Uses of facial epilators and best epilators available

Facial hairs can be a real nuisance for every lady. It hides the skin complexion and is one of the major culprits behind uneven skin tone. Facial hairs also make it difficult to attend that perfect air brushed look unless you put on a good layer of makeup.

They look unaesthetic and simply not feminine. So, removing the unwanted facial hairs make a regular part of the beauty routine of the ladies, unless you are born with very fine and light colored facial hairs.

Why use a facial epilator?

There are many different techniques for removing unwanted facial hairs. Waxing, plucking with a tweezer, threading, using chemical hair removers, shaving, epilating are some of the ways that women often adopt to get rid of the unwanted facial hairs. However, all of these methods come with their cons.

Waxing, plucking and threading all are quite painful and might be harmful for the sensitive facial skin. Plucking with a tweezer is extremely time consuming, if you have lots of facial hairs.

Chemical hair removers are also not safe for the face of the skin. Shaving though painless and least time consuming, always comes with the worry of growing thicker stubs on the face.

This is where the facial epilators come in. Epilators remove the hairs from their roots and hence with time the growth of the hairs is seriously reduced.

As in this case the hair is removed from the root, hence it takes comparatively more time to grow back and often the new hairs are much thinner.

These are the primary reasons behind the growing popularity of the facial epilators. However, this process is also painful, particularly for the sensitive skin of the face.

How to use a facial epilator?

Before we get into how to use a facial epilator, first let us point out that there are two types of facial epilators, the electronic epilators and the manual epilators. Both of these varieties have their own pros and cons and hence you should pick one according to your needs and preference.

How to use a manual epilator

Step 1: Before you start epilating clean your face with a proper cleanser and make sure that there is no dirt, grime, lotion or makeup stuck to your skin.

Step 2: Hold the two ends of the epilator in your two hands in a “U” shape and roll it on the facial skin from where you want to remove the unwanted hairs. While rolling it on the skin, also roll the ends of the epilator within your fingers. You should be moving the epilator in the opposite direction of the hair growth with a slow but steady motion.

Step 3: Once you have covered the target area, check if you have got the desired results. If not, repeat the process.

Step 4: Once you are done, splash your face with lots of lukewarm water, pat dry and then follow with a light moisturizer.

Step 5: Clean, dry and store your epilator properly according to the instructions provided in the packaging.

How to use an electronic epilator

Step 1: Clean your face properly with a facial cleanser. You should not have any dirt, oil, lotion or makeup on your skin while epilating. Also pat your skin dry after washing before you start with the process.

Step 2: Even if you have stored the epilator after cleaning, it is a good practice to clean the head once again before you begin the process.

Step 3: Turn on the epilator and adjust the speed. It is suggested to start with a medium speed and then increase or reduce it as per requirements.

Step 4: Press the epilator head against the facial skin of the area from where you want to remove the hairs. Now glide the epilator gently over the skin in the direction opposite to the hair growth. Make sure that you move the epilator in a slow and steady motion.

Step 5: Once the hairs have been removed, splash your face with excess lukewarm water, pat dry and immediately follow with a moisturizer.

Step 6: Remove the epilator head, clean it, dry it and store as recommended.

Note: You can use electronic epilator only on the hairs with at least 1/4th inch in length. Trying to epilate hairs with less than this length can be more painful and unsafe for the skin.

So, now as you know how to use the epilators, we will get to the best epilators available in the market. This list will include both the manual and electrical epilators so that you can pick according to your needs and preferences.

Best manual facial epilators available

Bellabe Facial Hair Remover

If you are more confident about manual epilation for your face, opting for the Bellabe facial hair remover is certainly the best option you have. This is one of the few manual epilators in the market that actually works. The product is not cheap but it is safe for the skin and removes even the finest hairs with ease.  It removes hairs on the upper lip, chin and cheek efficiently but it is not designed for removing the eyebrows.

Bella and Bear Facial Hair Remover

If you are looking for a manual facial epilator, this one is another option at hand.  It removes hairs from the roots and is suitable for using on the sensitive areas of the face like the, upper lips, cheek and chin. The product is very convenient to carry and use. It also comes with a high quality tweezer that you can use for the eyebrows. It claims to offer a hair free look for as long as 6 weeks after a single use.

Epiwand Facial Hair Removal Set

This one is another workable manual facial epilator that can be a good pick for your beauty kitty. This small and lightweight tool removes the unwanted hairs with efficiency. It works great on both fine and coarse hairs. It claims to keep facial hair growth in check for 4 weeks after a single sitting.

Best electronic facial epilators available

Braun Face 810

If you are looking for a fast and long lasting facial epilation solution, this well designed epilator can be a good choice. It comes with a slim head that makes it easy to reach even the tricky areas like the upper lip region. The head combines 10 micro openings that are able to catch even the finest hairs and serve the job quite quickly. It is also accompanied with a facial cleansing brush that can be helpful for gentle cleansing of the skin, before and after epilation. The device is tested by dermatologists and can work well even on sensitive skin.

Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator

This electronic facial epilator vows of a powerful motor that claims to offer better hair removal results for less pain. It comes with 9 tweezers and the small size makes it ideal to reach any area on the face.  This epilator removes thin as well as coarse hairs with efficiency from the roots without breaking them from the shafts. It is powered by battery, which makes it ideal to accompany in your travels.

Remington EP1050CDN Smooth and Silky

If you have thin facial hairs, this one is one of the best electrical epilators you can have for a reasonable price. The size is ideal to fit in your hands and the head can easily reach any facial area or even bikini lines. It comes in a compact and lightweight design. Being battery operated it is easy to carry and use even on the go. There are 6 automatic tweezers in this device, which removes hairs efficiently but might take a bit more time to complete the job.

Emjoi eRase e6 – Facial Hair Remover

If you have very sensitive skin and you are looking for a comparative cheap facial epilator, this Emjoi eRase e6 – Facial Hair Remover might meet your needs. This epilator is comparatively less powerful and takes more time to remove the hairs than the more expensive varieties in the range. However, it glides easily on the skin and also causes less pain than many other epilators. It combines 6 tweezers to complete the job.

Epilady Esthetic – Delicate Facial Epilator

If you are not sure if a facial epilator can actually work for you without causing lot of irritation on your super sensitive skin, giving a try to this epilator is a good option. However, keep in mind that it works best on the fine hairs and hence if you have coarse hairs on your face it might not give the desired results. It is battery operated and instead of tweezers it comes with a spring like system on the head which holds and pulls out the hairs from the roots.