DIY body butter for the healthy skin texture prepared at home

Body butters are nutrient rich thick creams used to moisturise and hydrate the skin. There are several types of body butters made from made from mango, cocoa seeds, shea nut, and other things. It is a concentrated lotion with more butter and oils and less water. It can be used on all types of skin but it is most beneficial on dry skin. It melts into the skin and is absorbed quickly making rough patches on heels and elbows soft. You can now get rid of cosmetic products in the market and adopt this body butter recipes at home.

Body butters are nothing but the moisturizers that have buttery soft appearance. You can get the body butters from the cosmetic stores which have fragrance and flavors from various ingredients. But, those are not absolutely natural. There are few people who wish to get absolutely the natural body butters made right at home. We are going to discuss those varieties of body butters in this article.

Have to ever try butter to beautify your skin? This is the time for you to get some tips in getting buttery soft skin. Homemade butter body recipe has no chemicals to harm your skin. It will be very interesting to find such recipes from internet. The natural ingredients such as shea butter, coconut as well as Lavender can used in making such wonderful recipes. Mango helps in clearing the clogged pores. It also eradicates the cause of acne. Antioxidant is very essential for the skin and body of individuals. Since butter is a food ingredient which is high in proteins and fats, your skin will start glowing with the application. If you add coconut in the recipe, it will be very effective in rejuvenating and moisturizing damaged and dry skin. Natural oils in your skin layer have anti fungal, anti bacterial and antiviral properties.

Types of homemade body butter recipes

Benefits of lavender oil for body care

  • A recipe of Mango and Shea can form a natural homemade butter recipe for getting healthy skin
  • Aloe Vera is regarded as one of the great skin tonner and conditioner that help in improving overall blood circulation.
  • Cinnamon can be treated as a healthy ingredient that distribute the cellutite and makes a wonderful body butter recipe within your budget
  • A combination of cinnamon oil with mountain rose herb can be effective in making body butter.
  • Another recipe includes shea butter, spearmint oil and rosemary oil. These are the two effective essential oils that can provide a soothing effect to your tired muscles.

In the process of making a homemade body butter recipe can include lemon essential, coconut oil and even vitamin E oils. Getting body butter from the market can be very expensive today. But, it is not possible for you to get it ready at home. The mountain rose herbs can be an ingredient to make homemade body butter.

You must have consumed the thick white flesh of the coconut. It is quite tasty to eat. This white flesh of the coconut contains vitamin, minerals and proteins. It is therefore known as one of the versatile oil of the world. The application of coconut flesh or oil can turn in to natural body butter. Rose is also regarded as one of the wonderful ingredient extracted from nature. If you are suffering from depression, rose oil will be an effective medium to get you away from depressive mood. The aroma of rose is ideal to boost the self esteem and confidence of the person using it. You can get relaxed as it helps drive away anxiety from your mind.

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Rose oil also has many antiseptic properties along with its beautiful fragrance. Along with providing skin care, it helps in treating any type of wounds faced by individuals. You must have come across variety of recipes to form the body butter right at home. It is not required to go to a cosmetic store and get the beauty product made of harmful chemicals. You can get the remedies at home.

Homemade body butters

Vanilla bean body butter

Vanilla bean body butter is good for moisturizing the skin. The fresh vanilla gives a sensual fragrance which has a pleasant and relaxing effect on the body and mind. It helps to induce sleep when applied at night before going to bed. It is prepared by melting one cup cocoa butter and half cup of coconut oil. Cool the mixture and add one ground vanilla bean, almond oil and half a cup of coconut oil. Leave it in the freezer to chill. Whip it with a mixer till it looks like butter. Store it in a jar in the refrigerator.

Hemp and honey body butter

Hemp body butter is very effective for dry skin and in winter months. . This butter has an earthly perfume with antibacterial properties. It is prepared by melting coconut butter and beeswax while stirring continuously on low heat. Add one spoon each of honey, castor oil, and hemp oil in it. Cool and add 10 drops of any essential oil. Store the butter in a sterilized glass jar.

Easy citrus body butter

Easy citrus body butter can be easily made in a microwave using a microwavable container. Heat half cup almond oil and 2 cups of beeswax in the microwave for 10 seconds. Stir the contents and reheat till the beeswax melts. Whip the mixture and add 2 spoons of filtered water and 10 drops of orange essential oil. Continue blending till the mixture becomes thick and white. Store the butter in glass jar and use liberally on dry skin. It can be used twice a day for favorable results.

Benefits of natural body butters

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  • Body butter made at home contains natural ingredients. It contains pure moisture from the seeds and the effect of moisturization last for a long time.
  • Body butters forms a protective layer over the skin to capture moisture. It helps to protect the skin from dry air, heat of the sun and cold weather which plays havoc on the skin.
  • Most body butters are rich in essential omega 3 fats which are good for the external layer of the body. It helps to moisturize the skin and prevent inflammation. The antioxidants in body butter help to rejuvenate the skin.
  • Body butters leave the skin soft and smooth. The rich cream cures cuts, dry cracked skin and helps in eczema and other skin problems.
  • Homemade body butters are made at affordable rates by most people.
  • Body butters are perfect for people with sensitive skin as they are made from natural, harmless ingredients.

Main ingredients of body butter

  • A carrier oil or butter forms a major portion of the body butter. The butter should be firm enough to become solid but it should have the scooping tendency. The hard butters can be mixed with soft butters or with small amounts of liquid carrier oil to get the desired consistency.
  • Waxes Wax helps to make the body butter firmer, stickier and sturdier. Jojoba esters, beeswax and candelilla wax helps to give firmness to the body butter.
  • Aromatics give ascended texture to the body butter. Certain essential oils, CO2 extracts, attars from flower extracts, absolutes from plant extracts and artificial fragrance oils are used to in small quantity to give the desired aroma to the body butter.
  • Additives are not compulsory ingredients but are used to improve the texture of the body butter. Corn-starch is used to lessen the greasy quality of the butter. Silk powder is added to increase the slippery consistency of butter.
  • Antioxidants are added to preserve the butter and prevent it from oxidizing or getting stale.

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Body Butter should be applied after a warm bath on the whole body. Special attention must be given to dry and patchy areas. Body butter must be applied on face, neck and chin to prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging. It is also helpful on scars and stretch marks.

List of DIY body butters for healthy skin at home

Avocado honey body butter

You must have seen the avocado food. Yes this is a very healthy fruit used for the beauty benefits as well. For this you need an avocado and half cup of honey. First of all you have to take a avocado and take out the soft pulp of it. You need to keep them in a container and add have cup of honey in it. Mix both the ingredient really well so that it becomes frothy in consistency. Now apply it over your body covering your hands and legs. Keep this for 20 minutes and then wash away.

Rosemary mint whip

You can now prepare this body butter without many difficulties. The ingredients to be used over here will be absolutely present at your home. For preparation you need rosemary essential oil- 10 drops, shea butter -90 grams, Kukul nut oil- 45 grams, mint leaves- 2-3.Take all the ingredients in a glass container. Mix them well and keep the bowl in microwave so atht it becomes liquid. It will take 2-3 minutes. Once it is in room temperature, whisk and keep it in a freezer for 30 minutes. Take this out from the refrigerator and get the body butter ready.

Coconut and rose body butter

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Pluck few handful of rose petals and take it in a container. Now in another container take hand take half cup of coconut oil. Make fine paste of rose petals and pour the juice over the coconut oil. Use a blender and make a frothy consistency which is smooth. Now pour it in a storage container and keep it in a freezer. Store for an hour and your body butter is really.