How to use rosewater for skin care

Rose water is a natural antioxidant with a bunch of benefits to offer a better skin health. Apart from the mesmerizing fragrance of it, it also works as an effective hydrating and anti-inflammatory agent with natural goodness. Rose water also holds antibacterial properties which make it a perfect choice for sensitive and acne prone skin.

The best part about using rosewater in skin care is that it can be used in many ways and being a natural product it has no harmful effects on the skin, even if used in overdose. So, include this mild and highly beneficial natural product in your skin care regime and enjoy a perfect skin that glows with health. Read on to know how you can include rosewater in your regular skin care regime.

Rosewater as a toner

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Toning your skin makes a vital part of the regular CTM routine which is a must to follow to have a healthy and problem free skin. You can use rosewater directly on your skin as a toner or as an ingredient with some other skin friendly natural products with toning capacity. The formula to make an effective skin toner infused with the natural goodness of rose water is as follows


  • Rose water
  • Aloe Vera
  • Tulsi leaves

Crush 8-10 Tulsi leaves and add half spoon of Aloe Vera juice with it. It is best suggested if you can use Aloe Vera directly from your garden. Now add 50ml of rose water to the mixture; mix the ingredients well and store the preparation in an airtight container in your refrigerator. Your natural toner infused with the goodness of rose water is now ready.


Once you have cleansed your face properly, take out the container shake it well and Soak a cotton ball in it.  Now dab the cotton ball on your face and neck. Rose water being a very mild product can be used even for the sensitive areas under the eyes. However, while applying rose water on your skin never rub it hard; rather let it be on the surface of the skin, from where it will be naturally absorbed. After you have applied the toner properly, leave it for few minutes till it is absorbedinto the skin and follow with your moisturizer.

Rosewater in face pack

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Rosewater can be used in more or less every homemade face pack to increase its efficiency. The potions that are sure to offer the best results include

  • Rose water and multani mitti (Fuller’s earth): Fuller’s earth can make an excellent natural face pack for oily skinned beauties. This special type of clay is loaded with minerals which naturally ensure a better overall health of your skin. By adding rosewater to Fuller’s earth you can simply add to its efficiency. Take Fuller’s earth and add sufficient rose water to it to make a smooth paste. Now apply the pack on your skin evenly in an upward motion, and leave it for 10-15 minutes before washing off with cold water.
  • Rosewater with Honey and cucumber: Smash half of a cucumber after peeling its skin. Add half spoon of honey and 8-10 drops of rose water in it and mix well. Apply the face pack whenever you wish to give your skin a boost of freshness instantly. After leaving the pack on skin till it gets half dry, you should use cold water to wash your face and pat dry.

Rosewater in your moisturizer

You can add rosewater to your regular moisturizer as well to make it even more effective and refreshing. Just take your moisturizer and add 2-3 drops of rosewater in it and apply. If you like to use the same moisturizer in winter and also in summer, rosewater can be efficiently used to thin the moisturizer in summer, so that it does not feel heavy on your skin.

Rosewater as a cleanser

You can use rosewater to cleanse your face as well. It works best when you use it along with other oils. Mix 8-10 drops of rose water with few drops of extra virgin olive oil. Now use the mixture to cleanse your face and neck with the help of a cotton ball. This cleanser will ensure that your skin is properly cleaned and yet it is not ripped of essential moisture.

Some more rosewater face packs for your skin

Rosewater and sandalwood face pack

Beauty benefits of rose water for skin care

Are you suffering from acne and you are just not able to control the excess oil on your face in this hot summer? Then try out this face pack for sure results. Prepare a good amount of sandalwood paste by rubbing the sandalwood stick on the sandstone but instead of using normal water, use rosewater for making the paste. Apply this pack onto your face and let it set for 10 minutes or until it gets dry. Before washing off with water, you should wet your hands and rub the skin lightly with the pack.

Rosewater and turmeric face pack

Turmeric can be very effective for getting a clean skin complexion and by adding rosewater with turmeric you can easily increase the efficiency of the pack. Take 2 inches of fresh turmeric roots and use rosewater as required to make a smooth paste of it. Now apply the pack onto your face and neck. Let it set for 15 minutes and remove by rubbing the pack on your skin with wet hands. Finally wash off with plenty of water.

Red lentil and rosewater face pack

Red lentil is considered as one of the most effective ingredients for oily skin. A pack cum scrub made from rosewater and red lentils can be very effective in curing acne. This pack also helps in toning the skin. Soak 3 spoons of red lentil in adequate rosewater overnight and make a paste with it in the morning. Use this paste as a pack on your face and leave on for 10 minutes before scrubbing your face with the pack. Do not forget to wet your hands before you scrub. Wash off with water. You can repeat this treatment every alternate day for the best results.