How to keep your hair color from fading

The very first thing you have to keep in mind to ensure that your hair color does not fade quickly is to use the best quality permanent dye. You only get what you pay for; so if you want your hair color to last longer the first criteria is to use the professional hair colors because they can go really a long way when taken care of.

Many girls love to shower the color on their hair, not just spreading color is vital but maintaining the color is major. How would feel losing the gorgeous color on your hair with in a day or two from the parlor treatment, isn’t annoying! Might be more than that! So, rescue your hair color from passing down along with the water while you are showering or wafting in the air during the summer season.
When you expose to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, certain kind of hair colors fade out slightly, whereas few will be vanished instantly. Even using the high temperature water on your hair and choosing wrong shampoo are also some other reasons of the hair fading list.

Tips to protect your hair color from fading

Don’t use hot water

Using hot water to the colored hair is a wrong decision you’re making, though it gives warmth but is not an ideal way to protect your hair. Hot water makes the color to bleed and fade. As like the action on our skin, hot water acts similar on the hair too. Hot water makes the skin pores to get opened in order to release or absorb, likewise it makes the hair to release the color particles. So, kindly be aware of using hot water to your lovely colored hair.

Don’t Choose a wrong shampoo

You need to pick up the shampoo bottle that is designed  for color treated hair. But make sure it’s not  a clarifying shampoo. A clarifying shampoo fade the color of the hair through its clarifying ingredients, though it is written to treat the color treated don’t choose it because it will strip the color. Choose the one that doesn’t have clarifying ingredients.

While shampoos free from sulfate are also suggested to wash the color-treated hair but they don’t work for all hair kinds. Well, shampoo with a safe formula for one to three times in a week. If you fond of applying medicated shampoos use it on your scalp and rinse it off, don’t allow it to spread on the entire hair.


A live-in conditioner do all the things of protection, if you wish to hang-out somewhere apply your hair a layer of live-in conditioner, comb it thoroughly but don’t rinse it off. Though your hat and scarf provides the protection but is upto a mark, so use a conditioner which will give complete protection to the hair color.

Use vinegar rinse

Use white vinegar to rinse your hair before going to color the hair, it will helps to take out the residue, dirt and other itchiness creating particles, by which the skin becomes soft and clean.

Try applying the white vinegar to the hair a day before you are going to color the hair. Then after rinsing the color again apply the vinegar to your head. This simple process helps to raise the pH level, close the cuticle and locks the color in. It even helps the color from fading out.

Apart from choosing the right hair care products there are also a few things that you can do to keep your that gorgeous hair color from fading.

Shower smarter: One of the basic reasons of fading of your hair color is showering. Now you cannot actually help it, but it is better to keep your hair from getting wet as much as you can. Standing directly under the shower can fade your hair color over time. In addition to that tap water comes added with chlorine and often loaded with minerals like iron and magnesium; all of which naturally dulls your hair color with time. So, apart from using normal or only mild hot water while you shower, also ensure that the water you use is filtered.  The water should be free from the elements that can damage your hair color.

Wash your hairs only as minimum as possible:  If you are trying to keep your hair color from fading for long, you have to abandon the habit of washing your hairs regularly or even once a week. Go as minimum as possible when it comes to washing your hairs, no matter the shampoo you will be using. Using dry shampoo in between washes can be a good option to keep your hairs clean and also to reduce the number of hair wash.  You can apply the dry shampoo on your hairs at night and in the morning you will wake up with clean hairs.

Use deep conditioning hair mask for colored hairs: Chemical dyes make your hair porous and causes drying. This dryness works as one of the major reasons to fade your hair color. To keep your colored hairs from drying using only a conditioner is not sufficient. You need to use deep conditioning hair masks at least twice in a month. Use a generous amount of the product to your hair shafts, massage it in and leave with a shower cap on before washing.

Save your hairs from the sun: Sun ray can damage the color of your hairs most efficiently. UV rays are capable to penetrate the cuticle of the hair shaft and oxidize the color. So, if you are planning to spend time under the sun, always use a hair color protective spray with high SPF, on your hairs before moving out. Using accessories like hats and scarfs on your hairs when you are going out to the beach can also be equally effective. If you are able to keep the sun rays at bay, naturally your hair color will last much longer.

Take the right measures in the pool: For people who love to spend long time in the pool, keeping the hair color intact becomes a real challenge. The pool water is always added with high amount of chlorine and other minerals. The mineral deposits can bleach your hair color giving them a green-orange appearance. If staying away from the pool is not a practical solution for you, it is essential to take the right precautions. As soon as you are up from the pool, take a few drops of baby oil and rub it to your hairs before rinsing off with plain water. Another solution to this problem is to use a tomato juice rinse on your hairs as soon as you get out from the pool water.

Get glossy: To give your hair color a longer life using glaze on your hairs can be a good option. You can use any professional color glaze product for boosting the shine and brightness of your hair color twice a month. The glaze adds a smooth coat over your hair shafts and thus provides coverage, which adds to the life of the hair color.

Use heat minimally on your hairs: You already know that heat is not good for your hairs and using heat regularly on hairs to get the right style can actually cause your hair color to lighten much quickly. Use of excessive heat will not only dry out your hairs, but will also break the color and cause it to lighten within minimum time. Staying away from using the hot iron on your colored hairs can actually add heavily to the life of the color. Also try to let your hairs dry naturally than using a drier regularly. While blow drying your hairs make sure that you use the drier at a lower temperature and do not hold it at the same spot for longer, which can harm the hairs even more.

Stay away from rain water: Well many of us love to get drenched in the rain but even if you love doing it you should maintain caution from rain water particularly if you have colored your hairs and you want to preserve it for long. Rain water, particularly in the cities, often contains a number of pollutants and acids in liquid forms, which can harm the color of your hairs in the worst ways. So, if you are trying to keep your hair color intact for months do never let your hairs get wet in the rain.

Do not take hot oil treatments: Hot oil treatments are often a preferred way of deep conditioning hairs. In fact, they can be actually good for the health of your hairs but not for the color. Hot oil treatments can damage the hair color sufficiently and if you have colored your hairs recently staying away from hot oil treatments is best suggested to ensure longer life of the color.

So, keep the above points in mind and you can keep your hair color from fading.