disease right from the root. But, if you come for treatment at the advanced stage, it becomes really difficult for the physicians to give you a fair remedy. The symptoms include:

  • Losing the bladder control
  • Getting the flow of blood through urine’
  • Decrease in velocity of the urine stream
  • Severe burning sensation during the urination
  • Very frequent urge for urination during the night time
  • Difficulty in starting as well as stopping while urination

Ways to know and find out that you are having prostate cancer

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The preliminary level and facts many not be enough to find out the prostate cancer. It is important to go through the detail of the disease so that you don’t give a chance to this deadly disease. The risk factor can vary from one person to another. The physician also wishes to know the family history of the patient who is suffering from the problem of prostate cancer.

Tests to recognize prostate cancer

Once you come across the above signs and symptoms, you must be visiting the physician. In most of the cases, the prostate cancer can be recognized at the initial screening stage. Digital rectal exam (DRE) and PSA test is conducted to find out the prostate cancer in each male individual. If the male individual going through the test has the PSA level less than 4 nanograms may not have prostate cancer. But, once the PSA level increase, there is a good chance that the individual is increasing the chance of prostate cancer.

Utility of PSA test

Even the PSA test can be quite useful, even if the patient is diagnosed with prostate cancer, PSA test will be still recognized. The tumor grade will be recognized with this particular test. Since PSA test is a part of the staging, it will help you find out whether the cancer can get confined to the prostate gland. You can be more specific about the type of cancerous cell. Even if you wish to go ahead with monitoring of prostate cancer, PSA test will be a useful option.