DIY homemade moisturisers

During winter season the skin becomes rough and dry. Simple application of body oil before going for a bath is not enough. The skin needs more protection to fight with the extreme cold weather. There are a variety of creams and moisturizers to protect the skin tone. Lack of moisture in air can give rise to dry skin along with its severe effects throughout.

Not always does the dry skin affect an individual only during the winter season, even during the summers when the humidity is minimum, you tend to have dry skin. Thus, it is important to moisturize your skin with some skin care elements. Staying beautiful is an ultimate mantra that will help you stay trendy. But today it is also connected with staying natural. During winter your skin becomes too dry.

This gives rise to wrinkles all over. You will definitely get the oils and moisturizers available in the market. But, the best way to stay you beautiful will be the natural and homemade moisturizer. Try this today and get the best deal of your beauty. We are going to discuss about the homemade winter body lotion in this article.

Use of home remedies

Moisturizer for skin is always required whenever you get up from bed and your skin becomes dry and clumsy. If you are using the greasy creams to moisturize your skin, acne and blemishes can crop up. Even your skin will look very dull and dark if greasy creams are applied. If you are using the moisturizers available in the market, this might be very harmful. The skin becomes dried during the extreme climate in the winter season. You can use some household ingredients to make great moisturizers which will be great and effective for all skin tones.

DIY moisturizing lotion recipes for winter dry skin

Neem and coconut

The neem leaves should be crushed and made into a paste first. It should then be mixed with coconut/olive oils. If coconut oil is being used it should be heated properly so that it does not have any lumps in it and is in the form of smooth liquid. The moisturizer formed is smooth in texture and it helps the skin in retaining moisture for a longer time. The anti-healing agents of neem is known to protect the skin from environmental toxins.

Shea butter

Shea Butter should be melted and brought to its liquid form. Then it can be mixed with oils such as sea buck-thorn, rosehip, geranium etc. to obtain a natural moisturizer at home. Shea butter is very effective in keeping the skin moisturized and nourished in winter, whereas the oils are effective in soothing dry skin and removing the itchiness.


Argan oil, Emu oil and other essential oils like lemongrass, rose etc. are all ready-made oils available in the market. They can be mixed together which will give us a homemade moisturizer quite effective for the winter dry skin. The mix should be stored in a glass container. Argan oil soothes the skin. The emu oil and the other essential oils help in locking moisture inside the skin and provide an overall healing effect.


The juice of the hibiscus flower can be obtained by boiling the petals in clear water or grinding down the petals to extract the juice. The moisturizing lotion is then made by taking the juice/pulp of the flower and mixing it with a hand cream or coconut oil. It enhances the health of the skin since it contains anthocyanins and antioxidants which soothes the dry skin.

Cinnamon and coffee

Cinnamon and coffee mixed together to make an excellent scrub. The cinnamon sticks should be crushed and turned into powder, which is then mixed with coffee powder. It is usually a dry mix, but it can be turned into a liquid lotion by adding olive oil. It gives the skin a healthy boost and makes it glow in winter.

Olive oil

DIY body butter for the healthy skin

The oil is good for skin and when it is dry skin, olive oil is the best moisturizer. If you are using this for dry skin or for normal skin in winter, you will get good results. This oil has got anti oxidants that will sooth the skin and repair damaged skin. This will also prevent wrinkles and acne.


Honey is a moisturizer and can be applied to dry skin. Massage it directly onto your skin and wait for 10 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat this for each day in the winter months and you will find it giving your skin a natural glow and healthy softness.

Aloe vera

This plant has got leaves that stores gel. You need to cut the leaves and squeeze the gel out. Store this in your refrigerator. It is clear gel and will give your skin protection from infection apart from moisturizing the skin.

Coconut oil

This oil is easy to obtain and is a very friendly mate of your skin. It moisturizes your skin and cares for any problem area of your body. The elbows, knees and hands can be moisturized with this natural moisturizer.

You will need moisturizer for your skin. There are requirement of the lips and hands of your body for moisturizer. Let’s find out a good way to moisturize these other parts of your body.

Sugar scrub

You will find that the elbows and knees need exfoliation and a proper moisturizer. This works wonders. Use 2 part of sugar with one part of olive oil. Add an essential oil with this mixture so that it smells good and works better. You can choose lavender, sage or lemon. You can store this scrub and use to moisturize and exfoliate the harsh areas.

Avocado balm for lips

This fruit makes balm to protect and moisturize your lips. Mix coconut oil with the paste of this fruit. Add shea butter or mango butter and a little beeswas with this paste. This is good for storing too. Make sure your lips look perfectly healthy in winter with this paste.

Moisturizer for hands

Top night cream recipes for skin care

Prepare salve for your hands. Use shea butter, vitamin E and coconut oil for preparing the salve. You can also use olive oil or avocado oil instead of coconut oil.

Foot scrub

You can mix cooked pumpkin with brown sugar and olive oil. Add a few drops of lemon juice and a spoon full of coffee bean powder. This helps to keep your foot soft and free of harsh epidermis.

The winter takes away the moisture from your body. You can prepare few organic moisturizers and scrubs to take care of your body and keep a healthy look.

Moisturizer for dry skin

Olive oil, lemon and eggs serve as a great natural skin moisturizer. Apply it on the face and hands and let it stand for 15 minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water.

Another moisturizer helpful for dry skin winter is prepared by using cocoa butter, grated beeswax, distilled water, sesame oil, coconut oil and olive oil. Mix beeswax and water and heat on low heat. Add cocoa butter to this mixture and blend it. Then gradually add the other oils –coconut, sesame and olive oil and blend to a thick creamy paste. Cool and store in a glass jar. Apply on the body daily.


Along with natural cleanser, milk is also regard as the anti dry ingredient that reduces itchiness. Since milk also contains lactic acid, this helps in exfoliating dead skin and cells lying on your skin. Not only this, milk is also regarded as a natural fairness specialist. You can now soak cotton or a soft cloth in milk and gently rub your face. This can be acted as a natural cleaner which can make your dry skin much more glowing.

Alternatively you can make a pack out of milk, few drops of rose water and also and few drops of lemon juice. Apply this solution over your face and body in such a way that the solution gets inside your skin. You will soon feel that your face and other parts of skin is getting duly moisturized.


Another milk product named as Yogurt is also very effective in washing away dryness from your skin by leaving it hydrated and well moisturized. During hot weather climate when people get too much dehydrated with excess sweating Yogurt helps in replenishing the water level. You may also get itchiness due to dryness of your skin during winter. This can be eradicated with the help of yogurt solution. Dryness and itchiness can also be the result of germs and bacteria attacking over your skin. Thus, you need to keep it moisturized always. Just get some fresh yogurt from the market and apply it over your skin and face in such a way that it covers all parts. After leaving this yogurt over your skin for 10 minutes you can easily wash it away with warm water. It also acts as a mild exfoliate and you can get fresh skin like always.


You can also make a wonderful pack with papaya that can remove dryness of your skin leaving it very beautiful and moisturized. To make this pack, you need some papaya cut in cube shape, honey and lemon juice 1 teaspoon each. Take all these ingredients in a grinder, mix it properly and apply it over your skin. Just keep it for 10 minutes and wash away to get a well moisturized and beautiful skin.


Another ingredient that is effective in keeping your face moisturized and well hydrated is Almond. Even if it is a hard substance, you can use it as a wonderful exfoliate that will remove all rough and dead skin layer from your face and skin and will leave it look very soft and beautiful. First of all you need to grind the almond in half broken pieces in such a way that it is not too small nor too big. Now add a spoon of milk and a teaspoon of honey.

Mix it well and rub it over your face. It will act as an exfoliate by removing dead skin layer from your skin and once you leave it for 10 minutes after rubbing it, it will also work as a moisturizer. You can easily wash it away from your face with hot water and see the difference. Once your touch your skin after this, the softness and moisturized property will be realized. You need to apply this pack and exfoliate for twice in a week to stay moisturized naturally during the dry seasons. Itchiness and scaly skin forming over your skin will be ideally removed like this.

Almond oil

Best tips for dry skin

Oil extracted from naturally obtained almond is really effective as it is a wonderful source of Vitamin E and is considered as wonderful remedy for dry skin tone. You need to take adequate almond oil in a container, wake it lukewarm under the flame and apply it over your body and face where you feel dry skin has affected you. Do this half an hour before you are going for shower or else the oil will not be removed completely. Once you are done with the shower, you can feel the dampness over your body as an effect of the almond oil. You also need to apply a light moisturizer over it to keep your moisture on skin alive.


Oatmeal is regarded as a wonderful exfoliates for all types of skin especially when you have a very tough dry skin layer over your body along with flaky skin. Since the oatmeal contains high protein, a protective barrier on your skin will be established. If you want to get a soothing bath with oatmeal, add a cup of plain oatmeal over the bath water, add warm water and lavender oil on it. This will give you a soothing bath with lessening effect of dryness over the skin.

Alternatively, you can make a recipe with a cup of ground oatmeal, mashed ripe banana and half cup of milk. Mix them all well and apply it over your skin. This will also be a wonderful exfoliate once you slowly rub it over your skin. Even after rubbing keep it for a period of 15 minutes. Wash it away and see well moisturized and glowing skin.

Alternatively you can also drink a warm glass of water with a single teaspoon of almond oil in it everyday before going to bed. After waking up in the morning you can see a natural glow over your face. This is really effective and a proven face especially when you are suffering from an excessive dry skin tone problem. But you need to continue this habit everyday in order to stay inclined to moisturized and beautiful skin tone for a longer period of time. 

Moisturizing lotions and creams are essential in the winter season. The skin care products available in the market contain harmful ingredients, hence it is advisable to use homemade moisturizing lotions which are safe, more effective and less expensive.

Moisturizing lotions for winter dry skin care

Homemade lotions are made from ingredients that are non-greasy and help to keep the skin healthy.

Lotion of dried peppermint leaves

Skin care tips for dry skin

An effective creamy moisturizing lotion can be made by using dried peppermint leaves that are soaked in distilled water or rosewater and mixed with beeswax. This lotion can be used by individuals with all types of skin. It is safe enough to be used on the delicate skin of the babies as well.

It is prepared by melting 3 tablespoons of beeswax in ¾ cup of oil in a microwave. The beeswax must be mixed properly so that there are no beeswax chips floating. Leave the mixture to cool down. Soak peppermint leaves in a cup of water and blend them in a blender with the essential oil. Add melted wax in the blender and keep blending till the lotion thickens and has a creamy feathery. It can be stored in a sterilized bottle for three months for daily use. Touch.

Oatmeal lotion

It is another non greasy lotion which serves as a good exfoliating agent to remove the dead skin cells. This can be used as primer base before putting makeup during winter and can also be used to remove the make-up at night. This lotion is prepared by making a mixture of ground oatmeal and water.

Homemade ultra-moisturizing lotion

This lotion is prepared by using shea butter and small amount of nourishing oil like jojoba, almond or apricot oil, some drops of lavender essential oil, rosemary essential oil, carrot seed oil and tea tree essential oil. Heat shea butter and nourishing oil on low heat. Cool and place in the fridge for 15 minutes to harden. Add the essential oils and carrot oil and whisk for a couple of minutes. Store the lotion in a glass jar at room temperature. The oils in this base moisturizing lotion can be added or reduced according to one’s suitability and liking.

Avocado-honey moisturizer

Winter skin care tips for healthy skin

The winter season plays excess havoc on aging skin. Hence moisturiser becomes essential to act as fillers for the wrinkles and make the skin look smooth. This homemade moisturizer is prepared by using fresh cream, avocado and honey. Puree the avocado and mix it with fresh cream and honey to make a smooth cream. Apply it on the skin and wash after an hour with warm water.

Simple homemade moisturizer

It can be made by using coconut oil, liquid vitamin E, and lavender and tea tree oil. All these ingredients are mixed in a bowl into creamy paste and store it in a glass jar to use it twice a day.

Glycerine and honey

is a good moisturizer in winter. Glycerine helps to retain the moisture of the skin and reduces the dryness of the skin. Combine glycerine and honey and apply it on the face and body regularly to keep the body moisturized.

Egg yolk moisturizer

Most of the people love to have the yolk portion of the egg. Even this is really healthy as it contains good amount of protein. The egg yolk helps in the growth and development of your child. Now this particular ingredient work well for your skin too. You have to break an egg and separate the yolk from the white portion. Now, add little honey in it. Mix both the ingredients well and apply over your face and skin. Keep for 10 minutes and then wash it away with lukewarm water. This will go to the deep root of your skin and make yourself moisturized.

Strawberry with honey moisturizer

How to use rosewater for skin care

You must have heard about the variety of creams and moisturizers made from strawberries. It is really important to get the best moisturizer that is combined with the natural ingredient. You must stay away from the moisturizer that is having maximum chemicals. Make homemade moisturizer that has the combination of strawberry and honey. Take handful of strawberries and take it in a blender. Now take honey of a cup and mix it with it. Mix it again with some olive oil. Now store it in a container and use it.

Pear juice and cream

Another moisturizer you can make at home will be a combination of the pear juice and heavy cream. It is a wonderful natural remedy with moisture all over your skin. You can keep this in your refrigerator and use it whenever you require. This is one of the best natural products for your skin. Try this today and stay away from the dry skin tone. You must be aware of the natural remedy that has benefited thousands of people around the nation.

Yogurt and egg recipe

An effective moisturizer can be formed with egg and yogurt.  Only egg white needs to be whipped proportionately and add the ingredients like 3 tsp of lemon juice, honey as well as yogurt. Mix it with spoon or blender to get a proper mixture. Apply this over your face and keep it as it is for 15 minutes. There after rinse it off and get a very well moisturized skin.

Beewax and avocado oil

You can find some avocado oil and bee wax at home which can help you in getting a well moisturized skin. Since the bee wax has the natural oil supply, it helps in boosting the skin of an individual. Also essential vitamins and minerals is present in Avocado oil which also has the anti aging properties. Thus, you will not only get your skin moisturized but also get you free from aging.

Orange juice

Winter face skin care tips

You might get variety of orange juices in the market which include preservatives. These are generally made for consumption purpose. But, for your skin moisturizer, you must choose the fresh lemon juice without any preservatives. You need to get fresh oranges from the market and extract juices from it. Take 2 spoon of such juice and combine it with a teaspoon of olive oil. Now apply it over your skin such as hands and legs to get well moisturized skin during the winter season.


It is a famous dark circle removing ingredients and holly moisturizer for your eyes. It removes the puffiness around your eyes instantly. You just have to cut a cucumber and place its slice on both of your eyes and lay back for 15 minutes. It sting outs sun bun around your eyes and improves eye sight as well.

Fresh Milk Crème

Instead of using raw milk you can use a crème layer of boiled milk and start massaging your skin gently in a upward direction, you might add some lemon drops into it to make it non sticky. Wipe it off with cotton, it works as a cleaning milk as well and removes dirt from your skin.


Yes! It is the one of the richest lactic acid ingredient found in many expensive skin care products. It removes dead skin cells, speed up the cell rejuvenation. It helps new skin cells to look younger and brighter. Dip a washed cloth in butter milk and gently run it on your skin to get awesome results.

Caster Oil

It has the highest concentration of fatty acids which enables it to quickly absorbed by any skin type. It hydrates the skin inside out and an effective lubricant for dry patches. Its Linoleic acid creates a barrier from loosing moisture from the skin.

Body moisturizer

How to keep the skin moisturized

Take 1/3 cup of milk, 2 tbsp of lime juice and 1 tbsp of olive oil. Mix all the ingredients well and store it in the refrigerator. You can use this mixture as a body moisturizer on a daily basis.

Homemade side lotion

Add equal amounts of Bergamot essential oil and Lavender oil. Mix it well and store it in a bottle.  You can use this as a body moisturizer on a daily basis for greater results.

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Steps to make moisturizer at home

Ingredients required

  • Cocoa butter ( 1 teaspoon)
  • Aloe Vera gel (1 cup)
  • Grape-seed oil/ Almond oil ( 2 cups)
  • Vitamin E oil (1 teaspoon)
  • Few drops of essential oil

How to prepare?

You have to take double boiler and place it over the low heat of the oven. Place some bee wax and keep it for boil in the double boiler container. Now, take a medium sized bowl and combine essential oils, aloe Vera gel and vitamin E oil. As soon as you see the oils got melted, place it in a cool place and allow it to get its room temperature. As soon as the oils are cooled in room temperature, you must pour the aloe Vera gel in it. Now use the blender and mix it appropriately till it becomes soft and takes the form of a lotion. Now, you can pour the lotion in a jar or a container that can effectively store the homemade lotion for a long time. You can store it in a refrigerator to get better preservation.

If your skin is sensitive or dry, choosing right products from the market will be really important. If you do not wish to take risk in this regard, using the homemade creams will be wise choice. The homemade ingredients will be a wonderful source of antioxidants which will also remove the free radicals from your skin and body. You can make a wonderful face cream with the help of ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter.

The method of preparing the homemade cream is very easy. If you are making the moisturizer in winter month, the coconut oil tined in the tin container must have become solid. First of all, you have to get it melted either by placing it over a flame or dipping the tin in the hot water. Now you have to take a double boiler container and include all ingredients in it. Heat all the ingredients properly and continue boiling until the cocoa butter melts completely. You can remove the same from heat and allow it to cool for some time. Since you will be using it during the winter season, it will be likely to solidify. You can get a lump of the cream and place it on your hand and rub it between your palms and apply it as a moisturizer.

Stay away from chemicals

It is quite easy to get variety of moisturizers in the market but getting a vivid looks on its side effects is important. If you want to stay away from such chemical effects, home remedies would be preferable. Apart from weather and seasonal effect, dry skin can also take place due to aging. Some people have dry skin in their genes and thus create negative effects with regards to their skin.

With the arrival of winter people starts suffering from the dry skin tone. Even if there are number of remedies to stay away from dry skin, people are not very sure about how effective they are and how can these chemicals affects individuals. The best thing will be to adopt home remedies. Now, you can easily make some easy and effective remedies to remove dry skin layer from your skin. Whether it is dry or a wet season, your skin will invariably require moisturizers. After having bath or washing your face with a cleanser or a face wash, your face will become dry, it becomes really important to apply moisturizer immediately over your face. Without moisturizer your skin will become too dry with the feeling that there is too much of pull over your skin.


• What are the benefits of using a homemade moisturiser?

Using a homemade moisturiser can provide many benefits, such as being more cost-effective, avoiding unnecessary chemicals and fragrances, and allowing for more personalized ingredients.

• What ingredients do I need to make a homemade moisturiser?

You will need carrier oils such as jojoba, almond, or coconut oil; essential oils such as lavender or chamomile; and a natural wax such as beeswax or shea butter.

• How do I mix the ingredients to make a homemade moisturiser?

Mix together 1/4 cup of almond oil, 1 tablespoon of beeswax, 1 tablespoon of cocoa butter, 1 tablespoon of shea butter, and 1/2 teaspoon of vitamin E oil.

• How long does a homemade moisturiser last?

Typically, a homemade moisturiser can last up to 2 weeks when stored in a cool, dry place.

• How often should I use a homemade moisturiser?

It depends on your skin type and the ingredients used in the moisturiser, but generally it is recommended to use it every day.

• What type of skin is best suited for a homemade moisturiser?

Any skin type can benefit from a homemade moisturiser, however, those with dry or sensitive skin may find it particularly beneficial.

• Which essential oils are best for making a homemade moisturiser?

Some of the best essential oils for making a homemade moisturiser are jojoba oil, almond oil, coconut oil, and lavender oil.

• Are homemade moisturisers more effective than store-bought moisturisers?

It largely depends on the ingredients used and the individual’s skin type.

• What are the side effects of using a homemade moisturiser?

The most common side effects of using a homemade moisturiser are skin irritation, redness, and inflammation.

• Is it possible to make an all-natural homemade moisturiser?

Yes, it is possible to make an all-natural homemade moisturiser.