Top household products to avoid that causes cancer at home

Many of the regular based home cleaning products, air fresheners and cookware products contains of carcinogens like formaldehyde, methylene chloride, nitrobenzene and naphthalene. They also comprise of reproductive toxins and hormone disruptors. These are all harmful agents, and causes the cancers. The commonly used home products that we have to avoid are shown below.

1. Cookware – In our houses we often cook the items in the cookware sets like pans and pots. Along with these many household items are given with the dash of nonstick coating, renowned as Teflon. The chemical present in the nonstick coated items is composed with the cancer causing agents, and it enters the food while cooking preparation. So do not make use the non stick pans and other Teflon coated items to cook over 300 degrees, stop the usage when the coating was scratched. Substitute them with glass, ceramic, copper and cast iron for the safe hot dish.

2. Air fresheners – Air fresheners are encompassed with the naphthalene and formaldehyde. Air fresheners lead to the cancer problems due to poisonous substances and could leave you and your loved ones infertile, brain damaged or chronically ill. So, it is better to avoid them because most air fresheners contain phthalates, which are other things interfere with male hormone production. Air fresheners contain cancer causing volatile organic compounds and that can interfere with respiration, reproduction, and cellular regeneration.

3. VOC – The products that are made out of VOC – volatile organic compounds cause the cancer, reports a survey. Most common products where we can see the VOC presence is: paints, waxes, varnishes, pesticides, lacquer coated, building materials, furnishing and few other cleaning products. All these products will lead to cause cancer.

4. Carcinogens – Epoxy, acrylic paints, rubber cement glues, solvents and permanent markers mostly contains of carcinogens. These carcinogens are not good for the health from any corner.

5. Skin powders – Few talc powders contain Carcinogenic which is a risk factor for ovarian cancer and also irritates the lungs.

6. Paints –In these products methylene chloride is more common and it is the main cause of the cancer. It is used in most of the paint sprays, paint strippers, paint removers and aerosol.

7. Radon – Radon is a naturally occurring gas and it is colorless, odorless and tasteless. It is a radioactive gas and is exploited from soil, rock etc. It is considered as a serious gas due to its effects on the health, there are results that radon leads to cancer. Water which is not purified and not sealed also contains the radon.

8. Automotive suppliers – Automotive suppliers are mostly toxic. Keep them far away from the home and dispose. Automotive suppliers are rich in chemicals that are harmful to health. The chemicals are hazardous to health.

9. Artificial sugars and sweeteners – Avoid the food items that are made up of artificial sweeteners as they cause cancer and birth defects too. These artificial sweeteners and sugars will make the body acidified and develop the causing cells, which calls for cancer in later.

10. Artificial candles – Avoid paraffin candles which are scented artificially, they produce combustion by-products. Prefer to use beeswax with cotton wicks. Most of the candles are toxic. Scented candles consist of lead wiring in their wicks, that the chemical in it is released into the air upon burning. It also leads to hormone disruption, disorders and various other health problems. Most of the candles are prepared by paraffin wax which, when lightened generates highly toxic compounds such as benzene and toluene. But, both of which are carcinogenic. When the artificial or scented candles are burned, the toxins present in it enter into the air and then end up in your lungs.

11. Fruits without rinse – We know that apples, dry fruits, strawberries, blackberries, oranges, grapes and other fruits contain rich amount of proteins and nutrients but many of the fruits are contaminated by cancer resulting pesticides.

12. Dry cleaning – While you are giving the clothes for dry cleaning ask them for not to use perchlorethylene or wet cleaning instead. You can opt citrus juice cleansers and liquid co2. They are highly chemically oriented products that cause cancer.

13. Microwaves – If you are using microwaves then don’t heat the food directly with the plastic containers, it leads to release of harmful elements and may cause cancer. Microwave foods are harmful to health due to the chemicals. It is better to avoid microwave foods for good health.

14. Household cleaners – Household cleaners get relied on for years and actually contain harmful chemicals and are linked to a variety of health issues. Health issues induces asthma, cancer and neurological disorders. The common household cleaners and most of the detergents contain toxic chemicals, like as Diethanolamine, Acetone, methylene chloride, and ethoxylated nonyl phenol. You can replace household cleaners with natural alternatives such as baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar.

15. Deodorant that is antiperspirant – Many people use deodorants daily to cover up foul body odor and reduce armpit perspiration. Antiperspirant deodorants are not good, if you want, you can avoid them with chemicals like aluminum chlorohydrate, which can absorb directly into the skin. It helps to promote the formation of breast cancer and believed to contribute to brain disease like Alzheimer’s. The deodorants include parabens. Parabens are an artificial preservative that stimulates estrogen in the body. It promotes the growth of cancer cells. The parabens are linked to some health problems such as gastrointestinal damage, nausea and central nervous system depression.

16. Shampoos and conditioners – Most of the cosmetic products are huge in toxins. Shampoos and conditioner may have sodium lauryl sulfate, which is dangerous to cause cancer due to the presence of cancer causing byproducts when used. There are some other carcinogenic additives, which are commonly used in most of the hair care products that includes polyethylene glycol and Cocamide DEA. It is recommended to use eco-friendly shampoos on the market, which is the safest.