Hair fall control with yoga

Hair fall is a very common problem that all of us face nowadays. If the problem persists and there is remarkable thinning and baldness it feels really awful and we try to follow different means to tackle this problem. Hair fall can be due to some internal health problems or some external issues too, like genetic to hormonal imbalance, diseases or dandruff, unhealthy eating habits, or excessive smoking, or using too much chemicals on the hair to style it or some other stress related problems.

Hair loss can be taken care of with yoga, and of course a proper diet. Yoga connects the body and the soul. Yoga and pranayam surely can help relieve stress which in turn prevents hair loss. Yoga, along with meditation and correct breathing techniques, activates the whole body, helps in proper blood circulation, thus effectively improving body mechanisms and getting rid of stress and anxiety, thus preventing hair fall. Some of the yoga postures, where the head position helps in improved blood circulation to the scalp, thus working towards better hair growth.

Do daily surya Namaskar


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Surya Namaskar is the most common of all asanas as it is a solution for almost all health problems. With no exception to hair loss too. It also works wonders if one is suffering from premature greying too. The Surya Namaskar has 12 poses which helps reduce weight around the waist, helps in blood circulation and is is an effective cardiovascular workout. It helps to keep the lungs healthy and thus the blood remains full of oxygen.

Sirsasana exercise

Sirsasana-exerciseSirsasana or the headstand is a tough posture. If one can master this posture, it has many physical as well as mental benefits too. It improves focus, helps to reduce stress and blood flow increases to the head which stops hair fall and helps in hair growth.

Utthanasana exercise

Utthanasana-exerciseUtthanasana helps in relieving all the stress and anxiety which is the root cause of hair fall. it helps in proper blood circulation to the head and to the scalp , thereby preventing hair loss.

Balayam yoga


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Balayam yoga made famous by Baba Ramdev, is a very simple asana that can be performed anytime and at any place. Just curl your fingers and rub the nails against each other very vigorously for a few minutes. It cures dandruff, promotes hair growth and also controls premature greying.

Anulom Vilom

Anulom-VilomAnulom Vilom are pranayam postures. One can inhale and exhale alternatively through the left and right nostrils staying focused and concentrating continuously for 5 minutes or more. This helps the lungs to function properly thus getting rid of tension, anxiety , depression and as a resultĀ  preventing hair loss.


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Kapalbhati Pranayam

Kapalbhati-PranayamKapalbhati Pranayam is another method of inhaling and exhaling, this to be done with both nostrils, so that you are breathing in and out forcefully with the help of your stomach. This also has to be done for 5 minutes at a stretch. Continuous practice brings brightness to the faceĀ  and cures under eye dark circles. This also improves blood circulation to the body , thus checking hair fall and helping in hair growth.