Simple home remedies for cracked heels

Dry weather during the winter gives rise to cracked heels especially when you don’t take proper care of your heels. Cracked heels can also be prominent due to some cosmetic issues. If you are applying the wrong cream or cosmetic to cure some skin conditions, cracked heels tends to develop. Such condition of heels can give rise to itchiness, peeling skin, redness and inflammation. If you can see the preliminary stage of cracked heels, precautions must be taken from the very early stage. In order to keep your heels free from crack and bleeding problem, some natural home remedies with proper diet must be considered. There are several causes of cracked heels. Even if you are wearing the wrong shoes, you can suffer from the problem of cracked heels. The patients suffering from diabetes and psoriasis also suffer from cracked heels. But, many people today are getting benefitted from the home remedies.

Home remedies for cracked heels

Rice flour

Best tips for cracked heels

Rice flour is now easily available in any of the departmental or grocery stores. If you don’t get it in your nearby store, simply take a cup of simple rice at home and use a grinder to make flour. Homemade rice flours are preferable as you can make the size of rice flour according to your wish. Since you are making exfoliate it is preferable to keep the rice flour half grinded as the granules will be useful during the process of exfoliation.

In order to make the scrub you need the ingredients like apple cider vinegar, ground rice/ rice flour and honey. Take a container and add all these ingredients in it to make a paste which is thick in appearance. Now apply this thick pate over your heels. If you feel the crack has grown really bad with excessive dryness, you can also add olive oil or sweet almond oil with it.  Before applying the paste, soak your feet in warm water so that the dead skin layer become soft. Then apply the paste and rub it for 5 minutes. Keep the paste for another 10 minutes and then remove with lukewarm water.

Mentholated rub

This remedy might be rare but works really well in removing the cracked surface on your heels. Since this remedy include variety of essential oils, your cracked heals can be mended well.  You need to clean your entire feet and dry it at first. Now apply the mentholated rub on the particular surface. This must be applied at night before going to sleep. After applying this rub, you must cover your heel and feet with socks. Get up in the next morning and remove the socks. Now you can wash your feet and see the difference. You can now do this on a daily basis to make your rough heels soft and also make the cracked heels mended. You can now easily get very beautiful and attractive heels to show off.


Home remedies to treat cracked heels

Lemon is such a natural ingredient which has a lot of health benefits along with beauty benefits for skin and hair. Even for the cracked heels, lemon can prove to be a wonder. You can take a container of lukewarm water and soak your feet in it for 10 to 15 minutes. It is important to use only lukewarm water and not too much hot water. Now take a pumice stone to rub your heels. Once the dead skin is eradicated, wash your feet, dry it with a towel and apply olive oil to it.

Paraffin wax

Sometime the condition of heel can be really bad which can in turn give rise to a lot of pain. One of the best remedies to it will be paraffin wax remedy. Since this contains the natural emolument, your skin can be easily made soft. First of all you have to melt a block of paraffin wax and add two tablespoon each of coconut oil or olive oil. Just keep it as it is for sometime till it cools down and forms a layer at the top. Now, dip your feet in the mixture for 5 to 10 minutes. Now cover your feet with a plastic so that the wax later does not break and start peeling.

Indian lilac

You must have heard about variety of medicinal properties of the Indian Lilac. Neem is also having variety of beauty and skin benefits without any side effects. If you are suffering from any types of infection in your skin layer, Indian Lilac will be a wonderful consideration. To treat the cracked heels, you need to take a handful of Indian Lilac leaves and make a paste by adding some water in it. You also need to add few teaspoon of turmeric powder in it. Apply the mixture over the portion where you are suffering from cracked heels. Now leave the mixture for half an hour. There after wash with lukewarm water and stay away from the inflammation and cracked heels.

Glycerin and rosewater

How to treat cracked heels

Another effective home remedy for cracked heels will be a combination of glycerin and rosewater. The hard surface of your heels will be soften by the use of glycerin and vitamin B3, D, A and E present in rose water works as antioxidant in your body and antiseptic to heal the affected area quickly. You have to mix both glycerin and rose water and apply it over your skin and see the difference.

Vegetable oil

Today, most of the housewives cook meal for their family with the help of vegetable oil. Thus, this oil is readily available at your kitchen. To use this vegetable oil for heel care, it is important to remove the dead skin and clean the particular portion at first. You need to soak your feet in lukewarm water and then use a pumice stone to rub against the skin so that the dead skin layer is removed. Then wash your feet and use a towel to dry. After this you can apply Vegetable oil to moisturize and protect the heels.

Oil massage

If you are suffering from the cracked heels, the moisture depletion can be one of the reasons behind it. Your heels require a good moisturizing plot in order to stay healthy. The oil massage can help to get back nourishment to a wider extend. You can take all the essential natural oil together in your hand palm and apply it over your heels. Make it pass over the crack portion of the heels where there are gaps.  This can easily treat your crack heels condition. You must do this once before bath and another time before going to sleep.

Fruit mask

Home remedies for cracked heels

The natural fruits also have many qualities apart from being tasty in nature. It is filled with vitamins and minerals. Now, you will be surprised to learn that even this can help in making your cracked heels back in its usual form. You need to take the fruits such as avocado, papaya, banana together taking small portion from each fruit. Now smash it and mix it well. Apply this paste over your heels and keep it for 20 minutes. This is the time required for the skin to absorb all nutrients from the fruit pack. Then you can wash away and apply a moisturizer.

Oatmeal with jojoba

Whenever you have cracked heels it means that you have you have too much of dead skin layer all over your heels. The first task that you have to do is remove such dead skin layer right from the heel portion. This task will be easier once you use the oatmeal mask like a scrubber. You have to take a single teaspoon of oatmeal powder and adequate jojoba oil that can soak the entire oatmeal. Mix it well and apply over your heels. Use your fingers to rub it against the skin so that the granules of oat can bring out the dead skin layer.  After rubbing, allow this paste to stay for 30 minutes and then wash with cold water. You can also use the warm water so that it becomes easy to bring out the dead skin and discharge it.